108-107 Field Midget

 The number of little girls caught in this way rose to nearly thirty.


 The letters don't look like a crime.
 A girl is a girl, but she's a girl who crawled out of the ground.

 There must be some kind of fantasy-like setting. I hope so. Otherwise, my brain can't process it all.

"So what are you guys?

 I ask the girls sitting in front of me.
 Behind them, Gobbledygookichi was paddling his boat in a daze.
 You can go back to sleep now. You're tired from your day job, aren't you?

We are the spirits of the earth.

 Spirit of the Earth.

 Oh, thank God! I'm so glad there was a fantasy setting that looked like it!

'An earth spirit? How could a spirit appear in such a distinct form?
It's a bit of a stretch, isn't it?

 Wow, what a surprise!

 Next thing you know, Prathi, Bati and a whole bunch of other people have gathered around!
 Why, I thought you were all asleep!

We thought we'd come out to see what all the commotion was about. ...Wow, that really isn't a genie. I've never seen one in the flesh before.
'Me too. I've heard about spirits materializing, but... I didn't half believe it until today...!

 Huh? What?
 Does everyone know about these kids?

 If you know of any, I'd love to hear about it.

 Also, Gobbledygookichi has completely gone to sleep, so someone should carry him in the futon.

'Spirits are a generic term for spiritual beings that are directly related to nature. Their job is to maintain the health of nature. They are the relatives of the Dark God Hades-sama.

 Oh, that bearded god.........

It is said that the Earth Spirit is the family of the God of Hades and the Sea Spirit is the family of the God of Poseidon. Both are indispensable to the operation of nature. Normally, they should be blended in with the mana and should not be able to be seen or touched...
Can you see and touch it?

 And I patted the heads of the girls, who turned out to be spirits, with a pat on the head.
 For some reason, I got a beating from Prathi.

'Body touch! It's too natural to touch!

 Should I restrain myself? Let's be careful.

'Anyway, do you mean that spirits are usually in spirit form and have no substance? If that's the case, then there's a reason why there's an entity like this now, right?

 Furthermore, why those spirits even materialized to help us work the fields is even more of a mystery.
 To find out what's going on here, you'll need a statement from the person who said it.

We're going to...

 After urging patiently, one of the spirits finally spoke.

''With the blessing of the Underworld God, so that you can materialize.......''

 Blessings of the Dark Gods?

Oh, that's it!

 Prati seemed to have noticed something.

'When you summoned Hades, the god of the underworld, before, you said something and gave this land a blessing! Like a bumper crop or something!
''Come to think of it, you said something like that...?

 Then that's why the earth spirit materialized and appeared.

''We've received the power of the Underworld God and the Earth Mother God, and we're pa-appu!

 The spirits in the form of little girls say.

''Little by little, I've learned to use my powers, and after a winter, I've finally been able to materialize. Ladies and gentlemen, we have opened up this empty land and it is buzzing with a lot of life living and dying. I'm very happy!
'So I want to thank you. Would you be pleased if I helped you with your chores? I thought so!

 That's why...!
 I'm about to burst into tears for my healthiness.

'You should have said so from the beginning! We're just glad you're feeling it...!
I was scared.
I was too scared to be seen in person.

 Why not?

You don't need to worry about that. You're the genies that make the plants grow and fatten the soil, right? That's good enough for me.

 And I picked up one of the spirits in a hug.
'Another too natural body touch!' Prathi hit me.

'Not so fast!
God's blessings were given to us to be of service to you, so we must be of service to you!
We, who have materialized by the power of God, are a blessing!

 What's that end?

 But this is a problem.
 As much as I'd like to leave the field work to them, that would clash with the Goblin Team's work, and I'd need to have a detailed meeting with them.

 To be honest, I'm not sure the spirits would be smart enough to understand that, and it would put a burden on Gobukichi.

 But the spirits are looking directly at me with sparkling eyes, wanting to meet my expectations.
 This works.
 I can't say "No thanks" to such pure eyes and cloud them with disappointment!

 Let's give the gobbler a hard time here!

"Wait a minute.

 Then Prathi interrupted him.

I've got a better idea.