95-94 Rush into hell

 I am Elon, head of the Elven Thieves.
 Now, there's a dog in front of us.


 A dog leans out of the shadows of the crops in the field and makes a face.


 Even in our band of thieves, the new, careless guys are swarming around the dogs.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this. Don't go anywhere near it! Because of the location, it's possible that he's the farm's guard dog.

No, sir.

 Is that right, calm sub-head?

 If you say so, I'm sure you're right, but does that mean this guy is just a stray dog?
 If that's the case, I'd like to be fluffy and nappy too?

That thing isn't a dog at all. It's a kind of monster.


The most troublesome type of quadrupedal monster known as a Hylikion. They have the greatest sense of smell and endurance among all monsters, and they chase their prey as long as it escapes.... That monster will chase its prey wherever it wants to go...!

 What if it's a target?
 What happens then?

No matter how far they try to escape, they always stay right on their heels, and when their prey is exhausted, they attack and kill them all at once. The success rate of their escape from the Hyrikion is zero. That's where he got his nickname, 'The Hell Chaser'.......!

 That's a super scary monster!
 Why is there such a rowdy fellow wandering around?

Perhaps there is a high-difficulty dungeon in the vicinity. The Hyrichaon is only born in dungeons with a danger rating of 3 stars or higher, so it's a pretty rare dungeon.

 You can't be judging me like that!
 Anyway, everybody's in battle formation!
 If you can't run away, then we'll just have to stand up to you and take you down!

But your head...?
It's kind of cute, isn't it? He's looking at me with his head tilted back, you know?

 Don't let the pretty looks fool you!
 If you don't kill her, you'll kill us!
 I don't care how pretty she looks, she must be scared to death.

Woof! Woof! Wow!

 What's with the barking?

Woof! Woof! Whoa!  Woof! Woof! Whoa!  Woof! Woof! Wah-oh-oh!

 It's barking incessantly!
 If she makes this much noise, the people in the mansion might notice her, and the only thing to do here is to stop her from breathing as soon as possible.......?

"Who are you?


 Next thing you know, we're surrounded by a bunch of strangers!
 Are these........orcs? Goblins?

 A large group of anthropomorphic monsters?

"Short, short, long, howling rhythm is the signal to detect intruders. I'm glad you noticed, Porgy.

 So that's what this is all about?
 Didn't you know that Hyricaon was the farm's guard dog, just as I had feared in the beginning?

''It is said that mimic monsters have the ability to obey the orders of the demon tribe, and there are even higher level demons who use them as serfs. In other words, this farm is owned by the demon race...?

 This is not the time for such analysis, calm sub-head!
 We're surrounded and our escape route is blocked!

 ...or if they're nothing more than orcs and goblins, is it possible for our forces to break through?

An excellent decision, sir. They are just lowly monsters that can be controlled by orcs and goblins. They're not something we can't beat with our superior fighting skills. The problem is the Hyrikasion...!

 If we can manage that, there's a good chance of survival!
 All hands, fight bravely!
 Focus on one spot, strike it, and break the siege through the torn hole!

 That's what I screamed.

So he's not going to surrender, then.

 And the orc held up his axe.
 Orcs are such a strong character aura monster?
 And anyway, I saw it, but it was luck!

 Let's concentrate on that orc! Drive a wedge into the encirclement!

 The bows and arrows, the foremost specialty of our elves, rain down on a single orc like rain.
 There is no way the lowly monster can withstand this onslaught.

 And then....
 With a swing of the axe, the Orcs created a powerful wind that scattered our arrows like dead leaves.


 Fueled by that momentum, we ourselves will be blown up as well!

If you're going to ram me, at least pick an opponent. If you're going to attack the strongest person here, Okubo-san, that's a completely bad idea.

 The other orcs say in a provocative tone.
 The strongest orc?
 What do you mean?

"This uncommonly high fighting ability of an orc...? No way!

 You know, the calm sub-head?

I've heard of it...! He said that some monsters rarely mutate and evolve into higher species. The orc mutant species is the Warrior Orc.

 What's that?
 I don't know anything about that.

No, it's not.

 And he denied it from himself.

'I am a Legatus Orc, a Warrior Orc further mutated.


'And by the way, the other Orcs out there besides me are the Warrior Orcs. I am Orcbo, one of the ten generals of the Monster Legion, the guardian of Saint Kidan's farm. Know that there are nine more of my equal in this farm.

 I cried.
 Weeping over this hopeless situation.

Our Lord does not like to kill, even against trespassers. Go down easy and you will not be killed. If you agree with that, lay down your weapons and give us your answer.

 There was nothing we could do about it, so we put down our bows.
 There's nothing else we can do.

 If I can, may I make one last request?

 If I end up dying like this, I don't want to have any regrets.
 I want to mooch that little Hyrichaon to my heart's content.