93-92  bath

 Anyway, it is no longer a matter of pottery.
 I have to wash off the mud which I covered with.

 Prati would be angry with me if I walked around here and there in the dirt.

 I took off my mud-stained clothes and tried to cover myself with water after I was naked, but....

'Saints, please don't look at me! Please don't ever look at me!

 It was the same for Verena, who, like me, was covered in splattered mud.
 It's a good idea to take off your mud-covered clothes and dress in a hail of shame behind you, although you turn your back on your manners.

 I mean, why is she washing her body in the same place?

That saint. .........I'm naked right now with my pants off, so don't ever turn around to look at me, please!

 When you're reminded so much, you'd think it was some kind of fake.

 But after all, there's something weird about Verena today, isn't there?
 I'm spinning my wheels because I'm too wound up, or...?

Well, I have a question for you, by the way.

 I covered myself in water with Zabat and wiped my body after making sure the mud was off.

'Doesn't the saint order us to do gai?

 Do you really want to ask that question now?

Fairy... What can I say? That means you're going to be the night's companion, right?
Please don't make that check!

 I was embarrassed and angry when I dumped him myself.

'Both Batty and I have been prepared to do that since the moment we were invited to stay here. If we're going to be housemates, we'll be absolutely obedient to our landlord's instructions.

 Are those the values of this world?

And... if I could just get a little sympathy from a saint, my existence would be a whole lot easier...!

 What do you mean?

'Anyway, I've already got Prati and Veerle on my hands. Verena and the others can just stretch out and live their lives without worrying about it.

 Verena said in a half-disappointed tone.

While we're at it, is it normal for a man to have more than one wife in this world?
''It's quite natural for someone of a certain rank and ability. I think it's okay to have a hundred wives, at least for a saint!
Storage room?
A storeroom?

 It seems that this tsukkomi didn't get through to the otherworldly people.

 Anyway, I feel that this problem will become more and more real as the number of female residents in this land increases.
 That's what my instincts tell me.

 I'm going to have to face it.

              * * *

 After washing up and changing clothes, I pulled myself together and resumed making pottery.

 This time, Verena adjusted the speed of the potter's wheel, and I got used to kneading and turning the clay.
 That's the full use of the "supreme bearer".

 And somehow the shape of the vessel was completed.

"Wow...! It really does come out in such a beautiful shape...!

 Verena marveled at the finish of the bowl, which was almost a perfect circle.

 But the real work begins here.

 Put the finished bowl into the kiln and bake it.

 It cracked.

 Due to the evaporation of moisture and the expansion and contraction of the material, it seems to be a bad idea to heat it rapidly.

 After several failures, I finally baked the bowl without a single crack.

''Oh! It's great! I've really made a plate out of dirt!

 Verena is trembling with a sense of accomplishment, but the impression I myself had of this prototype was as follows.

''........Yayoi earthenware?''

 It was the exact color of clay.
 It did not have the glass-like luster that is typical of ceramics, and there was no metallic sound when you played it with your fingers.

 It was really a primitive structure, like earthenware excavated from ancient ruins, if I had to say so.

It's not bad for a prototype, but it's still a long way from our goal.
What? Is that so?
I still need to do a lot of research to be the one I want.

 Let's take our time and move on.

'Well, then, Saint!

 Verena crowded in again.

''Could you leave that research to me, please!


'I was starting to get impatient when I got here! My partner, Batty, has found a great job as a wardrobe clerk, and I still haven't gotten a clear post! And every time they replenish the staff, we're running out of places to stay! I'm taking on this project by all means, me!

 Is that what you think, boy?
 Is that why you're in such a hurry?

Okay, okay. I will make the Pottery Project one of Verena's primary missions.

 I was about to say, and that was when Verena's face was about to clear up.

My Lord! Report!

 And then one of the goblins jumped in.
 You're breaking up the flow at the best of times.

"Sorry to interrupt your fun! But it's important!

 I'm not having fun!
 You mean he looked like he was having fun making things?
 Oh, what.

 So, what's the big deal?

We have an intruder! We have a group of elven thieves on our farm!

 A band of elven thieves?
 What's that?
 I mean, there are elves in this world too?

What's going on with this band of elves?
We've got them all!