134-133 heaven run


 Isn't that the dragon that lives on my farm, Veerle?
 Now in human form.

 But why does the Veerle come out of the stage room?
 Today is the day Zos Saira unveils his latest creation.

"Master of Grinzel, the dragon who rules me! The creature you ride must be special! Like me!

 Don't tell me you're not going to tell me to ride you in dragon form again, are you, Veerle?
 You were supposed to be rejected because you're too spotted, right?

'You look anxious, saint. Let me tell you that part is all right.

 Isn't it totally safe for you to be told by Zos Saira?

''I thought I was indeed going to die when this dragon barged into my laboratory at the bottom of the sea, but if you're from there, you should have told me first. That was really heartbreaking.

 Can it reach the bottom of the ocean without difficulty?
 That's my girl.

You can't just multiply living things together and make something more powerful! I'm the most powerful creature in the world, and I'm so busy I can't help but cry. But if it's for the sake of the master, I'd be willing to strip myself of my clothes too!

 What is it?

'Miss Veerle has offered to help Warawa with her research. The strawberry welcomed it. And what do you think happened then?

 What's going on?

'It has been produced! A dragon homunculus horse that is a cross between a dragon gene and a dragon!

 After the introduction, the horse appeared in a puckering manner.

 This is a homunculus horse with the genes of the most powerful creature, a dragon, crossed over?

 It's full of the strongest impressions from the letters, though.
 At first glance, he's exactly the same as an ordinary horse. It doesn't have a conspicuous strangeness like the armored horse that was revealed earlier, nor does it have a strange size like the tricky horse.

 It's a very dense and rich aura that's pouring out.
 The color of the eyes is also different, and the appearance, or rather the atmosphere, of a strong man appeals to a sense of specialness.

You can't get away with it.

 What? What was that voice?
 It was as if it was speaking directly to your mind...?
 Oh, is it my imagination?

 As I was getting confused for no reason, the dragon horse quietly approached me.
 He's already saddled and gagged, and he rubs his nose in it in a friendly manner. To me.

"Are you telling me to 'get on'?

 I had no riding experience at all, so I put my legs in the stirrups and rode with trepidation.
 At the same time, the horse runs off at full speed!

 Fast! That's fast!
 Don't dash off without asking your owner for help!

 You'll be shaken off! ........but it wasn't so.
 The horses themselves were riding with great care and I was totally fine with just holding the reins.

 We went back and forth from one end of the farm to the other, cutting through the wind at breakneck speed.
 And then I ended up flying.

He flew!

 This horse flew through the air.
 With me on my back, he was flying through the heavens with his hooves clacking against the air.

It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on it.
I never would have thought that adding dragon genes would give them such versatility. This is a dragon....!

 I hear people on the ground!
 I mean, it's about time! Put me down! I'm afraid of heights!

 I finally got back to the ground and got comfortable.
 That's when Zos Saira asked me to comment.

"How was the ride?
So it's too over-specified!

 I want a horse that can get me all over the farm and to the mountains and to the sea and to the caves as fast as possible!
 Who wanted the strongest creature to rule the skies?
 The more you give it to them, the worse it gets!

"You can't even keep track of all these awesome creatures... I knew we'd have to buy a horse from somewhere around the devil's country, a normal horse...!
What happens to these guys then?

 The dragon horse, tricky horse and armored horse that was unveiled this time, all stare at me.
 They have pitiful eyes like a calf being sold on a cart.

"How dare you.........?

 You don't want us? Are you going to get rid of it?
 Don't look at me like that.

 It's no use, because supply and demand don't mix.

 It would be a tragedy if you were created for our convenience and then branded as unnecessary.

 Stop! Don't look at me like I'm some kind of horse with tears in my eyes!
 It's my fault!
 Am I the bad guy?

All right, all right, all right! I'll take care of them all at home responsibly!

 The homunculus horses as well as Zos Saira, Prati, and Veerle rejoiced in unison.
 Smart horses.

'Master! This horse! Dragon horses are the master's favorite! That's a special mixture of my genes, and you don't let anyone but the master on board!
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

 That's why we have a new horse resident on our farm.
 A horse, or rather a homunculus horse.

 As an aside, in addition to the dragon horse, which has become my personal favorite horse, the previously mentioned armored horse and the tricky horse.
 Oakbo and Gobb Kichi, the head of the monster army, will be riding them respectively.

 Oakbo has the muscular physique of an Orc, even if it's just an Orc's muscular physique, and its power is overwhelming when it's mounted on an armored horse that looks like a heavy tank.
 His majestic appearance, holding a manametal axe in his right hand and holding the reins in his left, was solemn, just like a Legatus (general), that his subordinate Orcs cheered him on.
 Furthermore, Zos Saira watched with an enthralled expression.

 The tricky horse had a small body as small as a pony, as if it had been made in the process of synthesis, and it was just right for the equally small gobbler Gov.
 Moreover, the tricky horse, which has an unusual leaping ability and habit, is unlikely to be able to be ridden by anyone other than Govkichi, who was originally adept at it, and the compatibility between the two was excellent.
 If it was a forest or an intricate mountainous area, or a place with a lot of obstructions, it moved at high speed on a three-dimensional track, expanding the viewer's common sense.

''........and by the way, Saint Lord.''

 The horse-loving Demon King said with a hint of trepidation.

''Since you enjoy riding horses, don't you need to practice? What do you think? If you don't mind, allow me to teach you. It takes a lot of men to teach a saint a lesson! As my unworthy Demon King, I have the responsibility to do so...!

 I hope we've found some kindred spirits.

 I've decided to name the horses myself since they are my beloved horses.
 Okubo and Gobukichi will come up with a name for their beloved horses, but....

 In my case, it's a dragon horse.
 A name that goes well with a dragon horse........

 Dragon Horse.
 Dragon Horse.
 Dragon Horse.........!
 Okay, I'll take it.


 Named, Sakamoto. He was a dragon horse that came to be known as

              * * * *.

 A later aside.
 The elves working in the workshop were riding horses.
 It's just a plain, ordinary horse.

Girls? Where did you get that from?

 I'm somewhat shocked to see the scene.
 When asked, the elven maidens answer honestly.

'When we saw the saints riding, we thought it's been a while since we've had a ride.
'I caught and trained a wild horse that lived in the woods. Elves are forest people, so they're good at that sort of thing.

 I immediately thought to myself, "I should have asked them from the beginning!

 I should have asked them from the start...! And.
 Then there wouldn't have been a single flashy or troublesome thing to do...! And.

 The homunculus horse, made by Zos Saira's House of Homunculus, and the wild horses that the elves had caught, now live in their newly built stables on good terms.