139-138 Price of the gods

 This is how my farm became an izakaya (Japanese pub) farm.

 And it's an izakaya of the gods.
 I don't know if it was great or not.

'My lord! Medusa God at Table 3 ordered an omelet with mentaiko mushrooms!
Additional furofuki daikon radish is in! Tables two through five are very popular!
Add Kamaboko!
Same here!
We need more booze! Gala Rufa-san!

 I'm in the kitchen shaking a pot, and orders are pouring in one after another.

I'm making it, so just wait! Someone please go to the warehouse and see if there are any more ingredients.

 It's not just me; everyone on the farm is busy.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot more than you're used to.
 I'm not going to be the only one who has a problem with that. The satyrs serve all the milk they can find.
 The elves help me cook, and the earth spirits are busy washing dishes.

 Only Veerle was asleep at the back of the house, without a care in the world.

 The gods were drinking and eating as if they were going to eat up the farm's stockpile, and it was exactly like being caught in a storm.

              * * * *


 God said.
 'You have to be satisfied.
 If you eat and drink any more, our farm will really run out of stockpiles and collapse.

''No, I'm sorry...!

 The teacher was the one who summoned the gods.
 However, as expected of a group of gods, there was no way for the No-Life King to do anything about it, and he could only cringe at the side.

''Well, this is the first time I've seen such an excellent offering. I've enjoyed it.''
"I bless this rolled egg with the blessing of God.
"I bless you with roasted chicken as the food of the Lord!
"I am, above all, a godsend for this beer.
"Alas, it is already blessed by me.

 God says whatever he wants to say.

''Well, then, it's time to call it a night.......!
"Hmm, I think I'll take the Saint's reward.

 What's your reward?

"What's the matter with you? Did you think that we were just going to eat a free meal and leave without a thank you?
"Not Zeus's idiot. "We are not such morons. I'll pay you handsomely for every bite I take.

 Representatives of the gods who undertake to be. The God of Hades and the God of Poseidon.
 That is, if you're willing to pay for the food you eat, that's a good thing.

'But with all due respect, I'm really surprised. I thought gods were more unreasonable.'
"The image was created by Zeus in the first place.

 The second?

''........Gods present here. Once again, I remind you that you must never tell Tenjin Zeus about the existence of this paradise.
''Of course!''

 The gods unanimously agreed.

''If Zeus finds out about this place, he might take the liberty of calling it his own personal sanctuary or something like that and rule over it.
'And then you're going to make demands on the local people's children and eventually destroy them.
"And to make sure that doesn't happen, the subject of this paradise is absolutely forbidden in front of Zeus!
"And if they should ever find out, we will all unite to beat Zeus to death!

 Oh, well....
 I'm sure there's nothing more reassuring than the hand of the gods to protect you.

''Let's get back to the topic. What we should be talking about now is what kind of reward to give this great saint.''
'In case you haven't noticed, he's already been given a gift from Hephaistos, the god of modeling. "Think not to give him more, lest he break his promise.

 Isn't that what you said before?
 What kind of a deal is that?

Long ago, Zeus wished to rule the earth and bestowed various blessings on his people.
It's no wonder that he has been giving out too many blessings, blessings and even sacred armor without limit. The balance of the world has been thrown out of balance because he has become as powerful as a god, even though he is the son of a man.
It's not a good time to be a hero. Great hero of the human race, he took what he could get, and then he simply betrayed Zeus and tried to destroy all the gods.
'The three world gods cooperated and managed to seal it off, but a lesson was instituted thereafter, a promise not to give too much power to one man's child.

 The more you listen to the story, the more it makes sense.
 Yes, a significantly unbalanced balance of power is a no-no.

'Having already obtained a gift from the God Hephaistos, I cannot give you further gifts, blessings and blessings.... Well, in return for this offering, I can at least promise you a bountiful harvest for the year.''
Then I can promise you a year of good catches.

 A light of blessing spread out from the palms of the palms of the gods Hades and Poseidos' hands, which were stretched out together.

''Are you ready for me next?''

 It was a goddess with wavy dark blonde hair that sparkled," he said.
 Her blonde hair shone like the surface of the sea shimmering in the sunset.

''I am Amphitrite, the wife of the sea god Poseidos. I've been wondering about you for a while now, Anata. Aren't we the Sea Clan?''

 My wife, Prati, pointed at me.

'I knew it! You're quite good at shapeshifting with potions, aren't you, witch? In anticipation of that ability, I'll give you the 'Blessing of the Sea Mother God' again today!'

 The light emitted from the hand of the Amphitrite Goddess or something like that was sucked into Prati and disappeared.

''Ugh, wow...! It's like I've been given something great in a flutter...!

 As expected, Prati couldn't hide her confusion.

''Attah's blessing is not prohibited like only Hades, so you can rest assured!
Okay, now I'm going to...

 The next to appear was a goddess with beautiful, jet-black, shiny hair, in contrast to the Amphitrite goddess.
 Her wavy black hair reminded me of the sea at night.

'There's a witch I'm also curious about. ........you.
"Huh? Atai!

 The one chosen by the dark-haired goddess is the Frozen Witch, Puffa.

I understand. I'm sure you'll find yourself in the position of supporting the men who owe you their lives. That's why I give you the blessing of the Sea Goddess from the goddess Medusa.

 And then the light is released from the gods again and sucked into the puffa.

'I'll take it if I can get it...? But what is it? 'A position to support a responsible man'?

 After that, the gods continue to pick out the people they want and give them things.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this. "I sense a rare glint of faith in your eyes, Orc, as the Judge of the Underworld, Radamantis, gives you the power to see right and wrong.
'You look tough for a demon! Let this hunter god, Orion, give you the art of reading the stars!
'You are elves. From this Hupnos I give you double the healing sleep you deserve.

 And so on.

 Each of the other gods gave whatever they wanted to whomever they wanted to, and the payment was complete.

'Then, sons of man,' said the gods. The gods have been satisfied. What a blessing it is for the gods to have men as good-hearted as yourselves operating on earth.'

 With just a few words, the gods disappeared and went back to the world they were supposed to be in.

 When it was all over, it was so intense that we were confused as to what the hell it was all about.

 After all the hullabaloo, as if a storm had come and gone through, what we got was....

''Hey mister, why do I even have knowledge of potions in my head that I didn't know before?
The magic limit in the potion has been raised!
I can run much faster than before!

 It was a great power up for all the residents.