130-129  means of movement

I'm tired of walking.

 I thought abruptly.
 No, it wasn't that abrupt.

 More than a year has passed since our farm was established, and it has grown accordingly.
 The area of fields has increased, as well as rice fields and waterways.

 There are also teacher's dungeons and viel dungeons to go to in the surrounding area, and each of us has to travel back and forth between them at the request of the person in charge.

 Nowadays, we feel like we are wasting our travel time because we are moving naturally.
 It's easy to get frustrated.

 Is it a curse that modern people carry with them that they still feel the waste of time, even though they have moved to such a quiet, different world?

 At first, the beauty of the view on the move distracted me, but I got tired of it every day.
 My mind became bored.

 So I wondered if there was a way to shorten this useless travel time as much as possible.

'Ah, um...'

 There was someone who timidly raised a hand.
 It was the demon girl, Verena.

''Why don't you take advantage of me? With the transference magic I use, I can move to any location in an instant.

 If there's a transfer point.

''We can add more transfer points on the farm, and if necessary, I can use my transfer magic to bring the saints to each place in an instant! My availability has gone up and everyone is happy!

 I didn't understand the last part of her argument........
 She's still as greedy as ever to find her own worth........

 If Verena's idea goes through, that's exactly the kind of work she'll be able to specialize in and be proud of.......


 It was Elf Elon who dismissed the bustle.

''Aren't you, the transference magic user, supposed to understand the horror of transference magic better than anyone else? It's true that this is the most useful magic of all. That's why it's the most fearsome magic our enemies can use.

 At that point, Verena said, "Ugh! Her expression twisted.

''What do you mean?''
''That's why, Saint. Transmigration magic can move you to a remote location in an instant. What would you do if the enemy attacked you using it? That's what I'm talking about.

 That's certainly true when you put it that way.
 If a large number of enemies appear right under your nose with shifting magic, it will be very difficult to deal with them.

It's not just the enemies that attack directly. I'm afraid to speak for an ex-thief, but a mansion with a transfer point within the grounds is an easy target for thieves. They can get past the thick walls and numerous guards.
'But the transition point has a coordinate code, and if you don't know it, you can't use it, right?
'A snake's path is a snake. Some bandits are locksmiths who can analyze certain transition points and identify the coordinate code like opening a safe. Even if it's a point like this one that is not known to exist itself, it's a 50-50 chance of opening a transition point that is known to exist, depending on the skill of the locksmith.

 Therefore, when we set up the transfer point, it should not be deep inside the important center, but outside, as far away as possible.
 This is because it's easy to deal with, even in the unlikely event of a raid by someone identifying the coordinate code.
 And the number of them should be kept to a minimum. It's a good idea to keep the number to a minimum, no more than one.

In this case, increasing the number of transition points is tantamount to increasing the number of back doors for intruders to enter. I don't agree with that from a security perspective.

 The words of the leader of the bandit gang, who used to raid all over the demon and human countries, are full of convincing power.

But, should we be that cautious?

 A castle or a nobleman's mansion, but my house is just a farm.

Is there anything in our house that you'd like to sneak in and invade and take away from us?
It's too much!

 I was freaked out as he said with a terrific sword.

''Don't you know how many treasure troves this farm is overflowing with! The vegetables from the farm all have the best taste in the world, and the potions that Prathi and the others make are top-notch! Same goes for pickles and booze! All the hardware used is made of mana metal, and even if you just cast it back into a mineral, it's gold you can live with for a few years, but the blacksmithing is so good that it adds even more value! And then...!
Okay, okay.

 Let's be careful about security.
 Safety and convenience are two sides of the same coin.

I don't want to have to build a bunch of back doors to prevent anyone from getting in. I think we should reject Verena's plan.

 Verena ran off while crying.
 It's time to really think about her leverage........

''Well, how about something like this?''

 Now Veerle offers his opinion.

If necessary, I can carry my master in dragon form. With the wings of a dragon, he could easily travel to the ends of the world!
Is that too much to ask...?

 And don't you think you're overreacting?
 Everywhere he goes, he comes flying in with a dragon and the people who greet him are overwhelmed by it.

And then there's Veerle, who runs away or stumbles around on a whim. I don't think he'll come at once when we want him to, so I reject it.

 If we're going to establish a fast transportation system anyway, I want everyone to have a share in it, not just me alone.
 Now, Okubo and Gobkichi are also important middlemen who are busy flying around the farm, and Prathi often acts as my deputy.

 In that sense, Veerle wouldn't try to carry anyone other than me anyway, and considering that she's the only one who can use transition magic, even with Verena's idea earlier, it's impossible to cover the movement of all the farm's residents.

''........I guess it's a horse, after all?''

 I don't know if this world has a habit of traveling on horseback.
 If we were to increase our travel speed without relying on a mechanical civilization, that would be the only option.

 I mean, from what I've seen so far, you can't get stuck in the stereotypes of the previous world.

 The ideal is to have a creature or monster that is not limited to horses, but can run around in a wide range of human-sized vehicles.

 We'll have a system in which we can collect them, raise them on the farm, and let those who need them use them when they are needed.

'You've set a new goal.'

 Our farm, a plan to build a denma system.
 Here we go.

              * * * *


 Shortly after announcing this plan, Hupericaon's potty came in front of me.

''Well what's the matter, show me your back? You're not suggesting... Get in? You're not gonna pick us up and drive us from place to place? You can't do that. No, no, no, no. It's not okay! You can't give me that confident look! ...Hey, you don't ride an oaktop! Especially not with your huge frame! It doesn't mean that the little gobbler is okay! Anyway, stop it!