103-102 Continuation ・Mourning of the King

 I am Genesis XVIII, King of the Human Kingdom.

 Stay tuned.

 The fish juice is delicious.
 In the landlocked capital, fish spoil while being transported, so they only offer the fish juice that has been squeezed to impart the flavor of the fish.

 It's fishy but delicious.

 It's a luxury product that the average person can never afford.
 It's a true taste of royalty!
 You must envy the king who smokes this stuff every day!

"Your Majesty! Your Majesty! It's a disaster!

 What's the matter, kinsmen?
 I'm not gonna share the juice of this fish with you.

"I'm not going to drink that crap just because I'm ordered to! It's more important than that! Urgent news from the border!

 Urgent news?

"A demon tribe has led a large army to invade our country!

 What the hell?

 Why? Why?
 Why are the demons attacking us if we didn't start a war with them?

 It must be some kind of mistake! Could it be that they were preparing for a festival?

 Isn't that what you think?
 Because they were all armed?

 That's too bad.
 That's too bad.

 You'll have to accept it, then!
 Immediately launch my ancient and modern warriors' human army!

"With all due respect, the generals leading the army are returning to their lands. Of course, with the troops under their command.


So it may take some time before we can get them back together again.

 Why did they leave on their own?
 You can't do that! You can't just go home without asking the king for help!

"With all due respect, Your Majesty has indeed ordered the temporary dissolution of the army. That the invasion of the Demon Kingdom will stop until Saint Kidan is found.


That's right. The generals were away from their territory for a long time, so they returned at full speed. They said that they have matters to deal with on their own territory, and that they have a lot of appeals from the territorial residents...!

 Did they say that?
 Are you serious?
 He's been a pretty good lord, hasn't he, being a good little boy? Heh.

 Just to be sure, you haven't found Saint Kidan yet, have you?

Yes, sir. No useful reports from the search parties we've released in various locations.

 I see.
 I thought they would kill all the demons in an instant, if only Saint Kidan became my man.
 Oh no, you're useless.

 But that doesn't mean we humans will lose!

 Because, as God's chosen race of higher beings, the human race has several blessings from the pure God of heaven!

 One of them, the sacred law magic, Sacred Barrier!

 Let me explain!
The Sacred Barrier is one of the legal magic passed down in our human race. It is a magic that borrows the power of Zeus, the reigning god of the heavens, to create a great barrier on the border between the demon kingdom and the human kingdom!

 This is a barrier created by sacred magic that allows us humans to enter and exit freely, but the demons are blown away and cannot break through!

 Thanks to this magic, in the past few thousand years, the human nation has never been invaded by the demon race!
 The idiot demon race can be invaded by our human race, but they will never be able to invade from the other side!

''But there's also a theory that that that sacred barrier has consumed a huge amount of natural mana, and the human nation is chronically emaciated in the land...!

 Shut up, samurai!
 That's just a theory!

 What's the problem with a little crop failure if you can protect yourself from the demon tribe's threats!

 Anyway, those stupid demons seem to have forgotten how many times they failed to invade with that 'Holy Barrier'!
 Fools do not learn from history!

 Okay! Gather as many men as you can now!
 The barriers are holding up the Demon King's army and they are going to turn back.

"Your Majesty.

 Yeah? What's going on?

The 'sacred barrier' has been breached.



 Why? What? What does this mean?
 Isn't the 'Sacred Barrier', which is blessed by the god Zeus, absolutely unbreakable?

''From the front lines, there are two female generals standing at the front of the Demon Army... This is Astareth of the Demon King's Army's Four Heavenly Kings 'Delusion'. It's been confirmed that they are Grashara from The Grudge.


"The demonic energy emitted from the two swords collided with the Sacred Barrier and shattered it to pieces...!

 Oh my god, oh my god...!
 We have to contact the Church and create a new "Holy Barrier".

''I've already sent a courier, but the 'Sacred Barrier' is a great magic that was invoked thousands of years ago. Since then, it has been molded without a single interruption, and the technique of re-initiating it anew, let alone maintaining it, has been forgotten...?

 You useless churches!
 You're asking for exorbitant donations on a daily basis, but you couldn't even manage and preserve the techniques given to you by God!

 This is inexcusable!
 When this is over, we'll put the Pope and all the cardinals on trial!

"Your Majesty, it seems that the opportunity may never come.


"The demon army is almost at King's Landing, Your Majesty. We won't be able to defend the city until reinforcements arrive from all the other kingdoms.

 You are a calm and collected man, samurai.
 Then what should we do?

"We have an envoy from the Demon King. According to him, the Demon King's intention is to dismantle the human race as a nation. The human race as a species will be allowed to continue to exist.


''If you hand over the royal family that rules the human kingdom and the church officials, I will guarantee the people's safety. I swear by Hades, the god of the demon race, that I will keep my promise.

 If you're going to swear on it, swear on Tenjin Zeus.

 But..... but...
 There are no pros and cons in this situation.

 I'm the king of men.
 It's time to do the last thing I can do.

 If my life can save the life of my people, I will gladly give it.

"Your Majesty...! You don't have to be so cool in the end...!

 Do not weep, kinsmen.

 Well, let's at least show some dignity.
 I'm here for the Demon King who kills me.