101-100 remodeling plan

 With the addition of the elves to the farm, the scope of what we can do has expanded in many ways.
 The reason why I've been able to support manufacturing on the farm up to now is because the 'supreme bearer' more than adequately supplemented the little modern knowledge I brought in from my previous world.

 So there was a limit to what I could do, and I couldn't get rid of the rough edges of the detailed and specialized parts.
 Even so, we were lucky that the supreme bearer filled in most of the gaps that were impossible, but even so, we couldn't make it perfect.
 That's where they, the elves, can make it perfect.

 The skills and knowledge they brought from the forest people will mesh with the knowledge they brought from my previous world and produce results.
It's been a long time since I've been at the "one step closer to completion" stage, but it's all been completed in one fell swoop.

 And this time, too.

              * * * *

Shield complete!

 An orc and an elf came in good company to show me something.


 Anyway, this pairing of orcs and elves reminds me of something different.......

 No, let's throw away the dirty values of the previous world.

 On our farm, the orcs are the carpenters in charge of civil engineering and construction, and the elves are in charge of making small items.
 It's only natural that our professions would involve a lot of joint work!

So, have you finished something?
''It's a shield!''

 What the orc and elven workers were holding up was a large, round, turtle shell.

''Oh, is that...?''

 It's the shell of the turtle-shaped monster that Veerle had defeated in the dungeon he had converted some time ago.
 After defeating it, I examined it to see if there was any material that I could use, and found that the meat was not good and was not edible.
 However, the carapace is harder and has a better shape, so it seems there was a lot of trial and error to see if it could be used for something.

So........a shield?

 Shield of the shell.
 In a way, the most orthodox way to use it.

'Yes! And it's the strongest part of the original monster. Not only is it simply hard, but its hemispherical shape is very effective in deflecting power!

 That's one of the new orcs.
 Compared to Orcobo and the rest of the old group, he looks younger and more resilient.

''Although.........but the shell of a dead monster turtle loses its freshness, or rather, the gaps in the shell become brittle......''
'So what's the use of that for...? I was just thinking!


With their help, everything has changed.

 and the orcs, pausing to praise the elven ladies as best they could.

 They're from the elven team ... the woodworking team, right?

No, no, we're just...!
I think we can reinforce the strength of the shell by pouring lacquer into the gaps in the fragile shell. I mean...!


 Come to think of it, there was one in my former world. It's some kind of sap, and it was used to strengthen and shine wooden vessels, and in the old days it was used as an adhesive.

They also used it as an adhesive in the old days. I took the sap home with me...!
''So the turtle shell was reinforced with lacquer and evolved into the strongest armor! It's all thanks to you elves!

 Yay! And the elves and orcs high-five each other.

 Elves and orcs are good friends on our farm. Best of all, they're good friends.

"So, we would like you to check out the quality of the workmanship, Mr. Saints...!


 The turtle's shell really seems to have been processed as a shield, and it had just the right handle on the back side.

 When I held it, it was heavy and heavy, and while I thought it would be difficult to handle, I felt that it was a reliable and worthwhile armor.


 Orcs suddenly came slashing at me, but I was able to block them with my shield without difficulty.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.
 I'm not going to be able to get a single arrow to pierce it or even scratch it.

I understand your intentions, but please don't attack all of a sudden! Surprise!
""Excuse me."

 I think it was a pretty good onslaught, but to be unscathed by it is amazing.
 I wonder how this is ranked by this world's standards?

 Even if it's not a legendary piece of equipment, I think it's going to be pretty high on the list.


 Then a goblin called out from another person.

'Prince Arowana is here to play!

              * * *

 Prince Arowana, the mermaid prince, came to visit.

He said, "Let's play sumo!

 And it seems he is as addicted to sumo wrestling as ever.
 It's a good thing that you're not the only one who's interested in this.

"....Prince Arowana, isn't he too strong?

 I've long since avoided competing with him, I thought to myself as I watched my kumite.

 My orcs and goblins are supposed to be super strong, having evolved beyond the extreme after touching my 'supreme bearer' and turning into mutant species such as Warrior Orcs and Spartan Goblins.

 The oldest of them are even another step up in rank to say Legatus Orcs or Brave Goblins or something like that, a touch that can crush even the bravest of them with a single twist.

 But he loses.
 Sumo to Prince Arowana.

 Just now, my most familiar sumo companion, Gobuzaemon, was being thrown off.
 That guy should be in his two-stage evolutionary form, Brave Goblin, too.

''Oh! Saint! I'm sorry for running amok before I even said hello!

 Having said that, could you stop nipping at me in the hackneyed position?
 You're going to come after me every chance you get, aren't you?

Oh, what do you have there, my dear?

 Quickly, Prince Arowana, you reacted to the shell shield I was holding.
 I guess I just took it out of the experiment.

'This is a sturdy-looking shield. It's heavy and has good stability.

 And when did the shell shield go from my hand to Prince Arowana?

Do mermaids use shields?
"The basic strategy of mermaids, apart from magic potions, is to use their swimming momentum for a rushing attack. A shield to defend against it is important.

 And with the shield, he makes an imaginary movement with the shield, and that's exactly what he does with the image of catching away the stab of the harpoon that comes at him.

''........Um, do you want to take that home with you if you want? I'm sorry to be a prototype.
'My God! Are you sure? But we can't keep getting them...?

 But Prince Arowana looks happy to hear that.
 In every world, new weapons and armor excite a boy's heart.

'Prince Arowana!

 And then a new character appears.

 Isn't that Puffa, a mermaid who works on our farm?
 She's in love with Prince Arowana.

"You could have told him I was coming! You'll get in trouble with the saints!

 No, no.

Yeah, it's... I'm sorry, I just thought I'd already become very comfortable with the saints...!

 That's exactly what it is.
 It's an easy rapport. No reservation.

"Well, all right. Just be nice, Prince, and be a test case for Atai's new creation.
An experiment?

 That sounds dangerous.

"I'm in the brewery right now. They just made a new batch of pickles. It's called Nukazuke. You're the same kind of guy as the No-Life King, right? It would be better for us if we could have other favorites and the demand would be dispersed, too.
Sorry to put you through all this. You put your heart and soul into this one. Whatever it is, it's good.

 My face turned bright red and smoke billowed up in a booming cloud of smoke.
 It's really easy to understand.

So, this is what you call the Nukazuke? I see, it looks good too!

 What Prince Arowana said was a whole cucumber in bran.
 The prince took a bite of the cucumber.
 He really looked like a delicious eater.


 So I thought, "Wait a minute.
 I thought to myself.

 Prince Arowana, who is nowadays addicted to sumo wrestling, is holding a shield made of a turtle shell and eating a delicious cucumber....

 Sumo wrestling.
 A turtle shell.
 A cucumber.

He's looking more and more like a kappa!

 Arowana, the prince of the sea.
 Every time he comes to visit us, he turns into a child of the river!

 Maybe we should stop being so serious about this!