120-119 The Abyss Seen

 Yes, it's me.

 The Orcobos are back!

 I was supposed to be on a day trip and then I lost touch with you for four days! You could have cried with worry! I mean, I cried!
 God, you've made me so worried.

 We spent a lot of time catching fish.
 The fish they caught were strained and frozen as I had instructed them to do beforehand, so they were in good condition.

 You can put them in the giant refrigerator and boil them, bake them or dry them.

 What caught my attention enough to not care about such things was the mermaid Okubo was holding.
 Naturally, I don't recognize her.

'....Is that the best you could catch?
''No, I mean...!''

 Okubo was scraping greasy sweat from his head.
 The mermaid herself, as is customary for mermaids, is super beautiful. Although she is being held by Okubo in her lower-body fish mermaid form, she doesn't give the impression of being a 'princess kidnapped by orcs' as she puts her arms around Okubo's neck herself.

 Rather, my impression is of a 'brave man who went on an adventure and rescued a trapped princess'.

 Prathi, who was out to pick him up with me, said.
 Do you know, Prati?

She's one of the Six Mad Demonesses, just like Atta and Puffa.
'Don't call me by that name, it's embarrassing!'

 The mermaid, who was being held by Okubo, said protestingly.

'I don't like it either, I don't want a group name like this kid trying to play it cool as best he can...'
"You're the Witch of the Crown, aren't you? I could see it in the personal identification potion engraved on this ship.
You sensed that and led us to the Orcobos, didn't you? Thanks for the help.

 I see.
 Mermaids have the technology to concoct potions and use them in various ways, but the mermaids called 'witches' are especially prominent.

''I would like to thank you as well. Thank you for bringing my orkbo and the others here.
No need to thank me. This guy saved my life too...

 The rest was hard to hear as she was also gobsmacked.

''But what is this place? Isn't this a more magical place than you've heard!

 He suddenly changed the subject, as if to hide his embarrassment.
 Then he looked around the farm.

The goblins weeding over there and the hyricons running around in the yard have all mutated! You can't fool the eyes of the strawmen you've learned from the orcobos!
Master Zos Saira, calm down...?
Incarnate spirit of the earth?

 Orkbo is in trouble.
 Zos Saira? The mermaid is still a half-fish, so she can't do what she wants on the ground, and she needs Okubo to hold her.

 You can't get away from the fact that you're not going to be able to get your hands on any of them.

"....What is this romantic comedy?

 I'm starting to feel nauseous.
 It's too sweet.

'Anyway, this place is overflowing with good material for the further study of the straw! I'm going to have to do a little research on this one! What's wrong with you, huh?

 What's your research?

It's hard to move around on land anyway, isn't it, in mermaid form? Will you take these and use them to keep your TPO?
Latest in inhuman chemicals from the Crown Witch. Are you sure you're up for this?
'It's not so hard to get materials on land. ...or at least it's limited to your husband's farm. So don't worry about it.
Yeah, you're right.

 Zos Saira took the vial from Prati and gulped down its contents in one go.
 That's as far as I could see, and the reason why is because Prathi blocked my eyes from behind.

'You can see where it goes from here. Your husband is not allowed to read.

 I mean, that's understandable.
 Then why is Prathi drugging me right now?

"Zos Saira-dono.......hey, ass!

 I heard a maiden's scream and Okubo's decapitation, like a pig being strangled.

''Nice kick. To use the legs of a landlord instantly, as expected of the oldest of the six witches, the 'Witch of the Abyss'.......!

 That makes you the oldest person in the world?
 He's doing a lot of romantic comedy, but he's the oldest?


 Thus, Zos Saira (Alaska), the 'Witch of the Abyss', took a tour of our farm.
 We also digested the usual pattern of being super freaked out by the No Life King's teacher and the dragonized Veerle........

'It's time to go home,'

 He was satisfied.

'Huh? Are you going away?
Why would you rather not leave?

 Everyone who comes here these days has been living here, so I thought that was the pattern again.

The Witch of the Abyss has a secret laboratory somewhere on the ocean floor.

 Suddenly Prathi says, "The laboratory is huge, bigger than a bad school or hospital, and has countless experiments that only the witch herself can control.

''That laboratory is huge, bigger than a bad school or hospital, and houses countless experimental bodies that only the witch herself can control. I've heard rumors that if even one of them escapes, there will be a catastrophe...?
Well, I'd better get home, because if you don't, the most persistent one will escape.

 Go home now! Come on!

'But this farm is interesting. I'll have to come back and study it.
Their arrogance in not confirming the other party's intentions is as expected of a witch, but...!
Of course I'm going to give you something in return, okay? How about some of the chemicals that we grow in our labs and how about some of the other chemicals that we have in our labs?
That'll help!

 I don't know about you, but Platy, have you been super bitten?

''Around there, we can't cultivate it in the conditions on land, and I was wondering if I should ask my brother to do it. We can't let the prince break the law, can we?

 Is it against the law?
 What do you want, Mr. Prathi?

We have a deal. Well, by the time you come back, you'll have enough room for a strawberry and a complete research kit.
Oh, well, I don't know. It's more of a bargain if you're willing to trade for this chemical lineup...?

 The business meeting started and ended without me, the owner of the farm, knowing nothing about it.

Then I'll leave you alone, but....

 While taking a potion to return to mermaid form from human form.


 Okubo, who had actually been accompanying Zos Saira all the way to the tour, said.

"Never forget about the strawberries until the next one comes! I like that! I swear to God!
Yes, sir! Yes, I do!
I mean it! I'm sure of it!

 I'm tempted to think it's a pretend one.

 I've met a lot of mermaids and I've become convinced of this.
 The mermaids of this world are not fragile beings who will be swept away by a broken heart.