110-109 Any milk

 Butter is a type of dairy product.

 So it's milk.
 Cow's milk.

 Milk is used as an ingredient in a variety of foods, and it appears in many different forms and names in cooking.
 Butter, cheese, cream, yogurt.
 It is an ingredient that I would love to introduce, but to this day, it has not been realized.
 It's not that we were deliberately putting it off.

 I've been looking for opportunities to get some of the same ingredients as other ingredients, but I haven't been able to find them until today.

 Milk, for example, comes from the cow, and that's why it's called milk.
 That's why it's called milk.

 I once searched for a cow-shaped monster that could produce milk, following the example of the chicken-shaped monster, Yoshamo, which lays eggs, but I never found one.

 We tried to see if we could import ready-made milk from the land of demons or mermaids, but the conclusion was not good.

 First, they wanted to import the milk itself.
 Milk, which is just a fast-footed product, would soon go bad in this world where the technology for food preservation is still in its infancy.
 Otherwise, the only way to transport it from the demon country to here is through transfer magic, but the only person who can use the transfer point set up in my settlement is the Demon King who knows the coordinate code.

 Are you going to have the Demon King-san transport the milk directly to you? You're not being rude? And then it was a natural stand-off.

 No consignment of giving the coordinate code to a reasonable vendor.
 In the Demon Kingdom, the means of transportation to my farm, or rather its existence itself, is treated as a top secret, and it's out of the question for me to inform the general merchants.
 Even if they did, there's no way an ordinary dairy farmer could use high-level transference magic.

 By the way, the request to the Mermaid Country side was rejected at the stage of conception.

 Instead, I got a lot of oysters called 'Milk of the Sea' from Prince Arowana.
 I ate them raw, but fortunately they didn't hit me.
 They were delicious.

 But it didn't contribute in any way to the progress of the situation.

 So, to this day, no milk has been brought to my farm.

But now it's time to get serious about it...!

 The spirits begged us for butter, and that was a good start.
 We'll get our milk from this, no matter what!

''No, we're going to get a dairy cow to achieve a constant supply of milk!

 Applause rang out from around me at my decision.

'Butter! Butter!

 Even the spirits who sincerely wanted butter were excited with joy.

 So how shall we get the milk cow?
 I'm a determined but no-plan guy.

 No, as a matter of fact, I'm not without ideas.
 There is one thing I have in mind.

''How about we ask the Demon King to send us a milk cow...?

 If you can't bring in the milk, just bring in the milk cows that are the source of the milk.
 I've heard that the demon kingdom is also engaged in animal husbandry and grazing, so if we pay a reasonable price, the top demon king of the demon tribe will make some kind of arrangement for us.

''Wait a minute, sir?''

 Then Prati spoke up.........

'I don't care what kind of milk you have, right?'

 He said something bareheaded.
 What is that extremely misleading statement?

It's a stereotype that milk comes from a cow...!

 Originally, milk comes from any mammal, any creature.
 It was just chosen as an industry because cow's milk was the most efficient in terms of quantity and quality at one time among them.

 I heard that in the world I used to live in, there were also goat's milk and horse's milk other than milk.

I've heard that in my former world there were also goat's milk and horse's milk in addition to milk. So that's it!

 In that spirit, if we go through all the monsters in the dungeon again, maybe we'll find a monster that isn't a cow but produces good milk!

''That's right mister! Only, I've already got my eye on Attah!

 What a piece of work you're doing, Platy!
 So let's go immediately to find an unknown creature that might produce delicious milk!

 The idea of having the Demon King sell us a milk cow disappeared in a haze before I knew it.

              * * * *

So, Mr. Veal.
'Please give me milk!'

 The person to whom Prathi bowed and asked was our companion, Veerle the dragon.
 But now she was eating and sleeping in her human form.

"...Master, has this stupid mermaid finally lost her mind?
It's not...

 .... although I'd like to think so.
 I can't help it...

'What are you talking about? I know! I mean, I finally tracked it down!
The milk is drawn from the dragon. It's called dragon's milk, and it's the best milk in the world!

 I didn't know that at all.
 I mean, do dragons produce milk?

 They're not mammals because only mammals produce milk?

''........Dragon milk is one of the best delicacies in the world and is coveted by gastronomic enthusiasts around the world. If your husband cooked it, it would be a super delicious dish that would make you die just by eating it!

 A buy-in.
 However, it's true that anything that comes from a dragon's body would be considered a super high quality product.

 Then what if it was possible to really milk a dragon?
 Not only would it taste incomparably better than ordinary milk, but with one lick it would make you immortal, turn you into a body of steel that is impervious to any weapon, double or triple all the parameters....

'Oh, and tell this jerk from your master...'
Do me a favor and give me some milk.

 I'm suddenly curious.
 It's the fantastic dragon's milk that comes from dragons. I want to try a sip!
 I'm going to worship with Plati!

Please, Veerle! Can you give me your milk?
If you can take human form, don't you think you can milk it?
Yes! That human form of Anata's, as rolling as the plains and ironclad as if it were there or not...!


I'm sorry.
Don't apologize!

 I can't do it.
 It's not possible to milk a Veerle.

 Perhaps there are dragons that can milk a dragon, but that doesn't include Veerle.

 The guesswork was off and the conversation went back to square one.