127-126 Working Princess

 Thus began the farm life of Lettuce Rate, the princess of the ruined human country.

 Of course, I'm not going to allow her to live a life of eating and sleeping instead of working, just because she is a princess.
 That's enough for Veerle.

 So we asked the princess to take charge of some of the work, but as you might expect, she has never worked with anything heavier than a spoon in her life.

 We decided to let him try his hand at weeding the fields and checking the health of the crops, starting with the simplest work possible.

 She introduces them to the goblins in charge, Gobukichi, but they look like goblins, and the princess is scared to death by the sight of them. !" the princess is scared.
 She complained that they were creepy and needed to be reassigned, and was beaten up by Prati again.

'.........Prati is exceptionally strict with her, isn't she?

 Me and Prathi are in conversation as we watch the princess work in the fields.

 The princess has changed out of her arrival dress into thick work clothes and is now working on the farm.
 Her working attitude is surprisingly good, and she listens intently to the explanations from the goblins, seriously checking the leaves for bugs.
 It's not a quick job, to be flattered, but he's taking his time and making steady progress.

I can't stand it when people think that all the people who are called "princesses" are acting so high and mighty like that. That's why I'm going to do it thoroughly.

 Come to think of it, even Prati was a princess in the mermaid country.

 If you return to your homeland, you'll probably be suitably chewed up, but I can't imagine that at all because Prati herself is so friendly and capable.

You need to physically crush the hardened pride of a child like that to advance past it. My sister was like that, so well done to her.

 Did you just make a disturbing statement...?
 Oh, well.

It's true that if Prathi hadn't made a show of it, we wouldn't have been able to get along so smoothly.

 The position of the princess and her pride got in the way, and she might have been treated as a boar for a long time.

 She even looks at the goblins with respect.
 She even looks at the goblins with respect for their knowledge of agriculture and their skill in working the fields.

''If you're going to live with them, you might as well confide in them, right? I don't know what's going to happen in the future with what's going to happen. Let's at least let them have some peace of mind while they're here.

 In the end, Lettuce rate girl worked until nightfall without making a single sound, and showed some guts for her first job.

 But by the end of the workday, though, she had run out of steam and collapsed to the ground.

'Good night!'

 I'm the owner of this farm, and I'm here to thank you for your hard work.

"You've worked hard all day, haven't you? Here's something to keep you going.

 and offer a cup of milk.

 Now it's the satyr milk that's essential to end the day here.

 As if she was thirsty, Letasurate also received the milk as if she were snatching it and gulped it down in one gulp.

'..........It's delicious. What's this milk? It's definitely better than what we had in the palace?

 By the way, the goat's milk from Satyrs is said to be one of the world's finest products, and can't be compared to the milk produced by the dairy farms of this world.
 I've heard somewhere that the quality of the food served at the royal palace of the human country is not so different from that of the general public.

It is said that whatever you eat when you are tired is delicious. Seems like you've got some lessons to learn about life down there.

 I turned to my left and right to make sure Prathi wasn't within earshot.
 That's a statement that would definitely get me punched if she heard me.

 I hope she'll take the initiative to correct her habit of slipping up.

'Basically, it's nice to see you've adjusted to life here. I also have the responsibility of being asked by the Demon King to do so.
"...about that, what the hell is this place?

 I was asked about the very basic things now.

'The demon tribe just told me to 'move it to a safe place', but nothing detailed. I know that I myself can't be taught much as a prisoner. For a place ruled by the demon race, there are no demons, but there are a lot of monsters, I don't understand.

 That's what any sane person would do.

The less you know, the better for your own safety.
I knew you'd say that. 'Don't worry. I won't ask for anything else, and I don't want to run away from this place. If you want me to work, I'll work, and that's where I am. That's the position I'm in now.
You're surprisingly honest...

 From the first meeting with Arepuri, I thought she was a princess of the wrong strain, even for a princess.

''Surprising? Maybe so. I lost my country. I lost my freedom. No wonder I chose to die in desperation. But I'm going to live! Live at all costs! Do you know why?
Come on, come on...?
'Cause there's hope! If we endure and live through today, there may be hope for tomorrow! We can get back everything we've lost! That's why I'm doing my best!
Oh, wow...?

 That doesn't sound very peaceful.
 What makes you think you can get back everything you lost?

The hope in me it's a savior!
The Messiah?
'Its name is Saint Kidan!

 Just remembered.

 That's me.

 Kidan the Saint is me.

 It's good that I changed my name when I came to the other world, but I don't get many calls, so if I'm not careful I'll forget it.
 Everyone on the farm calls me "Master" or "Master" or "My Lord" or "My Lord" or some other honorific title.

 ...And I'm what?

"I don't suppose you have any idea what a saint Kidan is when you're a hick like you, do you?
Oh, hi.
So I'll tell you from the beginning. It all started when a dragon flew into the battlefield between humans and demons.

 That's the first thing that comes to mind.
 Viel, right?
 That dragon is going around and around and around.

The dragon called himself 'Servant of Saint Kidan'. A saint, even a dragon! If such a person obeyed the human nation, he could wipe out the demon race and other things, so Father sent out search parties throughout the country to find Saint Kidan!
''But the demon tribe proceeded faster than we could have imagined, and our country was attacked and destroyed........ They didn't find the saint in time........ But the people of the Saint Search Party escaped the difficulty and are still searching for them!
''When Saint Kidan learns of the danger to our race, he will surely rise up and exterminate the demons! And they will get me out of here and bring me back to the royal palace again!



 I interjected, thinking I had to say something anyway.

'Saint Kidan? Even if the so-called "the" existed, would they take the side of the human race so easily? You have no idea what that person's stance is at all, do you?
'What are you talking about? Saints are supposed to be on the side of the human race, aren't they?
Why are you so sure about that?
Because I'm a saint! Saint! It's not natural for the Holy One to help the human race!


 Me, I decided in my heart.

 From now on, you are not allowed to call me 'Saint Kidan' in front of her.
 While she's asleep, I'll make sure that all the residents of the farm know about it and make it thorough.

'I will endure in this land of exile until the saint comes to my rescue! I'll show you how to get it done, whether it's weeding, crushing vermin, or anything else! I have to live!