99-98 Elf Azumi

 I am Elon.

 I was the leader of the Elf Thieves' "Stone-Sharpening Band of Thunderstorm" a long time ago now.
 At the end of such an inhospitable land, in an unusually rich farm, my luck ran out when I entered to steal on the spur of the moment.
 I was caught by Saint Kidan-sama as soon as possible.

 We were buoyant, regardless of the boundaries between the demon kingdom and the human kingdom. We were prepared for the time when we would be in the noose.

 Well, in nine out of ten cases, we would be put to death and have our heads chopped off.
 In a worse case, we could have been kept as s*x toys for some outcast aristocrat until we were destroyed because of the added value of being an elf, given that we were all beautiful from a tribal standpoint.

 That didn't happen.

 Saint Kidan, the saint who captured us, gave us a job to do, "The atonement for stealing is by labor".
 That work was super fun for us to do, making tools.

 We elves are essentially forest people, a species that hunts and forages for survival in the forest, and when we're not doing that, we enjoy spending all day making tools and moving our fingers around all day.

 I have been appointed head of the pottery team that kneads clay into vessels, and I spend my days at the kiln.
 How long has it been since I have been so calmly working at a pottery kiln?

 I was taking a break outside the workshop, when I met the calm sub-headed Maerga.
 No, he's the second-headed one now. You were the head of the leather goods group.

''I'll always be the second-headed one in front of you. I do enjoy the work here, though.

 Do you enjoy working here?
 That's the calm opinion of a calm sub-headed person.

"I didn't think it would come to this.

 I haven't been able to live this calmly since I was driven out of the forest where I was born.

 Neither Maerga nor I were bandits from the moment we were born.
 We were childhood friends, born and raised in the same hometown, the same forest.

 That forest is gone now.

 It has disappeared.

 That forest, which belonged to the territory of the human nation in terms of location, suddenly withered and disappeared one day.

 I later learned that this was due to the depletion of mana caused by the human nation's use of some kind of large-scale magic.

 The legal magic used by the human race is less convenient and less useful than the magic of the demon race, but once it is used, it is extremely powerful and consumes a large amount of mana.
 That mana usually uses natural mana that flows through the human race's power, and because of that, the effects of the indiscriminately depleted mana are naturally more intense.

 The fact that the forest we were living in was one of the effects of this.

 We were forced to leave our homes and our families were scattered, unable to seek each other's safety.

 There is nothing more miserable than an elf who has lost his forest.
 It didn't take long for us, having lost our means of survival, to take the final option of being bandits.

 Perhaps it was the least we could do to protect our pride that we knew the circumstances of having our homeland stolen from us and only stole from prosperous nobles and wealthy merchants in the most cunning way to avenge it.

Speaking of which, do you know the head? That saint, apparently, is not from this world.

 What do you mean by that?

''I've heard that the human race's legal magic has the ability to connect worlds that are different from this one and call for brave people. The saint is also an otherworldly person called by that magic.

 Are you from another world, please?

'No, I heard that it's forced on him regardless of his own will. I heard that's why the saint has cut off his ties with the human nation and is living here quietly.

 Just like us.
 So you're a victim of human magic.
 I'm growing fonder of this one.

Do you think so too?

 And a sub-headed eye that seems to look through us.

 There are no men among us elves.
 Elves only give birth to girls, so there are only female elves.

 I don't know why this is so, but the point is that elves must intermarry with other races in order to produce offspring.
 No matter what race they associate with, it is always the elves who are born, so when they are old enough, they leave their homeland in search of a man.

 A saint who creates such a huge farm and leads an elite monster.
 There is no better material provider to produce the next generation of excellence.

''The problem is Princess Prati and the Veerle Dragon, who are sitting in the seat of their rightful wives.

 Those guys look really scary.
 I'm not sure I can survive and get over it, especially if the dragon is in a bad mood.

''If you're as strong as the saint, there's nothing wrong with f*cking women as you please, and we want your spirit, not your wife's seat. If we negotiate carefully and courteously, it won't be a rough affair.

 That's a very calm and calm opinion, as expected of a sub-headed person.
 I don't know much about the living quarters of the humans and demons.
 It's nice to have a chance.

"Look at this head.

 When I look, I see an elf running across the other side, panting.
 When I say elves here, it's my former subordinates, of course.

 Isn't it Pawel, who was a lowly man during his time in the bandit group, but now he's been hugely selected as the head of the glass-making team?

''It seems that he goes to visit Sage every day to check the quality of the products and discuss new products. But he also comes in on days when he doesn't have any particular business to attend to.

 Why would you waste your time doing that?

Of course, we want you to have more opportunities to interact and meditate with your saints.

 How could you do that...?
 How does an elf nowadays go to such lengths to attract a man?

 I thought I could just attack and squeeze out a man of another race........ After thinking about it, I guess that's not going to work for Saint-sama.

 Well, if that guy succeeds, I'll follow his example and rub it in with Saint-sama.
 Until then, I'll just enjoy my life here.

 Now, the 100 platters you asked for.
 We've got to get these plates done.