138-137 Feast of the Gods

 And finally, it's here.
 The unveiling ceremony to present the completed masterpiece to Poseidos, the god of the sea, was held.

"Here it comes, my saint.
Good day to you.

 The teacher of the No Life King, whose role is to summon the gods, also arrived on site.
 This person also has a very lucrative role this time, as he is able to make use of his hobby by waving a big hand.

'It seems that the gods have also been informed and are stunned to be summoned in the divine world. I received a list of the gods that I wish to summon just now from the oracle.''
A list?

 What do you mean?
 Aren't Hades and Poseidon the only gods that were summoned today?

"And they don't look like this...

 I take a piece of paper from the teacher and look at it.
 The countless names of the gods listed there.

 Those wishing to be summoned from the camp of the Earth God
 Demeter Sepone.
 Lada Mantis.
 Those wishing to be summoned from the Sea God camp

There are too many of them!
The wives, children, vassals, flirtatious lovers and their children of Hades and Poseidon, the God of the Three Realms.

 But why are his wives and his children and his vassals and his lovers and their children coming to him in droves?
 Wasn't it supposed to be just the God of Hades and the God of Poseidon in the first place?

'That's how well known the saint is among the gods. Anyway, I'll summon you! Ay!''

 When the teacher chanted the incantation, all the distinguished faces appeared.

 All at once, more than ten so-called gods appeared.
 Which god's seat is this place? My farm has become a godsend.

"Visitor from another world. Continue to be a good cause. One who passes on knowledge that does not exist in this world.

 No, no.
 As expected, we can't ignore God's wishes either.

 The gods of the underworld, Hades and Poseidon, the god of the sea, are familiar to us, but today, other gods are also in attendance.

 For example, the two goddesses over there.

"Demeter Sephone, hey! How are you?
It's a good thing that you're still in good spirits, Amphitrite. It's a good idea to have a good time with them.
'It's nothing! That jerk of a husband is cheating on me all the time! Not as much as Zeus's big jerk, but I envy Hades-san who is so single-minded!

 The other gods were also in harmony, warming up old friendships as if they hadn't been in the sea and land for a while.
 A social gathering of the gods broke out at my farm.

"Wait a minute!

 In the midst of all this, one of us from the team of living creatures on earth shouts out in a high-pitched voice.

"Who has the guts to take on the gods? But when I turned around, the one who was raising her hand in vehement protest was Letaslate, the princess of the human race who had just recently come to our house.
 The human princess has guts.
 She's angry and says....

The gods of the earth and the gods of the sea are all here, so why isn't the god of heaven, the protector of our race of humans, here? What about our human race's patron god, Tenjin Zeus-sama?

 Come to think of it, it doesn't feel right that two of the three are together and one is missing.

''If you can see Zeus directly and tell him of the plight the human race is in now, I'm sure he'll bring you some kind of relief! And yet, the all-important Lord Zeus is not here! There's the earth and the sea, and there's no god that we need most!

 Lettuce Ratechan seemed to be angry about that point.
 In response, Hades, the underworld god, and Poseidon, the sea god, said........

''I didn't call him because he's a jerk.''
"Master Left, I didn't want to invite you because it would have ruined a good party.

 He was very frank.

''Zeus is selfish and self-centered, so he gets angry when he's not treated to the best of his ability and lashes out when he doesn't get his way.''
''If Zeus finds out about the existence of this paradise, he might say, 'I'm going to make it my own personal sanctuary. That's why I'll never invite him.

 A resolute hardness of will could be felt from the two gods.

''d*mn it!''

 Hearing that, Lettuce Rate-chan ran off, crying.
 Let's leave her alone.

 Today's star is the gods.

''Yes, yes, chu-moku!

 And the god Poseidos took the lead in attracting the attention of the gods.
 That god seems to have a very divider-like personality.

Thank you for joining us today for the "Ocean Cuisine from the Other World, Specialities Recognition Ceremony" hosted by Isuzu. We are the kindred of the God of the Earth and the God of the Sea, with whom we don't usually have much contact, but I hope you will take today as a good opportunity to enjoy it to your heart's content and deepen your friendship!

 It's kind of a nice way to moderate the event.

'But let's not forget the purpose of this event! The great otherworldly man here today, at the request of Poseidos, the extraordinarily talented sea god, is offering us a delicacy that roars across the seas of the earth! I will give you praise and honor after you have tasted the feast!
Um, please don't raise the bar too high...!

 If this were a manga, it would be a defeat flag to lift and then knock off.

'Then, aliens, let's see the finished dish! Hm? I know what I'm doing, okay? I came here because I heard the news that it was completed!
I know, I know. I know, I know...!

 Poseidon God, panting with anticipation, rushed me and I held out the mentaiko I had prepared anyway.
 It was red and shiny, absorbing plenty of pepper extract.

''It's spicy cod roe, sir.''
"What is this?

 Even God, as expected, looks puzzled by the mysteriousness of the spicy cod roe.

I thought it was going to be a fish dish. What is this red, long and slender and wavy...? Gross! I can't even guess what it is!
Anyway, please try it.

 As I hold out a pair of chopsticks to him, the God of Poseidon takes them in bewilderment and sandwiches the cod roe with them.

''Oh........., it's surprisingly easy to cut.......?

 This god also uses chopsticks very well.

''The small grains inside are........eggs? There are hundreds and thousands of fish eggs inside.

 That's about the extent of my observation, and I bring a piece of cut cod roe to my mouth.


 Thank God, she liked it........!
 You raised the bar so much that I was worried until the very end that I might be defeated in a flagging manner, but I'm glad we live in a world that isn't governed by promises!

"And while you're at it, we'll have some kamaboko made from the fish you took the eggs from, so please enjoy them.

 Serve it with soy sauce if you like.
 I'd like to add wasabi to it, but our farm doesn't produce it yet.

I'd like to add wasabi to it, but we don't produce it at our farm yet. It's good for you too!

 Okay, we did it.

It's a pass mark without any complaints! This mentaiko and kamaboko are now recognized as the food of God.

 So don't binge on them.

Mentaiko is more delicious with rice, bread, and pasta than on its own. The strength of spicy mentaiko is that it goes well with any ingredient.

 We haven't made pasta on our farm yet.

We've prepared many of those ingredients for you to enjoy today.
"What a consummate alien! In the name of the gods, I officially pronounce him a saint! Drink, gods, make some noise! Praise and celebrate this saint!'

 The gods boil over, inspired by the frenzied Poseidon god, who says

'Me too! I want that cod roe too!
"I want that rice with bamboo shoots that Hades has been praising so much!
I'm gonna eat them all! Bring it!

 And so the gods all demanded delicious food of their own accord.

 Wait a minute.

 Is it possible that I am the one who is doing my best to entertain the gods?