131-130 horse making

 Let's introduce a riding animal to move quickly in and out of the farm.

 I'll make such a policy and try to gather information first.

 After talking to the demonesses and elves who are familiar with the outside world, it seems that horse riding is a tradition in this world as well.

''In both the human and demon kingdoms, horses are as important a creature as any other livestock.

 The demon girl, Verena, explained to me.

''If we let them ride and run on horses, we can cut down the travel time a lot. Transportation, communication and military. Horses play an important role in many aspects. There are only a limited number of people who can use transposition magic, so the demand hasn't been violated at all.''

 It seems to be a good idea.

''If the saint wants a riding sun horse, why don't you ask the Demon King for one? The Demon King also seems to think that he owes the saint another debt of gratitude for Princess Lettuce Slate, so if you ask him for a favor, he'll be more than happy to oblige.

 Directly imported from the Devil's Land.
 It's the cheapest, but that's why it's easy, and sometimes it's okay to be upfront about it.

 It seems that the Demon King felt sorry for Letaslate's case, and he was feeling guilty about it, so let's rely on him here.

I'm not going to be able to get it right. In order to tell the Demon King about this.
Yes, sir! Leave it to me!

 The excitement for Verena is unusual.....
 Are you that happy to have the opportunity to be so active?

 Oh well.
 Now that we have the means of transportation, horses, it's going to be even more convenient for our farm.

 There's going to be stables and things to prepare for the horses........

''Wait a minute!

 Then Prati appeared.
 What is it? We were on the verge of a deal, at this point?

'Think about it, sir. The peculiarities of this farm.


Isn't this just an ordinary farm, like everywhere else?
'No! What other farm is there with an otherworldly farmer who was given a gift from the gods, several high-ranking Potions Master mermaids with the title of 'witches', a high-ranking former military officer of the Demon King's army, a notorious group of elf thieves, and a powerful army of mutated monsters, producing all sorts of mind-boggling luxury goods?

 Don't tell me that...?

I think it's precisely because they are such a special farm that we should have something special to offer them when it comes to riding!

 What's so special about it?

Are we trying to find another horsey monster in the dungeon?
It's starting to feel like a pattern, so I've been thinking about a different approach.

 Another approach?

If you want something, you have to create it!

              * * * *

Zos Saira, the "Witch of the Abyss".

 A group of mermaids, more simply known as the "Six Witches" because they would be offended if you called them "Mad Six Demonesses".
 Among the mermaids who excel in medicinal magic, these are the witches who excel in their abilities.

 Our farm's Prati, Puffa, Lamprey, and Gala Rufa are all members of the Six Witches, and another one, Zos Saira, nicknamed the Witch of the Abyss, is the oldest of the Six Witches. It is said that he is also far more powerful and knowledgeable than the other witches.

 However, by chance, Zos Saira has come to visit our farm often.

 She claims that she has this and that on her farm, which is useful for her research.

 The fact that she can obtain special medicines that are not available on the ground through her channels is also useful to Prati, "Well, okay? And so I'm keeping quiet about the status quo.

 I'm going to talk to Zos Saira about it.

"Do you want to create a homunculus horse?

 I'm listening from the side and I don't know a bit of what they're talking about.
 I just listen to the conversation between Prati and Zos Saira.

"Zos Saira. You're a homunculus maker, aren't you? Though I'd call them artificial monsters. I'll use potions to create creatures and use them as I see fit.

 I didn't know what he was talking about, so I had to look at Okubo and shrug my shoulders.

 Wait a minute.

 Why is Okubo here?

 I'm told that you have to answer the door whenever Zos Saira comes to visit?

The military threat of an endlessly manufactured army of homunculus and the ethical problems of creating life by human hands made her a heretic and added her to the 'Six Witches'. I believe that if you use your magic, you can create a horse worthy of being ridden by our master!

 You don't have to be so enthusiastic about it, just a regular horse, okay?

 Do you understand?
 Mr. Prathi, you're about to violate the ban on life!

"Ho ho ho ho ho..... You are royalty of the mermaid kingdom and yet you are not afraid of my forbidden arts. I commend you as the witch of the crown.
I'm honored, 'The Witch of the Abyss'

 I'm scared of my wife.

Very well. Well, if that's the case, I guess I'll have to do it as a favor to you, since you provide me with so many samples.

 What's the sample offer?
 I don't know anything about that!

But I don't suppose you could create a homunculus from scratch, could you?
What do you need?
"The production of a homunculus requires a base of biological information. Any living organism with flesh and blood has information inscribed in it that might be called 'how the organism was created'.
Is that genetic?

 I'm the one who interrupted them at the end.
 At that moment, Prati and Zos Saira's eyes turn to me at once, and I, a weak-minded man, get super scared.

"....What...what is it?
"...genes? A gene. The existence of the gene has yet to be discovered by the straw man, but you come from a different world than this one, don't you? You seem to know a lot of interesting things.


"That's just it, the gene. That's what we need. If we want to create a horse-type homunculus, we will need a horse gene to form the basis for it.

 Zos Saira added.

''Princess Prati seems to be looking for a powerful sulphur horse that's not just a horse. If that's the case, it would be better to get the genetic material from a good horse rather than a bad one. Horses are valued by the people of the land, so the best natural breed must be selected from the best.
All right. We'll get you the best fast horse in the world and you'll be in charge of the gene pool!

 I looked at the two witches in high spirits, and the most appropriate adjective for them came to me.

...a mad scientist.

 There was nothing else.

 It was magic.
 I'm a witch.
 A mad scientist.

 What they were talking about was hard for me to grasp as a novice, but I could still understand it on a zany level and guess that this was probably what they were talking about, based on my knowledge of the world I was in before.

 My guess.
 These two people are probably.........

 ........................trying to clone it.
 And maybe even a modified clone.