126-125 princess invasion

 The point is this.

 The princess is a dangerous political bomb.

 The princess could be an excellent excuse for an entity that is planning to revive the human kingdom or revolt.
 This means that even if they are sent to the backcountry of the demon kingdom like other royalty, there is a chance that someone will try to steal it from them.

 If they really did take it, the rule of the human race by the demons could be overturned, so the safest way to be sure is to kill the princess as well.

 But the gentle demon king can't make that decision.

 Just when I was wondering what to do, my farm is ready to step in.

 After all, our farm is located in a land far away from both the human and demonic races, and its existence is unknown.
 It's unlikely that we'll be able to find it, and even if we can, it will be extremely difficult to reach it.

 And even if you do manage to overcome them, the mutated orcs and goblin armies are waiting for you.
The wolf-shaped monster known as the "Hell Chaser", Hyrichaon, has mutated into a more mutated Huperichaon that will chase you everywhere.
 To top it all off, the dragon Veerle.
 In other words, it's more impregnable than any other hell on earth.

 In this place, you can feel safe no matter what important people you entrust with.

 After the conversation was concluded, the demon king thanked me again and again and again and left.
 It seems that he is distressed by the many things he has to deal with at home, starting with the matter of Mr. Astares.

 You're a good person, so it's not a problem.

You're not going to be able to find out how to bring the princess in question here? Will the Demon King bring you back later?
No, I'll go to the princess in question and bring her home.

 The one who said that was the demon race girl, Verena.
 She used to be Mr. Astares' second in command, and now she's staying at our farm as the representative of the demon tribe.

''Verena's leaving the farm? Are you okay? You're in charge of the transition point here, aren't you, Verena?

 And I was worried.
 I've heard that the only place you can move with transfer magic is where the transfer point is located.
 If an abnormality occurred at the transfer point while Verena was away, the means of travel to this place would be effectively cut off...or is it quite troublesome?

If you need help, you can talk to Master Veerle or the doctor.
''That's why I'm telling you to stop that suggestion!

 There was an argument with Batty, who was also one half of the demon girl.
 It's a good idea to have a good time with your friends.
 What's going on?

The problem of the raison d'etre, shall we say?

 Batty was muttering with sooty eyes.
 I'm not sure.
 I've been thinking for a while now that I'll have to talk to the girls again, but after the lapse of time by putting it off because I couldn't keep my hands off other matters, I've ended up with today.

 Now that we're expecting the princess, we won't be as busy again, so I'm sure that opportunity will be far away.

              * * * *

 The human princess has arrived.

 Was her name Lettuce Slate?
 It's a leafy name.

 Since they are royalty, the clothes they wear are gorgeous, and he himself is gorgeous in his own way.
 The shining blonde hair and shining white skin. The glamorous body is glamorous, and there is no doubt that her appearance is eye-catching.

 And yet.....

''Bow down to the majesty of the royal family!

 She appeared under the transition point and that was the first line she opened with.

''I, a noble royalty, will allow you to give a direct answer with a commoner's style! That alone should make you proud for the rest of your life! I'm Princess Lettuce Rate! The only daughter of the king who rules over the world's greatest race, the human race! I will have the honor of having you guys take care of me! Take the joy of absolute obedience to me with every fiber of your being!

 Prathi stepped out with a tsk tsk........
 You hit me with that d*mned goo?

"A princess exalted in a foreign land?

 As expected of Prati, she is a princess of the mermaid kingdom.
 Her aura of a princess doesn't work at all for her peers.

''I'll explain it to you from one to ten, but I'll only say it once, so learn it well at one time. Next time I'll beat you to discipline you, okay?
I'm sorry...?

 Human princess, your heart was easily broken in one fell swoop.
 Your species is only vain, but it's essentially weak.

First of all. First of all, the human nation was destroyed and extinguished. The human nation was destroyed and disappeared, so it's meaningless to say you're a member of the royal family. The authority of the royal family is guaranteed by the power of the state, so a royal family that has lost their state is just a person. So you are just a person. Do you understand?
Okay, okay...

 I'm going to cry, Princess.

"Even if your homeland was alive and well, and if your royal value was buttered up with the added bonus of being a member of the royal family... ... okay? Now, here's the second thing you need to know. It doesn't make any sense at all here.

 And Prathi is relentless.
 Why are you being so thorough today?

'This place is outside of all nations. So we are not influenced by any nation, demon nation, human nation, mermaid nation, or any other nation, and therefore our titles are meaningless. None at all.

 The Princess of Mermaidland speaks.

There are ex-princesses, ex-thieves, ex-prisoners, monsters and dragons. There's a demon king, a mermaid prince, and even a life-less king who comes to visit. You'll be able to see that the princess of the human kingdom is the most important person in the world.

 Once again, that being said, it's a hell of a place, here.

'Social titles don't mean anything here. It's your ability and your character that mean something. You'll never fit in here if you keep talking like you did before, so be careful.
Don't tell me you don't understand? Now that your human country has been destroyed, there's no place for you in this world. Normally you should be executed, but thanks to the kindness of the Demon King and my husband, I was allowed to live here. Except for this place, the only place you can live is in the netherworld!

 Excuse me, Mr. Prathi?
 Maybe I shouldn't ask so hard...?

 She can't afford to lose her country all the time, so maybe she should take it easy on her...?

''I know that! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

 She was so excited that she started to cry!

 She lay down on the ground and started flapping her arms and legs and crying.

I don't have anything to do with it! I don't have the authority as a princess, and I don't have the vassals to obey me! So you have no choice but to bluff your way out of this! Wow!

 I see.
 So there was a backstory to her irreverent attitude like that.

 She managed to prop up her anxious, crumbling heart by forcing herself to be great.

 But that bravado was shattered by Prati just now....

''Just kill him! I'm ready for this! As the daughter of a proud royal family, I'll crush your balls in a spectacular manner~!

 The princess is now desperate, and Prathi's merciless regular fist thrust hits the abdomen of the princess with a clean hit.


 The princess lets out a voice like a crushed frog.
 That's only natural.

"Don't be a spoiled brat.

 Aren't you being a bit harsh today, Mr. Platy?

As long as you live with us, you'll only have to work to eat. You will work as if you were born again from today. From today, you will work as if you were born again.

 Thus began life on the princess's home farm.