133-132 Homunculus Horse Performance

 And about a month later.

 Finally, news of the completion of the homunculus horse arrived from Zos Saira.

''A synthetic horse created by magic...?

 The Demon King roared with an unexplained expression.
 ''I mean, you've come again after a month's break?

My beloved horse, the Black Flame, is a magical creature that was created using, well.......spirit. As a horse owner, I have a duty to see it through.
'Lies. He just can't contain his interest in anything horsey.

 The look on Astares' face as she said next to me was that of a wife who completely doesn't understand her husband's taste.
 Incidentally, she's already pregnant, and her belly is starting to show off by now.

'I see the audience is all here. An auspicious gesture.

 and this time the perpetrator, Zos Saira, came out.
 The main culprit is Prati.

'It is a great pleasure for you to attend the unveiling of my masterpiece today. I wish you to leave here with the happiness of witnessing my divine work in the presence of an ordinary man.
You're so high and mighty.
You're so high and mighty. Who do you think you are?

 Ignoring the boos from me and Prathi, Zos Cyra proceeds.

'Now, before we unveil the real thing, let's go over the basic theory of homunculus manufacturing.
There it is. I have a lot of profound knowledge.
I don't want to go through such a complicated process. All you have to do is show me the results!

 We're on a roll and keep booing.

'Shut up. You'd be able to appreciate the awesomeness of the straw man if you understood the logic, though. ........Now, let's start with the root of the matter, what is a homunculus first?

 He sounds like a scientist, in a very regrettable tone of voice.

A homunculus is a pseudo-life that is created through pharmacological magic. In a sense, they're the equivalent of the monsters created by mana condensation in dungeons.
We've heard that explanation before.
However, unlike monsters created by the laws of nature, which are not yet understood, homunculi have no basis for creating them from scratch. There is no information that could be called a blueprint for life. The saints used to refer to it as genes...

 So Zos Saira takes genes from existing organisms and creates artificial life based on them.
 It also uses more than two types of genes. Research is also underway to successfully combine the strengths of each of them to create more powerful life forms.
 ........." said Zos Saira at length.

Otherwise, there would be no advantage to going to the trouble of creating life through magic.
Does this homomunculus horse we're about to unveil have more than one kind of life crossed in it?
''That's right. I took the genes from the famous horse that the Demon King provided me with and added various genes from other lives to make it even more powerful. ........Then.

 Zos Saira grins.

'Without further ado, let me introduce you to them as soon as possible! Masterpieces of Wara!

 It's detailed enough by now, it's dull.

 Masterpiece, guys?

Piece number one! It's an armored homunculus horse!

 As if on cue, a horse came out from offstage with a crackle of hooves.

 ........no wait.

 How extravagant they are setting the stage for this presentation.

 And the all-important homomunculus horse has finally appeared...!

 Armored horse?

 Whatever it is, it's covered with armor all over its body!
 They're not wearing some kind of horse armor, but just plain old armor?

"This film combines the genes of a famous horse with the genes of a fish monster called Dinikutis.
'Dinikutis is a fish monster with a hard shell all over its body, so it's inherited those characteristics.

 And Prati calmly explains........?

"The Dinikutis with its shell is said to have the greatest defense of any sea-dwelling monster. "The armored horses that have inherited its robustness will not be able to withstand any attack.

 Let's imagine.
 Imagine a battlefield of friends and foes, with bows and arrows pouring down like rain and spear beds soaring above the ground.
 The bows and arrows pouring down like rain, the towering line of spear beds.
 A cavalryman would be able to run in all directions without getting a single scratch while clashing with countless sharp edges.
 The natural armor covering their bodies will block all attacks!

No, no!


 I want a means of transportation to get in and out of the farm quickly! It's for peaceful purposes!
 Who said I wanted to be a Warring States Warrior?

"No need for combat! I don't need aggression! Defenses are also minimal and sufficient!

 Zos Saira seemed unhappy with my protests.

'Great...! What a novelty........?

 Next to him, the Demon King was impressed.

"Didn't you like the armored horse? It can't be helped. Now let me introduce the number two. It's the Tricky Homunculus Horse!


 From the sound of it, it's full of anxiety!
 The horse that appeared from offstage again, however, looked more normal than the previous armored horse.
 Even to the untrained eye, the characteristic that can be seen is its small body.

 It was no larger than a pony, let alone a horse, and all traces of its genetic father, Black Flame, were gone.

''What kind of characteristics does this horse have...?
''Hmph........! Watch it!

 When Zos Saira stroked that new horse, its surface pruned and shook.
 The texture was like a pudding or jelly. It's hard to believe it's that of a mammal's body.

''Heeeee! What's that!?
That's disgusting!

 Me and Demon King were both confused.

The second piece of work, the gene that was crossed with the tricky horse is from the octopus-shaped monster Spring Tentacle! It's an octopus whose body is made up of springy muscles. Its muscle power allows it to jump around in all directions, which is truly tricky!

 The tricky horse, unleashed to perform, leaps like a spring.
 A horse....or is it a rabbit? Frogs? No, grasshopper? It was a flight as if to say, "I'm a grasshopper?
 On the contrary...!

Whoa! Attached to the wall of a building?
I inherited the suction cup from the original Spring Tentacle. This is an octopus. It can stick to flat surfaces like that.

 And then he kicks the wall and jumps right next to it.
 Three-dimensional trajectory!
 That move is truly tricky, and I don't think I could catch it if I tried!

I don't want it!

 What I want is a very moderate and bland form of transportation! We don't need some kind of supernatural power that can't be exceeded!

When these horses go into battle, they will be able to form a truly versatile, ambitious, ambush force...

 Demon King, stop daydreaming!
 You've just destroyed a nation of people! What more do you have to fight?

What........this isn't working either? You're a man of high ideals, aren't you, Saint?
''Your vision is of too high a standard!

 Our goals don't quite mesh with each other!

However, it's actually part of the calculation. The next piece I'm going to show you, piece number three, is the one I made to carry the saint's dog!

 Then what were the first two horses........?

 The third horse that appeared after some confident previous explanation........

''Sorry to keep you waiting, master!

 For some reason, Veerle came out.