112-111 Good Dragon

 It is a record that reveals where Veerle was and what he was doing during the six days he was not seen.

 Veerle, who had been messed with so much by the dragon tit story, decided to get back at him.

 Then Veerle had a thought.
 If she could solve the milk problem that started the whole thing on her own, she would be able to look back at me and Prati.

 So Veerle first rushed into the cave dungeon where the teacher lived.

'Why did you go to the teacher?'
That corpse-mobber has lived long enough to know most of what's going on.

 Well, yes.

 Veerle, you're answering me in a big way.
 You will find a lot of things that you need to know, such as whether you are a good candidate for the job or not, or whether you are a good candidate for the expression "no life king" or not.

I heard about the satyr from the corpse monster. I heard that the milk they serve is really delicious.

 Having obtained this information, Veerle immediately went to the settlement in search of the satyr.
 Here we are.
 With the wings of a dragon, it is easy to move from one end of the world to the other.

I found the satyr's settlement just as the corpse-modo had told me, surrounded by steep mountains. It's an alpine area surrounded by steep rocky mountains.

 It's located in a place that ordinary humans and demons would be too steep to enter.
 This should be the survival strategy of the satyr, the beastman of the goats.
 By settling in a place where only the satyrs who can easily traverse even the steepest of cliffs can come and go, they are able to block out the invasion of other species.

 If anyone other than satyrs could easily enter such a difficult place, it would be a dragon.

 And then that dragon came.

''........Um, wasn't it confusing?''

 I ask.
 I ask the seductive sister who represents the satyrs.
 It must have been terrifying to see a dragon on the scene.
 If I were to put myself in their shoes, I would panic at the mere thought of a fearsome creature flying in from the blue sky on a calm day.

''Ha, I didn't have to worry about that...''
Is that so?
Because we were in a panic before Master Veerle arrived.


As a matter of fact, the dragon was already here before I got here.

 And Veerle.

 You're the dragon, aren't you? What's this about a dragon that was here before you arrived?

So another dragon was attacking those satyrs. Well, almost attacked them, if that's accurate.

 The story started to drift in some unfamiliar direction.
 Another dragon before Veerle arrived?
 You were going to attack the satyrs?

 The satyr's sister takes over the explanation and speaks.

'That dragon took the name Dalper, the Grintz dragon. He appeared a year before Master Veerle and demanded that we do this.

 --Offer up your treasured "Golden Goatskin

'Golden goatskin'?
It is the treasure of our satyr tribe. It is said that the founder of our tribe brought it back from a foreign country after a great adventure. We cherish this treasure and have passed it down from generation to generation.

 Dalper, the Grintz Dragon, urged me to give it to him.

'Why on earth?'
The same reason I sought the Sacred Sword.

 Veerle says.

'Do you remember the story of how my father, the Geyser Dragon, is putting his children through all sorts of trials to determine his successor?
'Oh, um...'
Apparently, that was the ordeal Dalper was put through. Get the 'Golden Goatskin' from the Satyrs and you'll pass the first test.

 Do dragons have a habit of collecting treasures?

 The Satyrs were the first to refuse the request.
 The treasure was very important to the Satyrs, and in addition, Darpa's request was too insolent and unreasonable.

 But the other party was a dragon.
 If they wanted to, they were a remote beast race. He could eradicate them in an instant.

 But Dalper didn't take any frank steps.
 Taking advantage of the fact that the satyr settlements were surrounded by steep and precipitous terrain, they blocked off the few entrances and exits, cut off the water supply, and burned down the pastures used for raising livestock, slowly trapping the satyrs.

 The satyrs were so tormented that they had no choice but to give up their treasures, when Veerle appeared.

 --''I am Veerle, the Grinzel Dragon! 'My Lord, share your milk for Saint Kidan!

 Apparently, that was the first thing they complained about at the opening.
 The satyrs were weakening in the face of the far easier demand than the earlier Dalper.

 However, the satyrs, who were about to be killed by the Grinz Dragon, Darpa, were in no mood for that.

 In fact, even then, the settlement was on the brink of living or dying as their stockpile was running out.
 They have no milk to share with others when they themselves are in danger of starving to death.
 He tried to tell Veerle what happened and ask for his forgiveness, but Veerle was a dragon too. I'm not going to be able to say anything about it.

 --Then I'll beat this Dalper guy to death. Now that he's gone and the village is rich again, you'll have plenty of milk to go around.

 Then Veerle really challenged Dalper and defeated him.
 It was a battle between two dragons, but it ended in a one-sided victory for Veerle.

"Darper is just one of my frail brothers! A weak dragon that can be put to the lightest test as a tormentor of the beast race is not my enemy!

 Is that what you want?
 Your people, right?

 Anyway, after battering and dispersing Dalper, Veerle became a hero who saved the Satyrs.

 Everyone thanked him and praised him.

'Our clan owes Master Veerle a great debt of gratitude. To repay that debt, we wanted to grant Master Veerle's humble request to you!

 At first Veerle had said he was happy to share his stockpile of milk with them, but after listening to them, they surmised that the farm was in need of a permanent milk production system.

Then we decided to recruit volunteers and move to the farm where Master Veal lives. That's how we came about!

 Along with the s*xy sister, about ten or so satyrs cheered in the affirmative.
 All of them were voracious young women........

 . a certain part of the body is remarkably remarkable.

'If you ask me, it was the saint who sent Lord Veerle down to us! To repay you for saving our family from danger, we will milk you to the best of our ability!

 I knew it!
 You'll let yourselves out!
 Milk as a beverage and foodstuff!

 As much as I would like to rejoice that we've finally secured the stable production of milk that we've longed for!
 Really this.
 Is it really safe from a picture perspective!