118-117 Sea Oak

 My name is Okbo.

 I am a faithful servant of Saint Kidan.
 I am a member of the Orc Army.
 I'm one of the oldest members of the team, but for some reason, even though there are a few of my peers, I've become like a representative of the Orc team before I knew it.

 I didn't want to be on the team myself, but now that I've been put in charge, I do my best every day.

 My friends on the farm are my brothers.
 The enemy of the saints is my enemy.

 When I was working every day with this mindset, I was called 'Silent Okubo' or something like that by my friends.


 I don't mean to be that quiet........

 The goblin team commanded by Gobukichi is often compared to the Goblin team because they're both monsters, but they're good friends.
 The leader of the team, Gobukichi, a.k.a. "Gobukichi of the Ranpah", and I have been good friends since the early days of the farm.
 I'm proud to say that because of the close teamwork between us, we've been able to support the saints without much difficulty until today.

 But since winter, I have been trying something new.

 I have been trying to build a ship.

 Since the sea is close to His Holiness' farm, it is customary for those who are free to go out to the beach and collect seaweed and shellfish.
 Until the waterways were retracted, the only stable source of water was the seawater, which had been rendered salty by the holy power of the saints, and the sea was a thankless source of blessings.

 This plan was to receive a greater blessing from the sea.
 If we went out to sea by boat, we could catch fish that we hadn't been able to catch before, and we could catch a lot more.

 The farms are getting more and more inhabitants, and an attempt to increase the harvest should not be futile.

''What? Why don't we just go back and catch the fish in the sea?

 And Mistress Prati said.........

 But we still do it! It's worth the challenge!

 And I pushed through it.
 It's better to have lots of means and options, right?

 Originally, our Orc team was large and powerful. Using that characteristic, our main job was to naturally put together and build large things.

 The mansion where the saints sleep and wake up and the canal that I mentioned earlier were also built by us orcs working together under the direction of the saints.

 Thanks to this, we ourselves have accumulated experience and skills, and the monster tenement we sleep and wake up in was built based on our own experience.

 However, when it comes to ships, it's not so easy.

 Building a boat requires skills that neither house nor waterway construction has ever had, and we have to acquire them by fumbling around.
 The only ship that I've seen that looks like a ship in the past is the one that Lord Astareth, who is now the Demon Queen, came aboard.

 However, when Bati-dono told me that it was also powered by magic, I discovered that it was not very helpful.

 In the end, I got advice from Saint-sama on the core parts and proceeded to build the ship.

 Truly, the breadth and depth of Saint-sama's knowledge is endless.

 I had no idea how to increase the strength of the ship with a straight piece of wood called a dragonbone, which was stretched out in the center of the hull, or how to hang a large piece of cloth over the top of the ship and have it move with the wind.
 Thanks to that, we managed to complete the ship.

 Our great spirit of challenge paid off.

 After a lot of trial and error over the winter, we ended up with a springtime boat, but it's about time for the marine life to increase.
 Let's set sail in this boat and catch more fish in the offshore waters!

You can't catch the fry because it's destroying the ecosystem.

 Master Prati nailed it softly.

 After several test sailings to make sure she was safe, we set sail!

 Those who were available on the beach came all the way to the beach to see me off.

'Don't go too far out to sea, eh? Always check the land, okay? Have you got the compass? The compass isn't like a traffic jam or anything! You're gonna eat all the lemons we loaded on board every day. You'll get scurvy, you know!

 The saint was really worried about me.
 He's rather anxious.
 It's not like we're going to be fishing for days at a time. I'm planning to return in a day.

If you get lost at sea, ask a passing mermaid to help you. I've sprinkled some personal identification potion on the boat, so you can see who I'm related to.

 Dear Prati.
 You're so thoughtful.

 It wasn't just the ship we had ready for you this winter!
 A fishing rod made from the bamboo that the saints grow in the mountain dungeon. I also made a lot of nets from straw from rice farming!

 Ten people recruited from the orc team will board the boat.
 We'll make sure we pull off a great catch with this one!

              * * *

 And it's been three days since we set sail.
 I'm lost.

 We didn't know where we were.

 Fortunately, we can barely see land, but the terrain is completely different from the farm I'm used to.
 I don't know which way to go to get back to the farm, and that's why I'm stuck on the ocean.
 I forgot to learn how to read the compass, although the sage said that I should look at it to see which direction I was going in at such times.
 A lifelong mistake.

 The wind hasn't blown since yesterday.
 The boat hasn't moved at all.

 I'll concentrate on fishing.

"Leader, we caught another one!

 I'm not a leader. Call me captain on the boat.
 By the way, the fishing rod I was hanging down didn't hit me at all.
 Ever since we left the port.

"Oh no, I didn't expect to be adrift.

 Okuma, the old orc who boarded the ship with me, said.
 He was a squad leader like me, a comrade in arms.

I'm sure the saint is very concerned about us. But I'm sure it's going to be all right.

 Yes, it's manageable.
 ...Still no catch.

But, Okubo, how did you come up with this idea all of a sudden?

 What does this mean?

'The fact that you suggested that we build a boat and go out and catch some fish. I thought you were rather steadfast and that your priority was to faithfully carry out the instructions of the Saints...

 Surprised you can come up with the ideas yourself, huh?

 We've been busy digging waterways and the like, but we've completed that too, and there are enough buildings on the farm.
 If we don't, the orc team will be overrun with work.

"So you decided to make something out of yourself?

 I've been entrusted with the leadership of the orc team, so I can't just let my friends slip through my fingers. There's no point in being a leader if we're just waiting for the saint to give us instructions.

 Okuma's group and I are drifting at sea, while the other old-timers, Okra, Orcinusi and Orctober's group are still at the farm.
 There will be enough hands to do the heavy lifting.

''I see, if that's the case, let's catch a big fish and add some flair to our leader's idea!

 I'm sure you feel like a failure when you're in trouble.

 .........but I will catch the next big one! In the face of the orc team leader, I'd love to get the big one here...!

 I caught it!

 Pulled up from my fishing pole and now pitter-patter on the deck is pretty big.
 About as big as one human being!
 Or rather, it was a person.

 It was a mermaid.

'Leader! You caught a mermaid?
Wow! Only a saint would have caught a mermaid!
It's the leader! How dare you line up with a saint!

 The other Orcs are very excited........................but not.
 This is not the fishing I wanted to do.
 I just have a feeling we're going to catch a mermaid or something like that and get in trouble?

Man of the land! How dare you catch me a straw!

 And now the mermaid is furious!
 This is an absolutely pissed off pattern!

'Should I be making up for being fished out! Take your revenge on this 'Abyssal Witch', Zos Saira!