111-110 Breast Race

'What? Did you really just run into Veerle?

 It was the elf, Elon, who later heard the story and rolled his eyes in bewilderment.
 Apparently, Prathi had found out about the dragon's milk from her as a source of information.

'It's a legendary drink among the elves. The ancestors of the elves drank the dragon's milk to gain the power of the High Pole and defeated the demon king of the time.'
It's that kind of drink.
'I wonder if she's going to get some dragon's milk out of her now that she knows about Veerle? And it was just small talk, but I didn't think you'd take it seriously...!

 Prathi is that kind of girl.

 Incidentally, Veer jumped out crying after the bewildering exchange.

'If you want milk that badly, I'll get you a superb one!

 !" he ranted.
 Six days have passed since then. She hadn't come home once.
 She hasn't returned to the mountain dungeon where she is based. It's completely unknown where she went.

 But even so, we are not worried about her at all, which is why she is the strongest species.

It is said that dragon's milk is a legendary drink, and whether it exists or not is unknown. That's right, when you have an actual dragon in front of you and can talk to it, it's understandable that you'd want to try it out, but...

 It was nothing more than the product of f*cking courage.

 When I thought about it in a calm and collected manner, there's no way that Veerle would be able to cover the cost of a farm for one or two people, but there's no way I'm going to be able to do it all by myself to cover the cost of a farm with more than a hundred people now.

 No, if I were to return to dragon form and use that huge body, or...?
 What can I say to you anyway, emotionally?

I can't do it either. It's the same level as Soma and Nectar. I'm afraid that if you start consuming that kind of thing on a regular basis, you won't be able to drink normal milk anymore...!

 Some people have that opinion.

 That's why I rejected the dragon's milk after all.
 But I don't have any other options. What should I do?
 Should I expand the range to include other creatures other than cows, and try to find monsters that can produce milk?

'No. You have connections in the Devil's Land, don't you? Sending a whole milk cow...?
Aileron, the idea is, you know, it's already out there.
'You were rejected. What's the matter with you?
No, no.

 .........just as they were having an endless conversation.

 Veerle came back.

              * * * *

 Veerle was in dragon form and also had a basket hanging from his hand.
 Even though it's a basket, it's large enough to fit a giant dragon, so big that it could be mistaken for a ship or something from our perspective.

"Master, I brought it back!
'Brought back what?'

 As usual, Veerle's voice in dragon form is louder and more boisterous than it should be.

''Naturally, it's a creature that produces milk!

 Saying this, Veerle placed the basket he was holding on the ground.
 It's a rather polite action for him.

 Are you sure there is a creature in that basket?

"Here we are. This is where you live from now on! Go ahead and come out!

 The cage began to creep out from inside, perhaps in obedience to Veerle's voice.
 The basket looked like it was woven of reeds or straw, a true basket! But the fact that it's so huge just feels strange.

 The fact that it is moving around is.... Is something trying to climb up on it?
 From the inside?

 And the one who emerged from the edge of the basket was an unremarkable person.

''A person!''

 No, it wasn't nothing out of the ordinary.
 The person that came out of the basket had horns growing out of its head.
 They were horns with a curved, craggy surface.

 At this point, it was no longer a nondescript person.

 And a beautiful woman.

 Not one, but a number of women had clambered out of the cage, all of them young and beautiful without exception.

 Who on earth is this?
 Who are you?

That can't be..., satyr!

 Aileron, who was out front with me, seems to know something about it.

It's a type of beastman. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the most out of your time with the help of a few of your friends. ...one more thing.

 Aileron abruptly choked on his words there.
 And he blushed.

'Satyr women ... are delicious with an abundance of milk,'

 What did you say?

'Well, that solves the milk problem, master! Now, praise this viel! And you will be the first to feed me a delicious meal made from milk!
''You bacar!''

 He unintentionally flew to the eye level of the dragon form Veerle with a huge jump. Then I hit him with the force of a tsukimi.

''No matter how much milk you want! You can't just kidnap a bunch of strangers without permission! These people have their own lives to live! And human rights!

 A bewildered satyr of the wind brought to a strange land? I run up to the three of them.

'Excuse me! My stupid dragon! I'm so sorry for acting so selfishly! I'll be responsible for telling Veerle to send you guys back to where you came from!

 They must be very anxious to be brought to an unknown place all of a sudden.

 The idiot dragon's behavior is that of its owner (?). It's my fault.
 I must do everything in my power to apologize and make restitution!

No, it's not!

 Then a woman who seemed to be the oldest of the ten or so satyrs said.
 She's a very mature and s*xy lady, and seems to be the representative of this group.

"We went along with Master Veerle of our own volition! Master Veerle has saved my tribe from a crisis! I wanted to repay you for that, at least!
So we'd rather ask you. Please let us stay in the land! And let me give a lot of tit for the people who live here!