94-93 Elven bandits

 My name is Elon.

 I am the leader of the proud Elven bandit gang, the Stone-Sharpening Band of Thunderstorm.

 The name of the bandits I lead is well known and feared in the sphere of influence of the demon race and the human race.
 They are notorious, if you ask me.

 It's just that he stole so much that he was wanted by both the human and demon tribe for stealing too much.
 So I'm on the run for my life.
 I couldn't relax in a place where people could see me, so I stepped into an unexplored area where no one would be around, and a few weeks passed.

 If you run this deep into the woods, no one will come to you.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more to say about it.
 They are able to live comfortably for many years in a harsh environment where the weak demons and humans can die in the wild in three days.

 Our current policy is to stay in the camp and let the heat die down.
 Well, I will return to the world and resume my thieving business in half a year, I suppose.

 As I was thinking about this, one of my subordinates, who I had sent out on patrol, came back, out of breath.

''Your head! Oh, my God, head!

 I'm telling you not to waste your time making noise in the forest, just like in the bandit job.
 What's with that feckless panic?

'We've found the village!

 The village?
 Don't be silly.

 We were wanted by both the human and demon tribe, and we went into the backcountry where there was no one to escape our pursuers.

 Not even a single person lives in such a place, let alone a village.

But, sir.

 Oh, you're a sub-headed maerga.
 You're always so helpful with your calm opinions. I'm not afraid to speak up.

Although we elves have a far better sense of direction than humans and demons, there can still be one mistake in every case.

 That's right.
 If he had returned to the vicinity of the human settlement without knowing it, then there is a risk of being discovered by his captors here as well.

I think your head and I should check to see if the report of the person who saw it is true or not. And if this really is a point not far from the middle of nowhere, then we should immediately change the location.

 Vice-headedness indeed.
 That's a cool and accurate opinion.

 Hey, monk, take us to the place where the village was said to be located.
 I, your head, will personally test you to see if your eyes are no more than a glass ball.

              * * * *

 And I went out in high spirits, but........

 Why are you here with the entire bandit group?

Come on, head.

 That's fine, man.
 It's just a large group of people on a mere scouting mission. It's not only difficult to move around, but it's also very conspicuous.

It's really no use, sir. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work. You'll miss the smell of the human village that's been away for a while.

 Even the sub-headed eye!
 ...Well, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't thrilled, too.

 But it's possible that I'm looking at it wrong, right?
 Don't expect too much, okay?

 But when I arrived at the point in question, it was indeed there.

 A field.

 I'm sure it was ploughed up nicely and manicured.
 Moreover, the crops that are bearing fruit are also magnificent, or should I say opulent...!

There's no sign of anyone. Cultivating another place... or is it?

 That's right, Deputy Head!

 The fields have only just appeared, not the people themselves.
 We don't even know if this is still the sphere of influence of the human race or the demon race. Everyone move with extreme caution!

Heads up! Come on! Vegetables from this field!
It's super delicious! I feel like my cheeks are going to fall off just by plucking and eating it!

 You guys!
 After I told you to be careful and move, what are you vegetable slopers doing?

 It's only natural that we're a bandit gang, so it's only natural that we would steal vegetables.

"Oh head, these are really good.

 ''Calm sub-head, even you!

'The colors, the shapes, the crops I've never seen before, but they all taste better than anything I've ever eaten! What is this? "Fruit of God, huh?

 The calm sub-headed eyes are excited!
 No, no, no, just a single vegetable is not that exaggerated.

 Then how do you want me to eat it?

 Okay, I was hungry anyway, so I'll eat it without being recommended.
 It's some kind of red and blinding color, though.
 Let's eat.........

 Oh, my God!

 What is this, what is this!

 It's so delicious, but it's so fresh and sweet!

 Compared to this, all the wildflowers we've been eating are just bitter!

Heads, the men who were spying on the perimeter have come back with information.

 Oh, whoa, whoa, when? You ready?

'There's nothing in the vicinity that looks like a residential area, just the same kind of fields. The only one that exists is a large mansion right in the middle of the field.

 So you're saying that all these fields belong to someone who lives in the house.

It's more like a farm than a village. It's more like a farm than a village, as if some nobleman is retired.

 I see.
 If that's the case, it's no wonder the fields are spread out like this in a remote and secluded place.

 A nobleman........

 Isn't he an easy prey for us thieves!

''What do you think, head? We, in case you're wondering, are now on the run and the banditry business is on a break?

 Resting or not. If we do nothing with such delicious prey in front of us, the name of the bandit will go out of business...!

So you're going to do it?

 My gaze intertwines with my calm sub-headed eyes.
 He's an aristocrat who grows such delicious vegetables and monopolizes them. They must be storing tantalizing gold-eyed treasures in the mansion!
Stone-Sharpening Team of Thunderstorm is now on temporary leave! We're going to raid the mansion and take as much as we have!


 Now that it's been decided, it won't stay for a moment.
 This countryside is the territory of our "Stonecutters of Thunderstorm" from now on!

 When I was in the middle of the excitement.

 I ran into a dog.