142-141 Wave of mechanization

 Apparently there's a bobbin in a sewing machine.

 It's said to be essential for the machine to sew automatically, but I was trying to make a sewing machine without even knowing that bobbin existed...!

 Reflecting on his own stupidity, he begins to work on the blueprint given to him by the god Hephaistos.

 With the help of Orcs in charge of carpentry and the dexterous Elves, the sewing machine is nearing completion.

 Speaking of machine parts, it may seem difficult to make gears and millimeter precision, but I have a 'supreme bearer'.
 With this ability, I can make a perfectly circular gear or a perfectly straight shaft with no distortion.

 There were concerns that it would be difficult to carve out the raw material minerals due to their strength, but with my holy sword, it was not difficult.
 The mana metal, which is said to be the strongest mineral on earth, is as easy to chisel away in front of the holy sword as the empytics.

 As expected of the seven holy swords created by the Dark God Hades for the vanquished human race!
 It's been a long time since the Evil Sacred Sword Dry Schwartz made a big splash!

 Great job, Holy Sword!
 You can cut well, Holy Sword!

 This is the first time I'm really glad to have this sword in my possession.

              * * * *

 And it's done.

"Manna metal, foot-pedal sewing machine!

 The sewing machine is installed on a desk about the size of a school desk, and the needle moves in conjunction with a foot pedal at the bottom.

 It's human-powered, so there's no need for electricity!

...And what is this?
'I'm glad I helped you do what you asked, but I can't even imagine what I could have done.

 The orcs and elves helping out apparently still don't understand this.

 Oh well.
 You can surprise them by actually showing them how it works!

 Let's give it to Batty as soon as possible!
 Go to the dressing room where she's holed up!

              * * *

 And when I visited the dressing room, I saw Batty looking like a ghost.


 Batty has taken on the responsibility of producing clothes for our farm, which now numbers nearly two hundred people at once.
 That would be exhausting and exhausting.

 But! That's why this sewing machine could be a lifesaver!

Come on, Batty! A care in the world from the farmer! Use this sewing machine to its fullest extent, please!
Huh? What is this? Excuse me, but I don't have time to play with toys?

 Batty's reaction is more harsh than I imagined.
 It's because he's tired. It must be.

"It's not a toy...! This is a wonderful tool to make your job easier...!
Easy? How?
Look, there's a needle right here. This needle moves up and down when you press the pedal underneath.
It's a machine that sews quickly and accurately with this movement.

 Pull the thread out of here....

 And then thread the needle through the hole in the tip of the needle......it won't go through!
 Try again.............and it's so fine!
Activate the Bearer of Excellence.
 Okay, we're through!

What are you doing, Your Holiness?
We're all set! Now try it out!

 Still full of doubt, Batty sits in front of the sewing machine, pushed aside by my high tension.

 I set the appropriate fabric and press the pedal at my feet. The force of it travels through the belt and gears to the needle.

''Wow, that's a unique feel...?



 I didn't miss the fact that Batty's eyes, who could be called a professional in this field, were wide open.
 I was convinced that my efforts had been rewarded.

''Ko........! Such beautiful, neat stitches...? They're evenly spaced... perfectly. And this fast...? How long would it take to sew this long if it was hand stitched...?

 Marvel at the power of civilization! Then it will be worth my efforts too!

"The sewing skills I've spent years cultivating over the years are now so assorted...! I can't believe it's all for nothing...! This is the devil, this is a devil's tool!


A devil's tool to corrupt the demons! No one would be honing their sewing skills if they had this stuff! You can't have the warmth of a human hand in such a precise and neat stitch!

 That's what any such handmade person would say...?

'd*mn it! I'm going to do this thing like this!

 What does a distraught Batty do...!

 I started rustling away at the sewing machine to sew the work clothes of the Orcobos that I was creating.
 On the sewing machine!

'I am! I'm trying to make more creative clothes with more design flair! It's not creative at all to make this same design of work clothes over and over again!

 I ran the needle of the sewing machine over the fabric as if to vent my frustration.
 ...Oh, I made another dress.

'It's because of all this repetitive work that I can't make clothes of my favorite designs! That's what I'm going to do! I'm going to do this! Mass-produced clothes are just fine with warm, machine stitches!

 While I was saying this, I was able to make yet another dress.

 Apparently, Batty has come to terms with his own craftsmanship with the argument that 'if you don't put your heart and soul into it, you can cheat and make it with a machine'.

 Me and the Monster Army, for example, we don't have a problem with clothes, as long as we can wear them.

 If it streamlines the process and reduces the burden on Batty, that's fine.
 And it's even better if you can make whatever clothes you want in your free time.

'I'll do it like this! Argh! But really, if you sew with this tool, it's going to get done a hell of a lot faster...! The stitching is beautiful, and it doesn't look like it will ever fray and come undone...! The finish is beautiful!

 Maybe it won't be long before the pride of the craftsman can't resist this.
 I wonder how long it would take to use a sewing machine for seriously made clothes too?

I'm not gonna let that sewing machine! I'm not gonna let it defeat me!