116-115 Farm Relationships Part 2

 This is the resident observation I decided to do to check the calmness of our farm....
 I was hit with a dense one from the very beginning.

 The combination of elves and orcs was ironclad, after all, multiplied by the odds that something would happen.

 Now let's see a more peaceful combination.

              * * * *.

 They are the spirits of the earth.

They are small and cute little people who have been materialized by the earth's blessing.
 As they are spirits of the earth, they stay in the ground during the night, crawling out in the morning like zombies or slaves, and then they go under in the evening.

 According to their own explanations, when they are in the earth, they don't bury themselves, but rather they unmanifest themselves and melt into the earth.

 The job I ask these little girls to do is to clean and tidy up the mansion.
 In order for everyone to be immersed in their main tasks, the work of the spirits who work exclusively in organizing the residence is very helpful.

 It's a position like a maid of honor, but that's probably why.

 The spirits are wearing maid outfits in the house.
 They are handmade.
 They are handmade maid clothes, or hand-made clothes for short.

 Naturally, the one who made them is the one who now has a huge presence as the person in charge of clothing at our farm....
 Demon girl Batty.

''Kyaaaaaah! Pretty handsome, pretty handsome, pretty handsome, pretty handsome, pretty handsome, pretty handsome, pretty handsome, pretty handsome, pretty handsome, pretty handsome, pretty handsome, pretty handsome, pretty handsome, pretty handsome, pretty handsome, pretty handsome, pretty handsome, pretty handsome, pretty handsome, pretty handsome, pretty handsome, pretty handsome, pretty handsome, pretty handsome.

 Today, I'm writhing around in my own maid's clothes, making myself wear my own maid's clothes for the spirits.

'Hey fashion maniacs, get to work.'

 Last time I watched from the shadows in secret, I decided to go out in the open this time!

'What are you talking about? You're doing your job! You're dressing these kids up in pretty maid outfits!

 In excess.
 The maid's uniform that Batty prepared for the spirits.
 There are five types in all.
 There will be more to come.

I have lots of other outfits I want you to make. Gobukichi and the others said they didn't have enough clothes.

 'Outside work tends to damage what you wear,' he said.

'I say so! Maid! Little girl! Isn't she cute! Put those two together! It's so cute!
I don't get it.

 No, I don't know if I don't know how I feel about it, but if I find out here, I don't think I'll ever be able to stop Batty.

 I mean, is this the kind of girl I'm talking about?
 At first, I thought he was an elite second-in-command of the Demon Army and seemed more serious?

You don't understand, my saint...

 The one who appeared with a knowing smile was the mermaid Gala Rufa.
 Why did he appear?

'Creative system work exposes your personality. Once part of the system as a soldier, Mr. Batty's mind soared into the skies of freedom by making clothes!
'That's what I'm talking about, Miss Gala Rufa! As a researcher, he understands my heart!
Long live the creative!
Long live the creative!

 They exchanged a firm handshake.
 Something sympathetic is growing in them.

Well, I have some brewing to do.
Oh, oh...

 Gala Rufa left as soon as he had finished.

We're so happy!
It's so good to have a good day's sleep!

 On one hand, the spirit girls are pleased with the maid's clothes they were allowed to wear.

 They are happy to receive a piece of butter as a reward for their labor, but what makes them even happier is having their own clothes tailored for them.

 This is a rule in the spirit world, but that doesn't mean you can't have your clothes tailored without limit.

''Then look at this, saint-sama! All the maid outfits I've made for these girls!

 That's why I told you not to make many.
 Just one kind is fine.

We'll start with an orthodox one! The long skirt type!

 But when the basic design is worn by little girl spirits, it feels like a maid outfit.

''Then there's the counterculture, mini-skirts!


In addition, maid outfits designed to look like the childhood school uniforms of the Devil's Own Country, with a knee-jerk beastman style maid outfit! I even made a maid's outfit that incorporated the Sister Friar's outfit!

 Maid outfits were causing a gestalt collapse.

 Isn't Batty just trying to have fun with cosplay and rubbing various genres of costumes into the maids?

 Let's throw a few surprises in for good measure.

It's called a sleepy maid's outfit.
'It would look good on an elf, wouldn't it?

 Batty reacted in an extraordinary way.

''I knew the saint would think so too! Right, you'd think so! As a matter of fact, we're already planning to make a maid's outfit to match Aileron's size! I have the pattern! Now, all you have to do is give your saint an order and you're done.

 That's when Batty finally realized.
 He realized he'd said something unnecessary.

"Batty. I suppose you're going to have to take that maid's outfit stencil away.
Um... wait... wait... my saint...!
And, for the time being, it is forbidden to make any clothing other than what is ordered.

 You can run to your hobby, but only after you've finished making what you need.

'Wait, Saint! The libido! The soul cry in me to 'make pretty clothes' is uncontrollable! You do understand this feeling, don't you, saint? At least allow me to complete the avant-garde negligee, exclusive to Prathi-sama that I'm currently creating!

 The phrase "Prati's exclusive negligee" shook my mind, but I managed to keep it in mind.
 I've sent a few elves to the clothing team to increase their productivity, so if I do my job properly, I should be able to make room to work on my hobby soon, right?

              * * *

 Only the intensity of Batty's evolved character was picked up, and the life of the new-faced Earth Spirits was not told.

 The Earth Spirits work well in their maid outfits. They are dependable and cute.
 That's all.