135-134 God's request

"I summon the gods...

 I thought the teacher had come to visit me out of the blue, but he said so single-mindedly.

 Sensei is the No-Life King, the worst and most deadly monster among the undead. He is nicknamed 'Sensei' because more than a thousand years have passed since he became immortal and he has forgotten his own name.

 He usually works as a dungeon master deep in a cave style dungeon near the farm, but sometimes he comes to visit our farm.
 On such occasions, we serve him takuan, his favorite food, and enjoy chatting with him, but today....

'I summon the gods.'

 I say.

''Well sir, if it's God, you just summoned him the other day, didn't you?''

 I admonished him in a contrived tone.
 Demon King Zedan summoned the Underworld God Hades to report the victory of the battle that destroyed the human nation. Almost no time had passed since that latest summoning.

''Even so, I summon a god.''

 What is this stubbornness?

Um..., sir? You know how hard it is to summon a god, don't you?

 When you're the king of the undead, though, you may not be able to understand common sense like a millionaire who has lost his financial sense.

 Summoning a god, you know.
 It's a lot of work.

 He's a god. God.

 I heard from Prati and the elves that the summoning technique itself is in the magic of the demon race and the magic of the human race, but it's like the best they can do is to summon spirits and demons.

 Summoning a god from such a level.
 It's not that bad.
 It's impossible!

"Aren't you stupid enough to summon a god? You're just using common sense! In the history of magic among demons, humans and even mermaids, there's no example of a god being summoned.

 How is that possible?
 Only because the teacher has one foot in the mythology of the man himself as the worst of the worst, the king of the undead!

So, you know what? So you don't want to summon a god too hoi polloi. You understand that it could ruin the balance of the world.

 Put yourself in the shoes of a god who is summoned.
 They are in the position of being the lord of the world, so their dignity will be ruined if they are easily summoned.

We don't want them to say, "We're going to regain our lost dignity" and cause a great flood by bringing a few people onto the ark.
 I tried to persuade the doctor not to make a mess, but he said, "We can't give up.

"We can't give up on this.

 For some reason, they won't listen to me.

 Well, it's the foundation recklessness of trying to talk them out of it against the No Life King....
 Since the first class powerful being called God came out from the beginning, I'm under the illusion that it's easy in comparison.

''That's because this time the summoning is not done at the eagle's own discretion. ........Although that has never happened before.''

 He had to have moderation and didn't summon a decision without some kind of pretext, you know.
 He has a sense of decorum in his own right.

...So what's the reason this time?
"The oracle has come to you.

 The oracle says...

 --who wishes to summon us. Hades, husband of Mother Goddess of Earth, and Poseidon, God of the Sea.

You wish to be summoned?

 You are the God!
 What the hell does that mean?

If it is an oracle of Poseidos, the god of the sea who rules over not only the dark god Hades but also the ocean, I cannot disobey. Since the reputation of the Immortal King is at stake, I will do my best to summon him!

 Hoonsu, the teacher's snorting voice is loud.
 In addition to this sense of mission, there's probably also the joy of being able to summon a favorite god with the permission of the god himself and make a big show of it.

 Just like the Demon King the other day, a lot of talented people in this world are really into their hobbies.
 Prince Arowana is really into sumo wrestling, too.
 I have to be cautious when introducing a game to the people of this world.

              * * * *

 And so it began.
 Now it's time for the customary summoning of God by the teacher.

 This time, too, the residents of the farm are visiting onlookers.

The last time Hades was summoned, everyone ran away in a panic.

 I thought to myself.

'That's a scare. I never thought I'd see God with my own eyes!
I'm so grateful! I super regretted after I calmed down that I got scared and ran away, but if you say there's a chance to do it again, this time!
''I'm going to worship it with all my might! I'll also throw some money at you!

 The world here is only at the cultural level of the Middle Ages, and faith is still very much alive and well.
 When it comes to the gods that created them, that alone is a reason to worship them.

 Just don't throw the money at them because it looks painful, so don't do it.

'It's not just Hades that's being summoned this time, but also the god Poseidon, right? Aren't you the creator god of the mermaid race, Atay!
''I can't help but be present for this. As the Sea God's family!''

 The mermaid group such as Puffa and Lamp-Eye, who are now becoming the old guard of the farm, also seem to be very interested in this divine summoning.

 Thus, when the place was sufficiently lively, Sensei, I will summon the god.

''Hunjala Hongjala...! Ay!

 Isn't the spell getting more appropriate?

 Appropriate but successful.

 God summoned.

 Hades, the underworld god with his magnificent beard, is now familiar, but another divine one, lined up next to him, is a novelty.

 It's not just that he's naked on top of his body, showing off his thick chest plate, but also that he has a trident weapon in his hand that's even more impressive.
It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on it.

 It's a good thing that you have a good idea of what you're looking for.

 This god is the one........

''........Poseidon, the god of the sea. Praise be to me.

 Not to mention the mermaid race, which was the direct family of mermaids, even the other races fell flat like an avalanche.

''........You didn't do that to me when I was with you.''

 Next to me, the Hades God muttered as if he was sulking.

 ........No, every time you came over, it was all of a sudden, and I didn't have that much of a head start.
 If you want, I'll do it now!


''Immortal King. It was a great cause. You have done well to answer the oracle and summon us.
"As the gods wish.

 Reverently framed teacher.
 Even though this is one of the two greatest disasters in the world, I am once again awed by the existence of a God who must humble himself.

I'm not going to be able to say that I'm not the only one.
"Mm, we'll do that.

 The god of the earth and the god of the sea nodded to each other.

 This summons was done because the gods wanted it to be done.
 In other words, the gods had an errand to come to earth, so what exactly was the purpose of it?

"In the name of God, I command you. "I command you in the name of God, let this sea god eat bamboo shoot rice!
"Mm, let me feed you some bamboo shoot rice!