96-95 Elf Shirasu

 When I was called, I rushed over to find an unfamiliar group of people sitting upright in a row.
 There were about 20 of them in total.
 All of them were women, and they gave off an exotic atmosphere that was definitely different from the human race and the demon race.

''........Are these the elves?''

 I ask around for now.

''That's right. Historically, it has been defined as a subspecies that branched off from the demon race,''

 The one who added the explanation was Verena, who ran up here with him.
 As expected of a former assistant to the Four Heavenly Kings, she was quick to draw out information.

''There are many such branching races, and the elves are one of them. They are a race that lives in the forest, not interacting with the demon race or the human race, but...''
How did it end up here?

 This is a superpark where you have to go over the mountains and valleys to get there from the ground.
 Most of the rare visitors that have shown up so far have come from the sea route, and what did you think you were going to do to get over such an arduous road?

I've already taken a statement on that point.

 And Prati.
 That's my wife.

 A number of other residents of our farm have gathered to watch the arrival of a rare guest, but I'll leave it at that for now.

I'm told they are a band of elven thieves.
Did I hear you say something like that?
The human race, the demon race, became wanted by both sides because they were raiding everyone, and they couldn't stay in the inhabited towns and villages. So they kept running away to the depths of the unexplored region where no one could get to them...!

 They've found this place.
 So it was a coincidence that they had come here.

These girls never imagined that there was a farm in the depths of such an unexplored region. So they got carried away and tried to do their duty as thieves...!
We have you in custody.

 Okubo says.

'They have already stolen and eaten the tomatoes from the field. I have decided that they deserve to die for their crimes and ask for your forgiveness, my lord.
No, no, no...!

 Unworthy of no value.
 I don't deserve to die.
 It's true that it pisses me off to have my painstakingly grown vegetables sloughed off, but it doesn't mean I have to die to pay for it.

 However, let's give the Okbos a break for defending their fields.

 And Porgy?
 That's what I named him, Hyrichaon, and he looks up at me with a very covetous look.

'It was Porgy who first spotted the thieves. They rewarded us with a howl, as agreed.

 Oh, okay.
 Well, we'll just have to reward you with a good pat on the back.

 And you've been waiting for that now? Happy tails wagging your tail.
 Would you rather feed him than pet him?

So, on the subject of the elves...

 Oakbo's point brought me back to reality.

 That's right.
 Even though they are vegetable sludge, we can't just let them go when they've stolen.
 Since he calls himself the "Bandits", he has a lot of additional crimes to commit...!
 And I was wondering.

"Then we'll take a vote.

 Veerle, who had settled in with one of the spectators, suddenly said something.

'Who thinks it's a good idea to slaughter every single one of them as punishment for stealing, and hang their bodies outside the door for an example. Hands up.

 Are you?
 Is there anyone but you who would adopt such a brutal idea?


 Surprisingly, there were a lot of them!

'Sir, this is an important matter. The crops from this field are our lifeline. Our crops are our lifeline, and our survival depends on it.
If we don't condemn thieves, we have no guarantee that we will be able to protect our precious fields if the same thing happens in the future. I think we should have the maximum penalty to show our firm determination that 'this is what happens when you violate our fields'.

 So that's what it's all about.
 It's true that the fields and the crops that we've worked so hard to cultivate so far are the things we want the people who grow them to know.
 I can't help but wish that those who steal them with an easy mind would understand the earnestness of the people who grow them.

"...Batty, Verena.

 I ask the demon girls present.

''What happens if we hand them over to the demon tribe?
What happens will depend on the outcome of the trial. I think the death penalty is quite possible.


''I believe the Thieving Elves 'Stonecutters of Thunderstorm' have been stealing from some of the leading nobles in the Demon Kingdom. I think it's inevitable that they'll be sentenced to a heavier sentence than necessary if they're being stared at by such a group.
However, the current Demon King Zedan-sama is a person who hates death and rarely approves of executions. On top of that, I believe that the forces that hold a grudge against these elves have been greatly diminished by the recent reformation.

 What do you mean?

'I've seen in the archives before that these elven bandits never stole from the poor, they only targeted the wealthy nobles and wealthy merchants.
You're a bandit, huh?
'And since the nobles who fell victim to them were usually the type to line their pockets with unreasonable taxes and bribes. Most of them were displaced by the great reforms that Master Zedan made when he took Lady Astares to wife.
More and more bandits.


 It's true that the person in charge of the farm must take a stand against these vegetable sludge. But it's not like I'm going to be spilling blood, though.


 All right.
 All right, let's go.

Now, the Elves will be punished severely for stealing our vegetables. And the punishment will be...!