137-136 red gem

"Make delicious food from the sea.

 I received an order from God to make this puzzle.

 I wondered what the protagonist of a gourmet manga would be going through if he was given a reckless assignment, but I guess it's still an easy one because if it were a gourmet manga, I'd probably be given a more reckless assignment.

It's pretty liberal, "I'll accept any seafood".

 You're dealing with a god, an opponent that you shouldn't basically oppose.
 In addition, it seems that he'll give you something divinely good as a reward if you clear the challenge, so let's try to be honest about it.

              * * * *

 Then a few days.


 I kept visiting the kitchen between farm work and groaning in distress.

 The gods have long gone home and are waiting for my food to be finished.
 Because the God of Poseidon........

''Listen! It's not just food! Make the best sea food ever! A dish that far surpasses rice with bamboo or green peas! The guy from Hades cooks a dish of guffawing!

 He raised the bar so hard that I received a reprieve for that.
 And what about the fact that you can't even make a gagging sound and still get a gafun?

 I'm not sure if there is a different concept of time because there is only God after all, but it helps that no clear deadline was given....


 When I actually got to work on it, I had a surprisingly difficult time.

 The topic of this time, marine products.
 Speaking of seafood, fish is a typical example.

 At first I thought, "Why don't you cook with that fish?

 With these methods of cooking.....

I feel like it's too easy.

 The client, the god Poseidon, raises the bar so high and has such high expectations that they may not be satisfied with a half-hearted dish.

 The quality of the food depends on the mood of the recipient, you know.
It's not easy to get people to say "It's good!" out of the mindset of "It's only natural that the food is good. It's a very high level of difficulty to get people to say "This is good!

 And let's not forget.

 The rice cooked with bamboo and green peas that made the gods roar.
 These are indeed agricultural products from the earth.
 But the origin of them, the bamboo shoots, green peas and rice, are the varieties of the other world I was from.

 I mustn't forget that.

 The world I was in before was far more civilized than this one, and agricultural products have been improved in taste and appearance through dozens of generations of breeding.

 I'm the "supreme bearer" and I can easily grow them out of the ground, and I feel like I should never forget how grateful I am.

 The quality of rice cooked with bamboo or green peas is largely due to the quality of the varieties of these crops.

 In contrast, the fish prepared here is of this world from the beginning.
 There is no ingredient boost on it.
 If you want to produce a taste that is acceptable to God on top of that, there's no way to do it without putting weight on the cooking method.

 And yet, the only cooking methods that come to mind are grilled fish and sashimi.
 It's more like a method that brings out the flavors of the ingredients.
 In reality, though, it may be possible to recreate this with the skills of an itamae master, the "supreme bearer".

 If I'm going to do this, I'd like to attack it with an unconventional cooking method that would astonish the people of this world and the gods.
 That's how the people of the other world will show their true colors.

 So, I went to the kitchen to get some ideas and tried to process some fish.

 We have plenty of samples of fish that Okubo and his crew scavenged from their boat the other day.
 It can be frozen and stored for as long as you want, thanks to the improvements made to the freezer by the "frozen witch" known as Puffa.

 I cut open the thawed fish's belly and took out the guts.


 I discovered something and had a good idea.

              * * * *

 What I focused on from inside the fish's stomach.
 It's this.


 It may have been before birth, but it was packed tightly with eggs, and it instantly reminded me of something.

 I immediately salted those ovaries and the result was.....


 In another world, you wouldn't know what this tastes like!
 But the other party is God.
 This is an opponent that should not be taken lightly. You have to add one more push to make sure you don't miss out on the victory by underestimating the opponent.

 The finished cod roe is then soaked in a marinade made mainly of chili peppers to soak up the spiciness and flavor.

 Evolution of the cod roe!

 Spicy red cod roe!

 Red, vivid, transparent and shiny.
 The countless number of grainy eggs in the thin membrane have a unique crunchy texture, while the spiciness of the spicy flavor gives you a unique sensation that you can only experience with this.

 Its presence is truly a red diamond in the sea!

''Yup, well done!

 The tone of the narrative sounded as if it had gone fairly easily so far, but in reality, it took a lot of mistakes and a lot of time.

 The hot peppercorn soaking liquid in particular was completely fumbled, and with the help of Prathi, Gala Rufa, and Puffa, we finally managed to do it.

 Fortunately, the most common species of fish that Okubo and the others have taken are impregnated with a lot of eggs and can be mass-produced.

 It's a species similar to pollock in my world, and according to Prathi, our world is teeming with them.
 So let's make a janjiang spicy cod roe!
 We're gonna have a new specialty on our farm!

 ........The leftover fish meat was made into a fish paste and was delicious.