109-108 Spirit Maid

 In the world I was in before, they had a saying that a maid must clean her room like a fairy living in it.
 I don't know the details because it's a foreign country.

 What's that mind of yours? Apparently that means that fairies are invisible to people, so in the same way, maids should not let their masters or guests see them doing their jobs.
 Cleaning and tidying up is unseemly. It's probably out of consideration that it's preferable not to show it to people of a certain status or higher.

 I didn't expect to come to this other world and be made to be a maid "by a fairy" rather than "like a fairy".

 Well, to be precise, she's a spirit.

              * * * *

I need help with my chores!

 And it was Prati who said that first.

''It's good that you built the mansion, but I was worried about its lack of management...!

 We need to take care of the house, of course.
 Cleaning, laundry, and repairing things when something is broken.
 Up until now, such things were done by everyone taking turns, but since everyone had their own main job, it was difficult to give them enough attention.

 The idea of wanting a full-time housekeeper would be unique to Prati, who was originally mermaid royalty.

''So..., let's get them...''

 I look at the little earth spirits as if they were children.
 They look completely childlike, but they seem to be fine adults in that form to begin with.

''Those kids want to work and be useful to their husbands, don't they? And working in the fields is going to be batting with Gobukichi-chan and the others!

 That's true, but....
 What about making decisions on your own just for our convenience? The spirits have the will of the spirits as well....

''Banji, o-okay!

 I agree.
 They appear to be about the size of a schoolboy, but their fists are clenched tightly.

"If I can be of service to the saints, I'm good at any job!
We're going to do our job! If you don't do your job, your life isn't worth living! I need a job! Work!

 It's something he doesn't want a certain segment of the world I was in before to hear, or at least wants them to hear.

But you're sure? You're the spirits of the earth, aren't you? Even if it's inside the house, working in a place that isn't in direct contact with the ground...?
You're safe! There is no such bindings!
Our saint overestimates the quality of our lives!


'So why did you start out working in the fields? And you're just trying to keep us from finding out?
You make a move without them knowing it. That's the trend for us in the spirit world!

 I see.
 What are these guys talking about?

 You sound like a true shoemaker's midget.

 However, it's clear that Prathi is right, we need someone who can manage the mansion as their main business.
 At first I thought about asking the Demon King to send a butler or a maid, but.......


 I can't help it if the spirits look at me like I'm clinging to them.


 I lost my patience.

              * * * *

 Thus, a new addition to our farm.
 Or perhaps it's fair to say they were there from the beginning.

 They were the spirits of the earth.

They looked like little girls, materialized by the Blessing of the Earth Mother, but they were small like children. They were small like children, or rather, they were only about a medium-sized dog in length.

 Therefore, it might be more accurate to describe them as dwarfs rather than children.
 Such spirits are running around in my mansion today as well.

''It's time to clean up!
Cleaning up.

 He looks like he's playing, but he's doing his job well.

 To test it out, I traced a corner of the room with my fingertips, anywhere, and I looked at those fingertips.

''There's not a speck of dust...!

 The Earth Spirits were super talented workers, despite their young appearance.

 It was in the middle of the night when he first saw them in existence, but now they usually worked during the day.

 He would crawl out of the dirt in the morning, go into the mansion and clean it, and then go back into the dirt in the evening when the work was all done.
 I thought he was nocturnal because he worked at night....

''Isn't it?''
'You worked at night so that the residents wouldn't find out?
That's the genie's pie?

 You're proud of yourself.
 I see.
 But even if he's not as old as he looks, when the words "working at night" come out of the mouth of such a small child.......
 .........a sense of immorality, or rather lewdness.

''Since there are a number of spirits, it's nice to be able to make progress with my work.

 And Prathi is very happy with it.
 In fact, there are five dwarf girls in front of me right now, and a few others running around the mansion.

 Some of them have tatasers, others have brooms.
 They were made by me, the elves and others in response to a request, though.
 That's not the only thing they are equipped with........

'Why are you wearing a maid's uniform?'

 The spirit girls were in maids.
 All men love them (maybe).
 Lolita spirits are wearing maid outfits. I'm sure they weren't wearing them at first.

 Genies have the ability to change their specifications?

Batty made it for you.

 But it was usually that clothing nerd who did it.

He said, "'What about the girls who work in the mansion and don't wear maid outfits! He was mass-producing maid outfits at a furious pace while saying, "I'm not going to let the girls who work at the mansion wear maid outfits! Suspend the orders from Okubo-chan and Elon.

 I'm not so sure about that.

'But doesn't that make the mansion more glamorous? I knew a mansion with a maid in it wouldn't shine as brightly.

 My mansion with the Lolita maids that were born out of the care of such various humans.
 I don't feel like losing.
 I don't even want to fight anyone, though.

''Thank you, Saint-sama!
I love you, pretty baby!

 And the spirits are very popular with them.
 When they finished their work, they would take off their maids' clothes and fold them up properly before returning to the earth.
 Then the next morning, they crawl out of the ground, put on their maid's clothes and go to work again.

But if you work so hard, I'd like to reward you with something...!

 Trust and punishment are not to be neglected in using people.
 I want to reward the work of the spirits with the things they deserve.

 I thought the spirits would be reluctant to do what they did because they paid for their own work.

'I want butter!'

 He demanded vigorously.

I heard that butter is the favorite food of earth spirits and fairies. Even in the demon country, a piece of butter or a piece of fairy clothes is the price for the occasional fairy who helps out in the countryside.

 Well, if it's clothes, Batty's already doing it.
 Then there's definitely butter.

 I'd like to give the spirits what they want, but butter is hard.
 Butter is hard to find.

 Because we don't have any.