119-118 silent fishing boat

 I'm Oakbo, the leader of the orcs, continuing.

The witch...?
Witches, you know...?

 We Orcs were puzzled by the words of the mermaid who had caught him with a fishing rod.

 The mermaid in front of us is a fish, and her lower body is orthodox, but her scales are completely black. But her scales are completely black.
 The upper half of her body is a beautiful woman. I'm sure she's on par with other mermaids I've met on the farm, such as Lady Prati, Miss Puffa, Lady Lamprey and Miss Gala Rufa.

 However, the mermaid in front of me now has slit eyes and a tighter impression.
 Her overall purplish colored hair was long and voluminous enough to cover her back.

''Ah? Are you an orc?

 The mermaid, who claimed to be a witch, recognized us immediately when she saw us.
 Well, that's no surprise.
 After all, we're monsters.

''With a monster on board, does that mean it's a ship of the demon race? But why is a demon tribe here...?

 That's a common misconception.
 But our master is not a demon. It's Saint Kidan!

''Oh well, it's unfortunate that you caught a strawberry in the middle of this great ocean. If it had been a shark, it could have been a mishap of just a hand and a leg bitten off...!

 I sincerely apologize for fishing out. Would you please cure me of my anger?

What? It's a strange thing for an orc to talk so much like a human being. But rest assured. But rest assured, the orc is no longer angry.

 Ah, thank goodness.

 If we get into a row with the mermaids, we'll get into trouble with Master Platy and the others on the farm.

I won't be angry, but this is a good time for it. "I won't be angry, but this is a good opportunity for you to gather your men and use them as test subjects for your new potion.


I just wanted an example of what kind of carnage is possible against land creatures. It doesn't hurt to kill a living, breathing monster.

 Saying that, the mermaid took out a test tube filled with colored liquid from her pocket and opened the lid and spilled the contents on the floor.

 Ahh! Don't make a mess on the deck!

"Before you die, I'll tell you why the Wawa is called the 'Witch of the Abyss'. The Wara's research involves turning mana into life.

 The liquid spilled on the deck gurgled and bubbled, and the bubbles eventually became semi-solid in substance.

Yes, that is to say, research to create a monster like Onushi. It was considered a heresy and the mermaid kingdom tried to capture the straw. Hence, we are thus on the run.

 The bubbles grew larger and larger, stopping at just about the goblins' height above us.
 So from the point of view of us Orcs, we were definitely smaller.
 But even so, everyone on board, including me, could not help but shudder.

 The bubbles took on more form, for the result was an unnamable creature that looked like a combination of an octopus and a human race, all slimy and slippery.
 Even so, it had sharp fangs in what appeared to be its mouth, which would be painful if it were bitten.

 There are, by the way, thirty such monsters.
 Wouldn't the sudden increase in the number of crew members cause the ship to sink?

Come on, my boy, the Deep One! You are of no value to me if you cannot defeat the orcs!

 The monsters that were born were well-built, and they listened to the mermaid's orders faithfully and pounced on us.

 Towards us.

 No one thought that a tragedy of blood would unfold on the battlefield....

''Hah! "Hmph! ''Ooooh!''

 My young one put up a fight.
 It wasn't necessary for all ten of the sailors to put up a fight.

 With just three of them wielding the Mana Metal axe gifted to them by the Saints, the monsters were all blown overboard.

 A column of water rose in the distance with a bang.

'That's good, boys. Don't drop them too close or the fish will be spooked and run away.

 Okuma, who has the same rank as my squad leader, congratulates the young ones.
 I agree with him.

"Nonsense...! Even though it's still under development, this is the latest model with the highest performance ever...! That's just the orcs...!
Not just any orc.

 One of the younger ones folded up to the astonished mermaid.
 What are you doing, with such a snarky attitude?

We are Warrior Orcs, mutated Orcs that our saint made us evolve.
That's not all. There are two Legatus Orcs aboard this ship, a two-stage mutant that's more than just Warrior Orcs.

 It's not something to brag about, isn't it?
 Even the most powerful saint in the world knows how to be humble, and they can't learn from him?


 One of the younger ones blocked the mermaid's path as she tried to jump into the water to escape.
 What are you doing? Why don't you let her go if she wants to get away?

You think you're going to walk away from this? And attack them?
Yeah. We'd be remiss if we didn't get a word of apology.

 Obsessing over trivial things.
 If you push them into a corner like that, you may get a tremendous kickback........


 I knew it!
 The witch has taken out a flask much larger than a test tube! The color of the liquid inside is also much more frightening than before.

I guess I'll just have to use this one! I'm not sure if it's stable, but...! Sink this whole ship!

 The flask is slammed on the deck.
 The monster created from the magic potion that cracked and splattered on the deck is.....

 It is 20 times larger than the one before.

It's huge! We're too heavy! We're going down!
Brace the masts! All it takes is one big hulk to break it off!

 It's not as big as the dragon-turned-Veal, but it's still big enough to look up at.
 You can't get away from the fact that you're in danger of being capsized just by having that big guy on your ship.

''Hahahahahahaha! Hurry up, you orcs! Hate your rashness in opposing this 'Witch of the Abyss'!

 It seems that the first hostile action was over there........

"Come on, Fobidun Deep One! Kick those orcs to the curb! Every single one of them will be done as seaweed!

 The witch ordered triumphantly... but there was no response from the giant monster.


 On the contrary, he grabbed it up with his octopus-like tentacles.
 The mermaid who was supposed to be the master.

''Wah! Shit! I still can't take control! Is it just a failure of strength?

 This is not the time to be talking so easily.
 The giant monster opens its big mouth and carries the mermaid there.
 I can't predict anything other than swallowing it whole.

''No! Help me!

 It's swallowed back and swallowed.
 Just before that.
 The giant monster is broken apart into a hundred pieces of flesh.

 This axe, wielded by me, is a wild blow.


I'm here.

 Furthermore, with the axe blade wind wielded by the same rank Okuma, the chopped up pieces of meat were blown away and went overboard.


 The mermaid's petite body was about to be blown away along with me, but by then my body was leaping as well.
 I softly hugged him and landed on the deck.


 Even if it's on the surface of the sea, it would be painful if they slammed me with that kind of force.

 The Orcs' angry cheers went up towards me holding the mermaid in a princess hug.

Who in the world are you...? The double-evolved orc I just mentioned is that...?

 Just an orc.