97-96 Labor Elf

 One day.
 A band of elven thieves stole from our farm.

 They made off with a few tomatoes.
 The penalty was beheading. That was the majority of our friends on the farm.

 But I don't want to see any deaths for any reason.
 So, what is my verdict for the Elven bandits?

"Let them do their work.

 You have to make up for the damage you put out with your body.

"But, sir.........? I didn't know you had such a brilliant idea...?

 Why do you look at me like you've seen this unexpected side of me, Platy?

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that it's a race that has a reputation for being full of beautiful women, along with the mermaid race. The 20 most beautiful of them, and the service they make these guys do is.....

 I don't know who started it, but my suspicions are growing deeper and deeper.

'You have failed to see this, master! If you want to do something nasty, I'm here for you!

 Even I could see the obviousness of Veal's blunt words.

"No! And when I say service, I don't mean service in that sense!

 It's labor, labor!
 You'll have to pay for the damage you've done to my farm with your labor!


 One or two of the elf daughters raise their gazes anxiously.

''Um, are you sure, Saint-sama? They're also wanted in the demon country, and even if they were forgiven for their crimes here, would they still be obligated to hand them over?
Why don't you make him pay for his sins here, too? I'll talk to the Demon King about it myself.

 Those people will be busy with reforms and attacking the human nation, too.
 And so the verdict is in. The court is now adjourned.
 Everyone, resume your own work for the day.

              * * * *

Um ... are you sure about this?

 An elf with a distinctly brawny tits and hips, who seems to be the leader in the Elf Thieves, asked me.
 I heard that his name is Elon.

It's not a bad idea to say it ourselves, but we're thugs wanted by both the human and demon races, right? Aren't you worried about having us on hand like that?
I'm not so sure about that.
"Hun, don't underestimate the elves. It's impossible for a race of humans like you to continue to capture us, no matter how tightly they surround us. You could disappear like smoke at any time if you wanted to...

 I'm not technically a human race, me.

You could run away, but I don't think you should.

 Just now, Veerle, who had returned to his dragon form, was migrating through the air.
 It was clearly an act of demonstration to the new-faced elves.

 The elves are naturally freaked out.
 Some of them would sit back and fall on their asses on the spot.

''You think you can handle it if you can just run away into the forest, don't you, lowlife? Then you can try it. I will burn down the whole forest where you hide.
'Veerle. Don't scare the new guys too much!

 When I cautioned him, Veal left behind a clucking tongue and went off into the sky.
I'm going to be watching you at all times, even if you're not there," he said, leaving a full-blown sign of 'I'll be watching you at all times.

''........You're a worrier, Veerle.

 And Veerle's little threat is more than a death sentence for any race other than dragons.
 Every last one of the elves were scared out of their wits.

'Dragons.........? Why are dragons...?
Heads. We were in the wrong place at the wrong time. We were in the middle of a demon's domain, you know...!

 No, it's just a farm.

'Well, I hope you'll work a lot and help us out anyway.

 So, first of all...

I want to know what you're good at.

 Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.
 Daring to make them do something they're not good at is just inefficient and not fun.

 I would like to see them do what they are good at, and contribute to our farm in an efficient manner.

How about working in the fields for a while? Can you weed and harvest?
"Don't be a fool!

 The leader of the group, aileron, responds strongly.
 Is this one promising?

"How can an Elf, a citizen of the forest, work on the plain? Grass and trees grow by themselves, they don't grow by themselves!
You think you know what you're talking about?

 It's a total disappointment.

An elf is an elf.

 The one who appeared was Verena, one half of the demon girl.
 Were you there?
 Have you been following me the whole time?
 Sorry, I didn't recognize them due to their thin air.

'Originally a forest tribe, they are a race of people who have lived mainly on a life of gathering. They say that they find and live in rich forests, and live off the nuts and medicinal herbs they can gather there.
It is said that this is why it is difficult for them to adapt to the civilized life of the humans and demons. The Elves have a unique view of nature, which is one of the reasons why they don't mix with other tribes.

 An example of this is what you call that thing now........

 For them - or rather the elves, nature's bounty is something that should be plucked from the gnarled growths on its own.
 It's not something that can be grown from scratch and harvested systematically,'' he said.

So when they try to get them to learn to work in the fields, they are frustrated by a difference in perception.
It's the same reason we don't accept carpentry or civil engineering as recognition. To an elf, nature is just something that exists. To the elves, nature is just the way it is, not something they devise to make their lives better.

 What the hell...?
 That's disgusting.
 Most of the jobs we can do here are no good.

''To begin with, a race that could easily adapt to society like that wouldn't have fallen into banditry. It is said that there is no race more troublesome than the elves who lost their forest to live in.
Well, that's exactly what you want me to do.

 The elves seem to be good at hunting.
 They're a forest tribe.
 They need to enter the dungeon and hunt monsters regularly, so I'll leave it to them to take care of that.......

''Do you think it's necessary? After all this time?

 Well, we already have Okubo and his friends who have completed their second stage of evolution, as well as Lamp-Eye, the 'Hellfire Witch' who is said to have the highest fighting power among the mermaid race.

 To be honest, as long as Veerle is the only one, our fighting strength is not a problem at all....

 The truth is that the talent on that side is in short supply.

If that's the case, there really isn't a job for you to do...?
The only use for them is to keep them as pets, don't you think? If that's the case, it's better to hand him over to the demon kingdom after all...!

 When I said something like that, the elves who were listening trembled and shook themselves.
 I think there's something implied in what Verena says from earlier, what's the matter?

Hey, uh...

 As I was doing this, Elf leader, Elon, abruptly interrupted the conversation.
 Picking up an object, which was beside him.

''Let me ask you something.........''