113-112 Life with milk

 A new resident has joined our farm.
 It's a busy time for us, even though the spirits of the earth have joined us just recently.

 But it's good to be busy.

 So, the Satyrs, the subject of this discussion.
 They are a type of beastman, half human, half goat.

 As if to prove it, they have a pair of curved horns on their heads, and a bushy white tail extending from their hips.
 They also have feet that are not human, but rather goat-like hooves, which apparently allow them to run up cliffs with ease.

 I mean, what is a beastman? What's it like to be half human, half goat? I've been told that this is also the story of the No Life King's teacher, who explained it to me.

In the past, even before the time of the eagle was human, there was a legal magic used by the human race called 'magic to synthesize human and non-human creatures'. The ancestors of the beastmen we have now are all chimeras, created by this magic.

 He said.
 Why did you do that? I want to nod my head.

''The main thing is to increase the strength for the anti-magic race. It's a simple reinforcement if you combine it with a large and strong creature. However, it seems to be used in other ways as well.
Skewed usage?
It's an unappetizing use of the term "synthesizing" with weak creatures and ridiculing their behavior. It was sometimes touted as punishment for sinners, but in most cases, slaves and prisoners of war were forcibly synthesized and made to look like a joke.
That's why even now there are many beastmen who were derived from the human race. Satyrs are one of them. It is said that beastmen only inherit the advantages of the original creature. I heard that satyrs also have the ability to traverse bad roads of goats, and can also serve milk drinks whenever they want.

 It is said that such a wide variety of laudable chimera magic was abandoned and lost long before the time when the teacher lived as a human race.

 The satyrs who have moved to our farm are hard workers, as if such old stories were irrelevant at all.
 The satyr who represented the emigrants, a charming lady by the name of Panu, was quick to issue instructions and negotiate with them to establish their position on the farm.

'The saint is asking for milk and its processed products. We will provide for it ourselves, you can count on us!

 It was the next morning.
 When the ceramic jar was handed to me, filled to the brim with milk, I felt indescribable.

 It's the milk I've been longing for.
 And yet....

 I'm not sure how I feel about it. I mean, I could tell I was flushed.

 However, the rest of the guys.....

'Yay! I can finally drink my milk!
It's the cornerstone of your health every morning!
'And it's Satyr's milk! That's some high-end stuff! And even more freshly squeezed!
''This farm's grade is even more...! We're eating more lavishly than royalty and aristocracy...!

 It was very well received and everyone was guzzling it.
 Am I the only one who cares about it?
 Am I the only one who cares? Is this what you call a culture gap?

 Yeah, then I'll take a shot at it too!

"Gok gok gok gok gok gok gok gok gok gok gok gok gok...!

 It was super tasty.
 I'd go so far as to say that the milk I was drinking in my previous world wasn't milk.

 What's the difference?
 Quality? Because it's freshly squeezed?

 Panu and the girls' milk was very good, but that wasn't the only thing they offered us.

 There are many dairy products that can be made from milk, such as cheese, butter and cream.

 She said that they could make them themselves.

Dairy products are the most famous product of the Satyrs. We have developed various processing methods to trade with other species!

 They were an industrious tribe that did more than just sell milk!

 They begged me to make cauldrons and other cooking utensils, and I gave them room to work, and that became their area.

 They are said to work there day and night to produce cheese and butter.

 They had brought the seeds for making cheese with them from their hometown, and they were artisans who knew how to make it taste good.
 Cheese is also a so-called fermented food, so the mermaid group, which started out as a platy group, had already begun their joint research.

 ........I'm afraid that they are going to create a fantasy cheese that will increase your strength and quickness just by ingesting it.

 Furthermore, the earth spirits, who said they loved butter, also welcomed the satyr sisters who could make their favorite food.

I love you, butter!

 Spirits who love butter so much that they embrace the satyrs from which the former come out.
 The genie looks like a cute girl herself, so the combination of the big sister satyr and the girl....
 It made me feel like a mother and daughter, which made me feel warm and fuzzy.

              * * * *

It's a really nice place.

 The days passed as Panu and the others got used to living here.

'The food is good, the others are friendly and funny, and it's really easy to live here. I'm so glad we took the plunge and moved here.
I don't mean to be rude, but are you sure you don't want me to leave?

 I'm going to ask the question I've asked so many times before again.
 Moving to a new place should be a big decision.
 You have to throw away everything you've built up in the land you've been living in and start over from scratch.

In our case, there were circumstances that forced us to do so.

 According to Panu's account, her home settlement of Satyrs had been decimated by the tightening of the Darpah.
 Their food reserves were low, and they needed to cut back on their mouths in order to survive until the next harvest.

That's why Master Veerle's suggestion was so well received. Thanks to him, we didn't have to leave the village without a plan.

 Incidentally, when we heard what was going on, we allocated part of the farm's stockpile to send it to the satyr settlement.
 They were pleased again.

'I really can't thank you enough, Saints and Veerle. We intend to repay this favor with works.
Well, you've done me a favor.
'But I am anxious. The favor I have received from the saint is too great. Will I be able to repay him for all my hard work?
Don't worry about it.
'So I thought. Not only did I want to work, but I wanted to give back to the saints with this body!
'Don't worry about it!'

 The tone of his voice changed noticeably.

''No, if I don't, I don't feel like I could ever repay you, Saint, even if it took me a lifetime to do so! Satyrs are also famous for their fertility, and please add me to the list of night attendants!
''Don't talk like there are lots of attendants like that!

 Just like her s*xy appearance, Panu was quite an aggressive sister.
 How could she be a carnivore, even though she was a goat beastman?