129-128 Princess direct control

 It's been about a month or two since Princess Lettuce Rate, the princess of the human race, came to our farm.

 She has worked surprisingly hard.

 Speaking of royalty, one of the unemployed classes, how could the princess, the pinnacle of that class, work so hard on an unfamiliar farm?

''Someday, a saint..., a saint...!

 Apparently the words she repeats like a spell while she works are the driving force.

 That one day the saint Kidan will appear and help her, and the entire human race.
 The theory is that since she's a saint, she'll do holy things, and holy means defeating the demon race and saving the human race.

 Well, a saint Kidan is me.
 I don't have any interest in saving the human race.

 I have no interest in interspecies wars, and in fact, I don't want to get involved in them, which is my untrue intention.
 I'm friends with the Demon King, the leader of the demon race.

 That's why I, as the saintly Kidan, don't know what would happen if I opened up and told him, since the princess would lose her emotional support, so I'm keeping quiet for now.

 I'm making sure that the other children are kept quiet as well.

''My saint, I'd like you to see how the newly made ridges are doing.

 Every once in a while, someone slips up.
 And as if by chance, Lettuce Rate is nearby.

"...is your name Ceja?

 Thank God the princess was silly.

 Just like that, when the new inhabitants of the farm had adjusted to their lives........

              * * * *

Do you want to get your own farm?

 I had an idea and suggested it.
 To the lettuce-rate girl.

'Your own field? What does that mean?
"The fields on the farm are common property. We plow it together, we maintain it together, and we share the harvest with each other.

 Apart from those things, why don't you have a farm that you can grow and manage on your own? That's what I mean.

You can grow whatever you want, and those who harvest it get to keep it to themselves.

 In fact, this is nothing special, and the orcs and goblins that belong to our farm also grow their own favorite foods in very small vegetable gardens and potted plants near their beds.


 Suddenly, Lettuce Rate said, "I want to grow llama beans!

'I want to grow a Solanum! I love Solanum!
Oh, yeah.

 It's a rather austere preference.

 And so, in the corner of the farm, a field was created for Princess Lettuce Rate's exclusive use.
 It's a very small field, about two tatami in size.

This is your home from today. What you find here is purely yours. But that's why no one will help you work this field. You have to do everything yourself. You have to clean up after yourself.
'Of course! The human lands have been restored here! I will run this place as a territory under the direct control of the princess!

 It became something of an exaggerated story.
 Just like that, the princess's direct domain rule began.

 But the main way to rule is to simply cultivate the soil and grow crops.

''Ugh, my hands hurt...?

 As if she wasn't used to using a hoe, the princess was quickly making blisters on her hands.
 She starts by ploughing the soil and making a cultivated area.

 She does her best.

 She would cultivate, seed, and grow the area she'd decided on while Gala Rufa applied medicine to it.
 Orcs and goblins often send her advice, although she didn't lend a hand directly, too. They would help her pick weeds, avoid pests, prevent diseases, and help her grow her crops properly.

 To begin with, our farm has a special Mermaid Fertilizer, a hyper fish fertilizer that allows plants to grow lushly, so crops can be sown at any time of the year and grow much faster than usual.

 The princess's sorrel also grew steadily and was ready for harvest in just a few weeks.
 But then the heavens put her to the test.

              * * * *

Ooh! You're going to kill my llama bean!

 They're crows.
 The loathsome Conchigou live in another world, no matter what.

 Their rampage has been the bane of the entire farm since last year.

 Even the princess's sorrel is deftly plucking them from their pods with her thin beak.
 Is it a robin crow?
 What does it matter?

''Geez........? The scabbard is empty...? The scabbard over here too........? I've been taking great care of it and now...!

 Lettuce rate girl was even more shocked than she looked.
 I've been raising them with all my heart.

 It's a good idea to take defensive measures against the antique crows, because we have been bothered by them for a long time, but even so, it's impossible to be perfect, and it seems that the food damage has occurred after all.
 There was only one thing we could do.

Then there was only one thing we could do: harvest them. The fact that the crows can eat it means it's grown to a harvestable size.

 There is no better way to prevent vermin from stealing our crops than to harvest them.
 With our help, we were able to harvest a sufficient amount of beans that Lettuce Rate had grown all by herself for the first time.

              * * * *

Farming is farming until you eat it!

 So we had to eat the harvested Solanumas as soon as possible.
 I thought I'd at least take charge of the cooking, but Lettuce-Rate insisted that I'd do it with my own hands.

I raised these beans with my own hands! It's only polite to let me do the final touches!

 The feelings are not unusual.

 It's a good idea to use a blade and fire when cooking, so now I'm more worried about it.
 It's a good idea to have a good time with them.

 What I ended up cooking was a simple dish of salted boiled broad beans.

 Even so, the lettuce-rate girl ate it, saying it was so good that she cried.

'Delicious! Delicious! I never knew that food that I grew and cooked with my own hands could taste so good!

 and gobble up the food with no regard for table manners.

It's so delicious! It's better than any feast we've had in the palace!

 He raved about it.

''........In fact, the vegetables from the master's farm are several times better than the ones served in the royal palace of the human race.......''
It's a food from another world. It's a delicacy of the highest order in real life.

 Prati, Veer, shut up.
 Don't water down the princess's excitement at the fruits of her first labor.

'I! I've decided!

 After emptying her plate, Lettuce Rate, she started to say something.

'That I will keep this field under my direct control for the rest of my life! The vegetables from this field will make me happy for the rest of my life!
"No, and then your country's recovery will be..., moga-gah!

 I'm not going to say anything else, but I'm going to shut up Prati's mouth.

 It's good.

 I like the fact that you lose yourself in the end of your efforts.