141-140 sewing machine

 The gods have left and peace has finally returned to our farm.
 It feels like it's been a long time since we've had peace.

 The gods ate every single thing they served and I was worried that the pantry would be empty, but surprisingly, our reserves were not so low.
 This is enough of a surplus with the benefits the gods have given us.

 We can replenish the crops that grew faster with the Hyper Fish Manure, and the reduced amount will soon be restored.

 Now that we've settled our differences with the gods, let's get back to our normal farm life.

 In fact, there is one project that I have been working on since winter.

'There are a number of plans that aren't yet completed, so don't start a new one with an idea! And Prathi gets angry at me, but I can't help what I come up with.

 You have to start by the side of what you come up with!

 Each plan takes time to accomplish, and if you don't work on a number of them in parallel, you won't get them all done in your lifetime!

 This is why I set out to make a new project.

 Making a sewing machine.

              * * * *

 Clothing, food and shelter are the basic units of life.

 My life on the farm has made me realize once again how important it is to have food, shelter, and clothes. What we eat, where we live, and what we wear, all of which are really important.

 Among them, there is a single person who supports the "clothing" of our farm.

 Batty on the other hand is the daughter of a demon.

 She was originally born in a clothing store, and after retiring from the Demon King's Army, she dreamed of using her pension to open her own clothing store, which matched the demand for our farm.

 Every day she sews clothes for the residents of the farm.

 However, compared to the old days when we were small and organized in a small group, the number of people has increased a lot now.
 Although she occasionally asks the dexterous elves for support, Batty's burden must have become quite heavy.

 In order to ease her burden as much as possible, a tool to support her work.

 That's a sewing machine!

 Old world, I saw it on TV or something.
 A few minutes of sewing on the sewing machine and you can go from hours of manual labor to hours of sewing in minutes!
 Give Batty the gift of a sewing machine and make his clothing life even more fun!


 However, a sewing machine is an electrical appliance.
 As expected, there was a fear that it would be too good for the other world.

Electric appliances. The smell of civilization is indeed too harsh.

 It's not all-electric or moody or whatever in a fantasy alternate universe.
 It's impossible to begin with because it's a matter of impossibility, but I don't even dare to try the impossible.

 So the plan to develop a sewing machine is abandoned after all? I was about to growl, but then I remembered something.

 This was also something I had seen on TV, but even in the old world, when there was no electricity, there must have been a sewing machine that ran on something else.

 It was a human-powered sewing machine.

 I think it was a model that was integrated with a desk, and the needle was moved by stepping on a pedal at the foot of the machine.
 This would seem to be able to be made even in our world, which has a medieval level of civilization, and it wouldn't ruin our worldview!

 Alright, start the development plan for the footsteps sewing machine!

              * * * *

 ........and the idea came to me before winter arrived.
 And even now that winter has passed, the footstepping sewing machine is still not finished.

 In front of me was a pile of scrap metal and failed gears and shafts.

"I licked the machine work...!

 When I first started, I thought, "All I have to do is to get the needle to move when I step on the pedal," but I soon found out that it's not that easy.

 The basic material of the otherworldly foot-stamping sewing machine is the familiar "mana metal".

 We used plenty of the metal, which is apparently the best material in this world, again, and stretched it with a hammer and holy sword to shape it, but it didn't go well at all.

 I had only seen it on TV, but there was no way I knew exactly what it was made of and it was completely out of my depth.

"As expected, I went too far with a spur-of-the-moment idea...!

 I resumed work on this project after the feast of the gods was over. I feel like I've been confronted with the impossibility once again.

 It seems that we need to come up with some novel solutions to make progress here.

 The inhabitants of the farm have received various blessings from God, but is there not an ability to help them well?


 I've already received a gift from the god Hephaistos.
 Shouldn't I consistently ask the God Hephaistos for help here?

''He's a blacksmith god........''

 I feel like he's the first god I should cling to in these matters.

 I clasped my hands together with my panting hands on the altar in the mansion and prayed.

''The God of Hephaistos........! There is a machine called a sewing machine. It is a tool that allows you to sew faster. Please help us develop it. At the very least, a hint...!

 And I offer my usual offering of onigiri to the altar.
 I don't know why, but I have a feeling that the god Hephaistos loves onigiri.

 And today, it's not just an onigiri.
 I got excited about it in exchange for a generous wish.

 I put the mentaiko (cod roe) I developed the other day as a tribute to the god Poseidon, into an onigiri (rice ball).
 Nowadays, mentaiko is a standard ingredient for onigiri (rice balls).

 It's a bit of a splurge, but was it worth it?
 The moment you offer a rice ball of cod roe to the gods.
 The moment he offered the rice ball to the crown prince, the shrine began to glow.

"I... I... I love onigiri...!

 With the light, a piece of paper descends toward me.
 This is an awfully large piece of paper.
 It's as big as a sheet of newspaper.

 What was written on it was....!

"Sewing machine schematics?

 What do you think the answer is, instead of a hint, it's a whole answer?

And this is the reward for the mentaiko rice balls? May I ask how you spend all this money? What a god!

 But you're so well versed in this kind of mechanical structure, as expected of a god of modeling.
 We've made progress all at once!

              * * *

 Later I found out that the reward for an offering does not fall under the promise made between the gods 'not to give more than one gift to one person'.

 The gift and the reward are also different, and as long as the intention of the promise 'to prevent the earthly balance of power from being upset by the gods' is accomplished, there is no problem.
It seems to be the view that "the balance of the world will not be upset by a miracle that is equivalent to what a human being has offered.

 Anyway, with the blueprint given to me by the gentle god Hephaistos.
 Now it's time to get serious about developing a sewing machine!