115-114 Relationships between Farms Part 1

 When I look at my farm again, I'm deeply impressed by the number of people who have come to visit.

 Technically, though, they're not people.

 Lately, there's been a rush of people joining us.
 Starting with the addition of 20 members of the Elven Thieves, across the winter, the spirits of the earth began to commute in, and the s*xy sisters of the satyrs added to the milk supply...and then they joined.

 Also, the wolf-shaped monster Hyrichaon Porgy and the others who have become attached to him as guard dogs.

 Did they also mutate and become a higher species of Hupericaon?
 I'll leave that story for later.

 Our farm, which had stabilized with just over a hundred people, has suddenly become nearly twice as large, and things are getting more and more complicated.

 We have mermaids, orcs, and elves. The races are divided into small groups, but as long as everyone speaks the same language, stands on two legs and works with two arms, there's no problem with everyone being human.

 It's okay within the scope of race and individuality.

 .........or maybe that's just my own preconceived notion, having come from a different world.

 They were born and raised in this world, they have their own sense of value, and for that reason, there are times when they come into conflict with others.
 At times, there may be ideological conflicts that do not make sense to the casual observer.

 I want to respect each person's individuality as much as possible, but please don't bring conflict into the farm.

 So I decided to check the psychological conditions of our bloated workforce.
 Is there a disagreement with anyone in particular?
 Would it be a serious problem if it was? Isn't it?

 As the head of the farm, I want to keep a close eye on it.

              * * * *

 First of all, let's start with the elves who have become completely familiar with our farm after a winter.

 They have the most opportunities to interact with Orcs of any species except their own.

 The reason for this is that the orcs are in charge of general construction work on our farm, while the elves are in charge of creating props. In contrast, the elves are in charge of creating props, and they tend to cooperate with each other on the job.

 The reason why I chose these two as my first target of observation is because I can't shake my disquiet, perhaps because I'm reeling from the stereotypes of the previous world.

 The combination of elves and orcs.

 So I decided to hide from the shadows and take a peek at them.
 The ones in the workshop right now were not their respective leaders, Orcubo and Aileron but their subordinates, the general orc and the general elf.

''Ohhhhhh! Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo?
''Isn't it! Isn't it amazing! Isn't it!

 Something about the general orcs being surprised and excited, and the general elves being proud.

''This is the new weapon I've developed! He combined an axe and a bow and arrow! I bent the handle of the axe like a bow so I could shoot arrows!
Isn't that great? I can use my axe and bow when necessary! Isn't this one thing that works great for perspective attacks!

 The elves have recently been in charge of weapon creation as well, and they have been working hard to create new weapons for the orcs to wield when they enter the dungeon.

''Okuyami! If you enter the dungeon with this new weapon, you'll definitely get the most credit for it! Cleave the enemies far and near with a clatter!
'Thank you, Sister Elyo! Thanks to my sister, everyone respects me!

 That common orc's name is Okuyami.
 In contrast, I heard that the common elf is called Eljo.

''Come on! I've got some wood here for you to try out! Split this with a bow and an integral axe, aka a bow axe!

 It's a cheap name.
 Well, it's easier to understand.

"Point made.

 The orc Okuyami-kun holds a bow axe hilt, which is a bow and axe in one, and aims at the wood that is still too thick to be used in the fire.


 And he swings down.
 But the point of the bow axe, when it hit the wood, bounced back and absorbed the impact of the impact.


 Well, of course you would.
 If I could train the handle of an axe to be used as a bow. It would have to bend to absorb as much force as you put into it.

...Structural flaw!

 Mr. Eruyo collapsed to the spot.

'Duh, it's okay, sister Eruyo! I'm going to do my best to master this axe! My sister put her heart and soul into it and I will take good care of it.

 A figure of an orc desperately consoling a devastated elf is born.

"I secretly misplaced the mana metal from the saint's warehouse to make this axe...!
"Nuh-uh? I apologize for that, too! Sister! Come on, Sis!
Okuyami-kun, you're so kind...!

 Eruyo is overcome with emotion and hugs Okuyami.

''Whoa! You're a really good boy! I love you so much!
I love you too!

 After observing them while hiding from the parties involved, the relationship between orcs and elves........

 No problem.
 No problem at all.
 Super close friends.

 I'm not worried about these guys at all, so let's keep an eye on the other guys.
 Just like that, the observation of each resident continues for a while.

''Okuyami, I don't even know if you're going to be nice to this old lady and be misunderstood anymore, ♡♡♡.
'What? Eruyo, you're young enough!

 No, I'm afraid that's not the point!

 Incidentally, this is the Warrior Orc Okuyami.
 Later on, he used a special axe with a flexible handle to double the power of his slashes, and became the famous Orc team's most famous fighter.

 This is a lie.

 I'm sure I'm the one who expects it to happen.