102-101 winter

 Winter is here.

 I'm also surprised to see it coming out of nowhere.
 One day, it suddenly started snowing, and it blew down in the blink of an eye.

 The next morning, we woke up to a silver sky.

It's a good thing we harvested everything we could beforehand...!

 The MVPs this time were the elves who had just joined.

''Winter is almost here and you're trying to plant it again!

 and we all hurriedly reaped the harvest.

 It seems that in this world, the transition between the four seasons is not as clear as in the previous world, and winter is really coming up suddenly and unexpectedly.

 I am, of course, a visitor from another world, and the monsters who have just become self-conscious from being touched by me, and the mermaids who are in their first year of living on land are oblivious to the fact that the snow is about to ruin much of their crops.
 If that happened, it would be a huge loss.

 When we asked them to calculate the crops they had harvested, they said there was enough to get all the farm's inhabitants through the winter without starving.

 I've harvested so many times over and over again.
 Even though it was because of the hyper fish manure created by Potions, they were harvesting every few months or even every few days if they were poor.

 That would throw off my sense of time.

 The people who predicted the arrival of winter were the elves, who had originally lived a life well adapted to nature, even among the ground dwellers.
 If it weren't for them, I'm in a cold sweat that the farm would have been destroyed.

 To begin with, there is no clear indication of the changing seasons in this world.
 At best, there are only changes in temperature.

 When I think back, I only realize now that it was pretty hot when I think back on it, even when there was a summer.
 Only in winter, the whiteness of the snow that comes with the cold makes winter so appealing.

It's cold. It's chilly.........

 We haven't done much to prepare for winter, so this cold weather is a matter of life and death.
 We are all wrapped in cotton quilts and shivering.

I don't see that Veerle guy, what's going on?
'He went back to his dungeon. It's warmer there, depending on the area.

 Son of a b*tc*!

 Anyway, the elves are guiding us to make a rapid charcoal fire, so that will keep us warm for the time being.

 We'll have to wait until after this winter before we can plan for the next winter to take more serious measures to protect ourselves from the cold.

''Ahhhh~. It's cold, cold, cold.
It's cold, isn't it?

 On either side of me, Prati and Gala Rufa are snuggled together from both sides.
 Even if overlapping their skin is an effective means of winter protection, this seems to generate a different meaning...!

 Then Elf Elon entered the room.

''Saint-sama-. I was able to add more charcoal..........

 Prati, Gala Rufa catches me between the left and right sides and sees me in a mooch, aileron, he snaps.


 He throws the finished charcoal at me with force.
 It hurts.

"People work and they're making out all over the room! Mix me in!
"Where is your rage?

 I wasn't playing around.
 I was just discussing winterization with Prati, and Gala Rufa, who came to discuss the brewery project, joined us and said, "It's cold, let's huddle up.
 There was no ulterior motive, okay?

Anyway. What is the current supply of charcoal?
There's enough to go around. We had each of us make our own charcoal brazier, so it went very smoothly.

 The kids here excel at making things in one way or another.
 By the way, I made a metal brazier by pounding and stretching the leftover manna metal.
 I really wanted a ceramic brazier, but I had to give it up because I needed the baking process and I didn't have the time to do it.

 Now I needed a few as soon as possible.

 The other orcs and goblins had also made a brazier like square brazier out of wood, but I was still worried about fire with wood.

I'm worried about fire. I'll keep my wits about me when it comes to serious winter protection.
Make it quick. We'll continue to make charcoal and stabilize the supply chain, while mass producing ceramic braziers that are easy to handle. We'll continue to make charcoal, stabilize the supply chain and mass produce easy-to-use ceramic braziers.
Please. Don't get hung up on the design or anything, just give me a few.
I'll take care of the design too, okay?

 You're obsessed with it.
 Well, fine.
 We'll leave it to the craftsmanship of aileron and his crew.

 Other than that, a real heating apparatus would be a hearth or a fireplace.
 Our house is designed in a Japanese style, so a hearth is also good enough. The fireplace has to be built with bricks and a chimney, so it may be troublesome.

But I don't think it needs to be that serious.
"We're all enjoying the winter.

              * * *

 I went out to try it out, and sure enough, there were a lot of people enjoying the winter.

I'm going to die!

 Some of the goblins and elves were having a snowball fight in the yard.
 Countless snowballs were flying around.

''Yup, hit it!''
Crush! Crack!

 The call is bleak for a snowball fight.

 I was the one who announced the existence of a snowball fight game and the general rules of the game right after the snow fell.
 I didn't know it had become such a big deal...!

Everyone seems to be coming up with their own interpretations of the rules and tricks.

 The first dueling technique for snowball fights from my farm.
 Two snowballs.
 Two snowballs are thrown on exactly the same trajectory. The second one hides behind the first one, so you can catch your opponent off guard.

The only rule in a snowball fight is that you just have to be good with the ball competitively.
"I found out that it wouldn't do much good to put a snowball on the exact same trajectory I had avoided once. There are basically countless of them flying around.

 Dueling techniques for snowball fights, part two.
 The Special Cannonball Snowball.
 Put a stone in the snow to increase your attack power!

That's just a foul, right?
That's why they banned it right after it was conceived.

 Part 3.
 Hissatsu Ningen Snowball.
Under the philosophy of "The last snowball is to become a snowball myself," this is a technique in which you and I both fly snowballs.
 There are many races such as orcs and elves, so it's tactless to call them human.

This is a technique where you simply run up to the opponent with a snowball in your hand and hit him through the snowball.
'And since they'll concentrate on you while you're close enough, they're not that effective...'

 Well, games are most fun when they are in that trial and error stage.
 I guess they are enjoying the snowball fight through trial and error.

Well, if they're playing so well, why do we need a heater?

 I'm going to die of cold after I'm done playing.

My dear!

 I was in a daze when Okubo stopped me.
 What are you doing with yours?

We have been building a ship, sir!
A ship!

 The orcs under Okubo and his men are showing us what is indeed a boat.
 It's about the size of a boat.

"With no crops due to the snow, we thought we could at least go out to sea and catch some fish! I created it on a volunteer basis!

 Yeah? You mean we're going fishing out to sea? On that boat?
 Don't you dare let it capsize.

'I'm fine! Finding your own work is the sign of competence. I promise you'll come back with a great catch!

 And so a boat of your own making? A boat? The Orcobos paddle out from the beach in

Do you catch fish in winter?
Depends on the species.

 However, Okubo and the others' homemade boat disintegrated as soon as they rowed out.


 The boat capsized. Okubo and his crew were thrown out to sea, swam through the waves, and returned to the beach soaked.

 When the ship sank, I was in quite a hurry, but as expected of the evolved orcs.
 They were very stubborn.

 They seem to be enjoying the winter.