128-127 Rebuilding bear

 ...I'm just an ordinary village girl who can be found anywhere.

 So you don't even have to say your name.
 Most of the things I've experienced have been experienced by everyone else, and everyone knows what I know.

 Most of the things I've experienced are also experienced by everyone else, and everyone knows what I know.

 I'm a human race, and I live in a human country.

 Officially, the poor little village on the edge of that territory is my entire world.

 Recently, the human country where I live has been destroyed by the demon race.
 My father and the village chiefs have been discussing the consequences of this.

 It seems that the human race has been engaged in a long, long war with the demons, but they've finally lost.

 Is it natural? I thought to myself.
 Because the king is a fool and the priests are a hard worker.
 That's what my father and mother all say.
That's what my dad and mom all say, "If the top is stupid, you can't make any progress.

 So it's only natural that the human race has lost, but what's going to happen now?
 I have heard that the demon tribe is very violent and loves to cut off the heads of the human race to collect them.

 What would happen to us if we were to be ruled by such a demon tribe?
 Will they kill us all?

 Every day I prayed to Goddess Zeus that at least the demon tribe wouldn't notice the existence of this remote country village.
 But my prayers were in vain.

 A messenger of the demon tribe came to me and said, 'This is a new law enforced by the demon king, so please obey it,' and then he left.
 That Shinpo? He left behind a piece of parchment on which was written something like

 I can't read, so I had to listen in silence as the village chief read it out.
 According to that.....

To change the taxation system from eight governments and two civilians to four governments and six civilians.
A police officer was appointed in each town and village to control crime and injustice.
Schools were established to teach all the people to read and write.
You set up hospitals.
Establish an orphanage.
Eliminate social discrimination against the country's beastmen and other species
Among other things.

 That's what it was like.


 In a world ruled by demons, isn't it a lot better than when it was a human country?
 Maybe it's just that Atashi is too stupid to understand it, but the fact that the taxes will be lower is enough to make Atashi and the others hail them.
 Long live the demon race?

 In fact, ever since the demon race came to control Atashi and the others, their lives have changed completely.
 In a good way.
 The barren fields have suddenly started to grow thicker and everyone is saying that the next year will be a great harvest.

 According to the village headman, the mana on the land has been sucked up by the magic the cultists have been using, and the land has been drying up.
 But now that the cult has been crushed by the demons, the mana isn't wasted and can be distributed throughout the land.

 It's a good thing that the demons destroyed the human nation, isn't it?

 Next year the school year starts in earnest, and I'm going to learn how to read and write.
 If I can learn to write and read, I can find work in the city and make a lot of money.

 Father, mother, and village chief all said they were really glad that the demon tribe had attacked us.

 This is what happened.

 An event happened that made me realize that the world really hasn't gotten better yet.

              * * * *

 Suddenly, the village was attacked and taken over.

 The attackers were former priests of the Order, and there were fifty of them with weapons, so a small country village was impossible to resist.

'I am Bishop Sagissi! Gentlemen, I am a righteous warrior fighting for the human race!

 An old man, the oldest of the priests, shouted.
 'Bishop-sama,' etc., as his companions called him.

'The mother cult has collapsed, though! We have not given up our righteous ambitions, we have gone underground and are looking for opportunities to strike back! Evil demons! You have trampled and robbed our sacred lands! But we will one day defeat the evil and restore freedom and happiness for you all!

 I heard that the security guards sent by the demon tribe are currently deployed in over a hundred cities and villages in the former human country, but they haven't come to our village yet.
 That's probably why they were targeted by us....

In addition, we want you to provide equipment for the battle against the demons! Weapons, food, anything that helps! Everything I have!

 All of it?
 Don't be ridiculous! What are we going to eat tomorrow if we give you all the food?

 But we can't disobey them.
 They would only be killed if they disobeyed, so they gave up the vegetables and grains they had stored in spite of their frustration.

'Bishop Sagissi, that seems to be all we have.
That's not much. And what's with all these soggy vegetables? If you eat this stuff, you're going to go hungry!

 Saying that, the old bishop stomped out every bit of food he had collected.
 As if to say that he was relieved of his resentment.

'If you don't have food, it's a woman! I can't be pissed off if I don't have a girl in my arms! Go get all the women, young or not, as long as they are young! You guys can do what you want too!

 When the old bishop said this, the other priests shouted happily and came up to Atta and the others.
 As expected, the fathers tried to stop them, but they were slashed and beaten with swords, and there was nothing they could do about it.

