100-99  wine

 Booze is ready.

 If you want to quench your thirst, all you need is some water.
 Where is the need to go to the trouble of drinking something different from your body?

 Still, we can't help but pursue the sake.

 It's one of the things we still lack on our farm, but now, after a long period of research, we have produced a sake.

It's still a prototype though!

 The mermaid race, Gala Rufa, was the one who did the work.
 She is a bit of a dangerous girl, known as the "plague witch" in her homeland of mermaid country.

 She looks younger than the other mermaids on our farm - Plati, Puffa, and Lamprey - but she's a superb researcher of pharmacy magic.
 So I left the brewing of sake, which was expected to involve a lot of trial and error.

 Normally, sake brewing is not something that an amateur would be able to undertake without any hesitation.
 From the selection of ingredients to the accumulation of long hours of trial and error. The yeast necessary for alcoholic fermentation is a gift of nature. It's not something that can be controlled by humans.

 I'm sure the secret ingredient is a secret that is passed down from brewery to brewery, and I'm sure it would take a lot of work for an amateur to make it in a day.

 But still, as far as the yeast is concerned, the seed koji? If I touched that guy's hand and reminded him to "release the yeast, release the yeast," then with the effect of the "supreme bearer," he would produce the best possible sake brewer.

 The rest was left to the rare potions researcher, Gala Rufa.

 And so the resulting alcoholic beverage was........

 It was beer.

'Did you call for me?'

 For some reason, Veal showed up.

'No, it's not a viel, it's a beer,'
So it was me, right?
No, 'vi'l. No 'vi'. "Vi.

 It's confusing.

 Anyway, the reason for the beer is because I already had the ingredients on hand.
 I already had the wheat and barley to try my hand at baking.

 I'd need grapes to make wine, but I hadn't grown any kind of fruit trees yet. When I started researching alcohol, I hadn't even grown rice yet.

 And when you think of booze, it's beer anyway!
 For now!

 So let's sample the otherworldly beer that Gala Rufa has finally managed to perfect!

 Gok gok gok gok gok........... Puh-uh.

"It's so refreshing on the throat!

 That means it's good.

 That means it's good. This beer is a success.
 I had it chilled in a magic fridge, so it tastes even better!

It's good to see you! All my hard work so far has paid off!

 I'm moved to tears by Gala Ruffa, the biggest contributor to the brewery.
 I've given her a lot of trouble, too.

 After all, this is not the first time she has submitted a prototype.
 It took many failed attempts to get to this flavor.
 I can't even begin to describe the trial and error she went through, especially until I remembered the existence of hops.

She really did a great job!
Thank you!

 Me and Gala Rufa hugged each other with a hissy fit.
 Our bodies smelled slightly of alcohol.

'I'm the one who should be thanking you, Saint! I could never have done this kind of responsive research when I was put in trench jail! The Saint is my Savior! It's God!
''Oh, oh...?

 It's nice to get a compliment, but isn't this a bit too much of a lift?

But I'm worried. Because you've already made a drink. So, am I being sent off already?

 Of course not!
 Now that the sake is complete, the next step is to establish a system to increase production so that we can have a stable supply at all times...!

Eww! Saint! Please don't leave me! Please keep it in here forever~!

 Gala Rufa hugged me with more force!
 It's a good idea to make sure that you don't move up and down as if you were rubbing against the tightly packed body.

 Gala Rufa's body, which didn't seem to have that much definition on the outside, is naturally soft and girlish!

''Saint-sama! I'll do anything to get you to put me here! I want a nightcap if I have to!
What did you say?

 What happened to Gala Rufa?
 She's not the kind of girl who takes care of herself.

Well... maybe...

 Veal, the only person to watch this madness from the side, said.
 He said, sipping my leftover beer.

"Isn't he drunk?

 Speaking of which, Gala Rufa, you're red in the face!

 Up to this point, I was anxious to see if my home-made beer would be to my liking, so I tasted it several times before I did.
 If so, then of course alcohol would accumulate in her body.

No wonder you reek of alcohol.

 The only person beside him was the peaceful Veerle, who was still sipping his drink.

The only thing that's left is that we're out of booze. And since drinking alone is monotonous, I need something to eat. Just a pinch is all I need.