92-91 Different World Ceramics

 I'm going to do it.

 I need dishes in general in order to eat food, and when I say dishes, I mean pottery.
 Until now, it has been a survivalist improvisation that is not very civilized, such as cutting wood into plates, hollowing them out and making them into bowls, or using leaves instead of plates when I still can't make it.

 By using more authentic tableware, I wanted to enjoy a more civilized life, so I dreamed of becoming a potter.
 For years I dreamed of making pottery.

 I have been unable to find a kiln that is absolutely necessary for pottery making.

 However, the kiln in question was completed safely when the Orcs and Goblins replenished their staff.
 Finally, I can start to the potter's life, too.
 I'm going to break every dish I didn't like!

 Potters! Break a plate, break a plate!

 Yes, that's not the purpose.
 We aim to make the plates properly.

Wow, what a surprise!

 One of the two demon girls, Verena, suddenly came over to me!
 What's that tense expression on your face?

If you don't mind, may I help you with that?
What? Why?
I don't give a d*mn! Since it is my mission, given to me by Master Astares, to serve and devote myself to his saints!
What a misleading expression!

 It's true that the demon girl duo of Batty and Verena stayed here under the orders of their boss, the Demon King Astares, who is now the Demon Queen.
 It's a token of friendship between our farm and the Demon King and his friends.
 That's why I always want to show that I'm actually contributing to our farm.

All right. Let's work on the pottery, shall we?

 Verena pounced on the spot, really happy.
 The vibrations made her pretty chest tremble with a pull.


 Who's that? Is this the same guy who said she had no tits?

What's the matter with you, saint?
"Anything goes! Now let's get down to the specifics of pottery making!

 The specific process is all based on what I heard about it from my previous world.
 The clay is kneaded into a shape that resembles a plate or a bowl, and then fired in the kiln.

 Once again, it's too messy.

 Can you really make a pottery with such cursory knowledge? I feel like I said, "Don't lick a pottery," but there is no time limit set, and all you have to do is repeat the trial and error and do it steadily.

 There is an optimistic side that the details can be worked out by the "supreme bearer".

 Therefore, let's start to make a vessel that would surprise even Sojira Ueda.

              * * * *

 The first thing I did was to secure the clay, the material for the pottery.
 I got some clay from the area.

 We dug up a lot of soil during the last pottery making project, so we have a lot of undecided clay for this purpose.
 Of course, none of the soil is suitable for pottery, but it is all right.
 When you touch the clay with your hands, which holds this "supreme bearer" gift, yes, you can feel it like this.

"Wow, I mixed it with water and kneaded it, and it's getting absurdly sticky!

 Verena is amazed at how sticky the soil is.
 No matter what kind of clay it is from, it turns into the highest quality clay by touching the supreme bearer.

 The clay is then placed on a stand and shaped into a vessel.

 Because it was a stand for making pottery, of course we were allowed to use the potter's wheel.
 The wheel wheel itself rotates, and if you put your hand on the clay, you can shape it into a vessel.

 I saw it on TV a long time ago and thought it was beautiful how watery clay changed its shape with the rotation of the wheel and a potter's hands.

 Because it was made from leftover building materials and was made in another world, it was not electric, of course. To turn it, of course, was done by human power.

 Is it like turning the potter's wheel with my left hand and molding the clay with my right hand?

 I tried it, but it was surprisingly difficult.
 Turning it by hand is much less rhythmic than the electric ones I saw on TV, and it doesn't go as cleanly.
 It was also troublesome that I couldn't use both hands to mold the clay.

''Well then, Saint!

 Verena raised her hand here.

'By magic, that spell? Why don't you turn it around and see if it's a good idea!

 I suggested.
 I'm not sure that's possible, but that's just magic.

It is possible to use telekinetic magic. ........It's not like I can move anything. The only thing I can move is this magical stone.

 And something Verena takes out of her pocket.
 It was some pebbles, but these were shining like jewels, something like candy balls.

 I'll put my magic into this...!

 Two....two...two...two...! Like that, Verena, I put a reminder into the stone I clutched.

 The potter's wheel is moving by itself!

 The magical stones in the rim are moving it?

"That's great, Verena! Now we can have a more comfortable life in ceramics!
Really? And I'm useful! Do I really have to be here? I'm not working?

 What is she saying?
 Anyway, I tried to resume pottery making as soon as possible at the potter's wheel, which turns fully automatic........


 Let me express the momentum of the potter's wheel, which is turned by magic, with onomatopoeic sounds.

 Guinn, guinn, guinn, guinn, guinn!

 Like this.

'Aren't you spinning a little too fast?

 High-torque motors are just like that.

"Excuse me, sir. It's my first time here, so I'm not used to...! Adjust your magic immediately...!

 The rupture came instantly, before Verena could do anything about it.
 On the potter's wheel, spinning too high, lay the clay as it had been before it had become a vessel.

 Moisture-rich clay.

 The clay could not resist the centrifugal force caused by the high rotation, and perhaps some other force also acted, but it exploded all at once and scattered to the surroundings.

 It was like a bang.

 The centrifugal force or rather the vibrations caused by the rotation instantly liquefied the clay, or maybe it just became muddy water and splashed out.
 Verena and I were hit directly.


 As a result, we're covered in mud despite the clothes on our heads.

It's not a good idea. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

 Verena apologizes for the devastation.