 All of the young women, all of whom were 5 years old, were being dragged away and I was among them.
 I couldn't help it.

''Even the women are only of this third class? I guess we'll just have to endure it. This is also an offering given to us by Tenjin Zeus, a noble man. Let's give it to him in gratitude.

 Shut the f*ck up, old man!
 Don't be so selfish! You guys are worse than demons!

 f*ck you and your cult!
 You're the ones that will be destroyed by the demons! Get the hell away from us!

 ........Even if you think so, a simple village girl like me can't do anything.
 If only I had the power to turn these guys away........



 The priests shouted.

'There's a monster out there! And it's big!

 I noticed a huge hairy thing standing surprisingly close to me.

 A bear........is that it?

 It's big and hairy and has sharp claws.
 They look so strong that even if the priests were to bunch up, they would be no match for them.

''Run! Hide!

 The old bishop immediately shouted.

''We must not lose a single soldier here for the coming counter-offensive! Use the villagers as shields! While those monsters are attacking the villagers, we will run away far away!

 In response, the priests kicked out the father and everyone in the village and threw them in front of the bear.

'Now's your chance! Run!

 And the priests ran as fast as they could in the opposite direction.

 Not good! The dads are being eaten by a bear!

 But the result was unexpected.
 The bear took the pushed out fathers gently and stepped over the fallen ones to avoid stepping on them, and began to chase only the priests ahead of them.

''Why eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

 The priests were in a panic at the big bear, which didn't even pay attention to the decoys.
 You can find a number of different types of products and services in the market.

"Holy shit!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry... Obo!

 It didn't take much time for the nearly fifty priests to be wiped out.

 There was only one person left.
 It is the head bishop old man.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this as well.
 That's why he didn't get into the attack zone.
 I thought he was a hell of a sanctimonious man who saved his life by being a skepler, but the world is not that easy.
 When the bear finished kicking out the scavengers, he turned his gaze on the old man, not wanting to let him go.

''Don't move!

 At that time.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

I don't know what that means, but... That evil monster is trying to protect the people of this village! You're not going to escape my keen eye! .........Come on, if you make the slightest move, the holy dagger will pierce deep into your daughter's body!

 The bear, which was about to jump on the old man at any moment, stopped moving with a snap.
 The large arm that was raised remains stationary as it is raised.

''Gechahyahyahyahya! This Bishop Sagissi was right! All right, stay put! I still have to live on for the holy mission given to me by Goddess Zeus!

 The old bishop jiggedly backed away while holding Atashi in his arms.
 My friends in the village can't bypass him because he's holding me hostage.

 There's no way I'm going to fall in love with this guy.

 The people of the demon tribe said so too. They said it's going to be a time when we'll find our own happiness.
 This old bastard...
 There's no way I'm going to fall in love with this old man!


 I bit the bishop's hand that was holding me as hard as I could.
 The screams of painful writhing in the air are soothing.

"You d*mned girl! How dare you show your disrespect to me, a man of God? ...Oh, don't run away!

 It's too late.
 I'll use my opportunity to escape.

 It's too late. I'll take my chances and run.


 The old man's dirty scream flew through the air.

              * * * *

 A few days later.
 The demon soldiers who came after receiving the news captured the detained priests and took them away.
They apologized for not being able to help them when it mattered.

 The priests who had been kicked around by that monster bear were all surprisingly alive.
 I tied them up with a rope while they were unconscious and left them there until the demons came.
 I only did water for a few days, but it's good that the food situation is still cutthroat over here too.

 The monster bear was gone when I noticed it.

 If it weren't for that bear, our village would have been crushed by the priests without a doubt.
 Monsters are supposed to attack people, so why?

So that bear was here too.

 During the hearing, the demon soldier muttered something that sounded like he knew something.

''It's a rumor. Like your village here, a bear-shaped monster is rescuing a backwater village that is being attacked by the remnants of the Human Nation.

 Aren't monsters supposed to be part of the demon race?
 Isn't that why you saved us?

'It's not that simple. It's just that whether it's a lie or the truth, the Demon King says that that bear is a special monster born under his saint.

 The Saint?

The bear challenged the saint and was defeated, but his mercy saved his life. So that bear is on an ascetic's journey to become strong enough to be recognized by the saint.

 Did you pass by our village on your way there?

It's just a rumor. Don't believe it.

 The demon tribe's soldier laughed, but I think that's the truth, Atashi.
 The demon race and the saints.

 The human nation is really starting to change for the better, isn't it?

 And that monster who directly helped Atashi and the others.

 Thank you, bear monster.

 For short.