106-105 Dungeon Orchard

 I offered a rice ball to the shrine dedicated to the god Hephaistos (I didn't know the ritual etiquette of this world, so I made it on my own), and gave a pang-pang, two bows, two claps and one bow.

I'm able to live well in another world thanks to the 'supreme bearer' that the gods gave me. Please continue to watch over me warmly.

 Thanksgiving to God is over and it's spring once again.
 A new year.

Let's live hard this year!

 The residents and I confirmed our commitment to each other, and then it was time to get to work.

 We resumed the work that had been interrupted for the winter.

 After giving the fields a breath of fresh air, I asked Gobkichi and the others to take care of things, and I headed to the dungeon.
 This is the mountain dungeon controlled by Veerle.

              * * * *

 In the mountain dungeon, there was a Veerle, as it should be.
 While the farm was exposed to the frigid cold, this guy was taking refuge in a temperature-controlled dungeon with one of them.

''You son of a b*tc*,''

 I kicked Veerle, who was coasting in the dungeon.
 I'm not sure if I'd feel comfortable being violent in my normal girl mode, but in my dragon form, I can kick him as many times as I want.

'Ouch, ouch! What are you doing, Master! Is this how you treat your wife?

 Shut up.
 Take refuge from the winter by yourself.

 It's already springtime. Stop hibernating, dragon.

Are you sure it's already spring? If you're stuck in a dungeon, I don't know what it's like out there.'

 That's probably true too.
 A mountain dungeon ruled by the Veil. It's a stagnant mana that has been dammed by nature's flow, and its condensation has occurred by twisting time and space.
 It's called a mountain dungeon because it was modeled after a mountain field and turned into a dungeon.
 As the name suggests, it is a labyrinth with the appearance of a deep mountain path or forest.

 They are not as large as they appear due to the twisting of time and space, and dungeons with masters like Veerle deliberately change their appearance according to the preferences and convenience of their masters.

 The same is true here in the mountain dungeon, and this section of the dungeon where Veerle is sleeping is enviable in the springtime sunshine.

''........Spring area?''

 At one point, Veerle remodeled the dungeon and divided the interior into five sections.
 In addition to the normal section, there are four other sections: spring area, summer area, autumn area and winter area.

 However, the main difference is in temperature and humidity, and it seems that the aim is to create a variety of monsters by differentiating such environments.

 However, Veerle seems to have used this to his advantage, coasting in the warm spring area during the cold winter months.
 I was pissed off, so I kicked him once more.

'Ouch! God, you're so mean to your master!

 As if to escape my kick, Veerle changed into the human form of a pretty girl.
 Tsk, I can't kick her now.

'Well, spring came along and I thought I'd get my farming job back on track. So here I am.
Oh, you mean that thing you were talking about? Then you've been coming by every so often in the winter, haven't you?
We'll get right into it. Anyway, I need a guide and an escort.

 Veerle is the master of this dungeon, so if I have her with me, there's no need to worry about being attacked by monsters.

 So I had a plan going on in this dungeon.
 That is.........

Plan to turn Veerle's Mountain Dungeon into an orchard!

 When I first visited the converted dungeon, I thought to myself as I looked at the areas divided by various temperatures and humidity.

I wondered if I could take advantage of this difference in environment to efficiently grow a variety of crops.

 I've heard that there are some crops that require strict environmental management, and there are many cases of them being ruined by long summer rains and cold winter weather.
 However, if you are in a dungeon, you can manage the environment in a pseudo-space distorted by mana, and you don't need to be scared of sudden and unusual weather.

 It's a mountain dungeon, so you'll get sunshine too, for one thing. That's the biggest difference between it and Sensei's cave dungeon.
 But at the same time, the mountain dungeon also had a disadvantage for farming.

 That's because it's a mountain.

 There wasn't much flat land to use for rice fields and rice paddies, or even none at all.

 So I thought of a way to turn a mountain slope into farmland.


 Trees can take root and grow on a slope.
 Fruits are the only thing that can grow on trees.
 I remembered that I hadn't worked on fruit until then, so I took the opportunity to try my hand at growing an orchard.

 The owner of the dungeon, Veerle, agreed to the challenge as long as I could eat something tasty.

 And so, before the previous winter, we planted the seedlings of fruit trees that had sprouted in the "Supreme Bearer" in each seasonal area of the mountain dungeon.
 I also painstakingly spread Hyper Fish Manure, but still, they were trees.
 No matter how we tried to promote the growth of the trees, we couldn't get the result so quickly.
 So we investigated the results of the winter.
 The result was.....

Oh, it's growing!

 In the spring aria, peaches and cherries.
 In the summer area, tropical fruits such as papaya and mangoes.
 In the autumn area, grapes, pears, dawn, persimmons and chestnuts.
 In the winter area, there are apples and tangerines.

It was a good idea to plant different types of fruit for different areas.

 I was hesitant to grow tropical plants on the farm, especially since they would need constant heat to grow.
 In the summer area of the Everlasting Mountain Dungeon, it's always hot and humid, so it's not a problem.

Now that we have fruit, the repertoire of dishes will be more colorful.
''Is it true, master!?''

 As soon as I mentioned food, it was Veerle, whose eyes lit up at the mention of food.

Now, I want you to make something tasty out of these nuts that are lying around. It would have been delicious to eat it as it was, but I was holding back because I thought it would be even better if master cooked it!
'No, don't eat it.'

 We're going to save the fruit we grow here and consume it systematically with everyone else.
 Once it's harvested, the total amount has to be calculated, and we have to make sure we calculate a firm amount that will be distributed to everyone and equalized.

 So don't just rip it off and eat it without permission before harvesting it, okay?

Once again, don't eat it without permission, okay?
Oh, oh, I know! It's not me who can't keep my word! I'm a smart guy! It's not the same as being a doggie!

 Don't bother comparing it to a dog.

              * * * *

 Veerle was found in agony after eating an astringent persimmon.
 Stealing, of course.

 As a bonus, it was a patrolling Porgy (a wolf-shaped monster, hyricaon) who discovered it and informed me.

 Viel is really an idiot.