105-104 spring

 Winter is gone.
 That means it is spring.

 The melting snow is flowing down the river to the sea.

 The inhabitants of our farm were full of joy that the season of endurance was gone.

 But, well, can we think of it this way, that spring is here?
 A year has passed since I arrived in another world.

 Come to think of it, before winter arrived, I did whatever I wanted.

 It's fine to cultivate fields, but I grew an unlimited number of different kinds of crops with "supreme bearers" and hyper-fish manure.
 I don't know how many times we harvested in a month.

 But the fact that we got so much done means that I came to the land in the spring.
 There was a period of heat while we were working here, and then it got cooler and cooler.
 And today, a new spring.

 A year.....
 It's been a year in which a lot of things have happened.

 We should look back on what we have done in the past year and use it as material for what we will do in the coming year.

 What we have made in the past year.
 First and foremost, the farm.
 After all, this is a farm.

We used a forbidden combo of growing seedlings with the "supreme bearer" and promoting their growth with hyper-fish manure to mass produce what we wanted. The area of the farm was expanding as the number of inhabitants increased, and I didn't know exactly how big it was.

 I don't even know how much of an area it is.
 We've divided the field into sections, and now we have about eighty pieces.

 I did the initial cultivation and planting of the seeds - although I, as the "supreme bearer", only touched the soil - and left the rest of the management to the Goblin team led by Gobukichi.

 Some of the rice fields are in a special area.
 I went out of my way to cultivate the rice, and even drew the waterway for that purpose, but the rice we've harvested is so popular with everyone that there is a proposal to expand the rice paddies.

 The rice harvested is so popular that there is a proposal to expand the rice paddies.

 Is this how it is with regard to the fields?

 But our farm is blessed with both the sea and the mountains.
 We are surrounded by mountains and sea on both sides, but we are also blessed to have a large area of flat land that can be used for farming.

 Both the mountains and the sea are a treasure trove of nature's bounty.
 Of course, sometimes they can bring terrible natural disasters, but when the harvest from the field is not so good, you can go in and gather food from either of them. Just by thinking that, we can relax a lot.

 In fact, even if you don't starve, you often go into the mountains or the sea in search of a different taste than the ones from the field.

 In particular, there are mountain dungeons in the Vire, where Orcobos often enter the dungeons in search of delicious monster meat.
 Mermaid lamp-eyes and elves seem to enter the dungeons to get some exercise or to get a change of scenery.

 That, of course, is also true of the cave dungeon managed by the No Life King's teacher.
 Whenever one of our residents enters, the teacher is happy to send monsters of moderate difficulty to you as if your grandchildren have come to visit.

 The materials that can be acquired in the dungeon are the valuable mineral mana metal, which is produced only in cave dungeons, represented by the delicious meat of the boar monster.
 There are many more, but it's up to us to make effective use of them.

 Viel had modified the dungeon to make it wider to obtain more diverse materials, but I made some more changes to it to make it more interesting.
 I'll talk more about that later.

 Next, I'll talk more about the architecture.

 The centerpiece of this project is the main house where I sleep and wake up.
 At first we called it a mansion or something like that, but as the other buildings got in disarray, we started calling it the main house for distinction.

 Me, the owner of the farm, and his wife, Prati, are sleeping and waking up in it.
 There are also rooms for the demonic duo Batty and Verena, the mermaid trio Puffa, Lamp-Eye, and Gala Rufa in a section that was added to later.
 Batty's workshop in charge of clothing is also there.

 Also, we kept the room where Demon King Zedan and his wife used to sleep in.
 I'm still saving it so that they can stay there when they come to visit.

 In addition, the monster tenement where the monster team lives is right next door.
 The monster team had been increased from ten to a hundred people, so the size of the tenement house had been increased considerably.

 When they aren't working, they can be found training in their rooms, playing games together, or growing potted plants of their own accord.
 It's cultural.

 I tried to build a bed for the elves, who are the biggest new faces in the world, but they refused.
 I backed off for the moment, saying that as forest folk, they have a pride in not sleeping under a roof.
 Normally, they slept in the workshop or rested in their hammocks spread out in the forest.

 But eventually I started to notice the cute pajamas that Prathi and the others were wearing.
'We want to wear something cute like that ourselves! I barged in on Batty, who was in charge of clothing........

'Oh? You guys will be camped out and covered in mud for the night, though!

 He was adamantly refused to do so.
 They had no choice but to build their own hut on a suitable piece of land near the main house and sleep in it.

 You want to wear cute pajamas that badly...!

 The girls' fashionable spirit won out over the pride of their race.
 Incidentally, the hut that the elves built was in the style of a log cabin.

 As far as housing is concerned, it looks like that, but of course there are other buildings that were built for other purposes as well.

 The best example of this is the mermaid team's brewery.

 Fermented foods such as miso, soy sauce and pickles are made here.
 This is the sole province of mermaids who use pharmaceutical magic.

 Apart from me, the oldest person on our farm is a platy, so this brewery is also a very early facility.
 It's been a real pleasure to work with you.

 Thanks to Prati and the brewery, I was able to get a taste of home again relatively quickly.

 There's also a larder to store the crops I've harvested and the meat I've hunted in the dungeon.
 The temperature inside is kept low with medicinal magic, so it's truly like a giant refrigerator.

 We went to a lot of trouble to make it as large as the main house when we built it, and it was a really good decision.
 We've managed to fit in fields, dungeons, and a lot of food from the sea.

 We were able to get through the winter with ease because we were able to store a large amount of food reserves in this pantry.

 We've been managing it as usual, but with the addition of former bandit elves to the residents, the idea of beefing up security was brought up.
 As for me, I didn't want to suspect the people I live with, but as a precaution, Lamprey had set a trap potion to prevent intrusion, and the elves had been successfully caught and blown up.

 When he caught them and listened to what they had to say, he was hungry and wanted to pick at them.

 In addition, a brewery managed by Gala Rufa.
 The brewery, which has recently succeeded in producing beer, is expected to attract the most attention this year.

 Drinking makes life richer, but let's keep it tightly controlled, as they say, drink but don't be drunk.
 Gala Rufa is still very motivated. They want to establish a mass production system for beer and also try to make other kinds of alcohol.

 We've got rice, so I'm sure we can make sake and shochu too. What do they make whiskey and vodka from?
 Wine is still far away. Because we don't produce grapes, let alone fruits to use as ingredients for wine.
 That's coming to an end soon, though.

 There's also a chicken coop for Yoshamo, a chicken-shaped monster that lays healthy eggs every morning, and a silkworm room where you can keep a silkworm that spits out vigorous silk.

 If you look at it in detail, you'll see that there are a lot of facilities that have been built again.
 It is hard to count them.

 There are various kinds of kilns to cook, to make pottery, and to bake charcoal, too.
 The toilets made from starfish are now a familiar sight. ...Oh, and since I learned to make pottery, I fired the toilet bowl and changed it to a western style! This is a big hit with everyone!

 And then... and then...!


 Speaking of which.

 You haven't made the bath yet?

 What a surprise!
 I was so focused on the rice paddies and the pottery kiln that I forgot about it.

 Okay, I think I've set a goal for this year.

 I'm going to make a bath this year!