143-142 Fashion Revolution

 A few days after I gave Batty a sewing machine as a gift.

 In just a few days, our farm has suddenly become more gorgeous... or so it seems.
 After careful observation, I realized the reason for this.

 The inhabitants have become fashionable in their own way!

''Prathi you are dressed like that...?

 First of all, my wife Prathi, the oldest person on the farm and my wife, was wearing clothes that looked easy to move in.
 The bottom half of her body and other parts of her body were tight and snug, and the line from her hips to her thighs stood out clearly.

'This? Batty made it for me and said it was for me. Huh, does it look good on me?

 Women seem to get more excited when they wear beautiful clothes, and Prathi was no exception, posing for me.

 This was when the farm was still a wilderness settlement.
 In those early days, Prati, who had spent time with me in those early days, prevented my downfall by forcing me to put on my trousers while I was transforming into a human and wearing my bottom half as a mermaid.

 At that time, Prathi didn't want to wear the hemp trousers that circulated in the general class of human country because they were "tacky! The one that had been complaining a lot, but eventually put up with me.

 Now, Prathi is dressed in a pair of fashion-forward tight pants and has a nice ass.
 I'm moved to tears by how far we've come since the days of the naysayers.

'...no, no! You don't have to be so happy to cry over how beautiful your own wife is.......!

 Prathi was mistaken, but it wasn't the kind of thing to forcefully correct, so I let her be mistaken.
 She was in a good mood for the day.

              * * * *

 .........and Prathi wasn't the only one who dressed up abruptly like that.

 I had just seen a group of people going hunting to the dungeon, so I dropped by and found that they were a complete group of defeating knights.
 The equipment was magnificent.

''Oh, Saint-sama.''
'Saints! I'm sorry to see you off!

 The formation heading into the dungeon was a mixture of elves and monsters.

 First of all, the elves, although they fight mainly at mid to long range with bows and arrows, they are basically lightly armed, but the leather armor they are wearing this time is very beautiful.

"It's the leather armor that Batty-san bought me a new pair!

 It's the job of the elves to tan the skins of monsters and turn them into leather, but it's Bati's job to use them to create something to wear.
 But creating armor is also his job.

''Elves need to be quick, so heavy armor is out of the question, but Bati-san's armor is so light it's no problem!
'They've even researched the moving parts so they don't get in the way of drawing the bow at all! And on top of that, it's very defensive! It's the work of a master!

 It's a great success.
 The leather armor, made by Bati, is not only functional, but also sophisticated in design and shows the attention to detail of Bati, a fashion craftsman.
 It's not only functional, but also sophisticated in design, and you can see the attention to detail of Bati's fashion craftsmen.


 Not good.

 Besides the elves, I noticed the mermaid race's lamprey.
 She was a Kingsguard in the Mermaid Kingdom, and perhaps because of her background, she doesn't hunker down in a brewery like the other mermaids, but often goes out to explore dungeons.

 She wears a slightly heavier suit of armor than the elves, but is this also made by Bati?

'Saints, look at this.

 He was frolicking as if he were proud of some new toy.
 Lamp Eye showed his left arm, but the gauntlets attached to it were extremely burly and rickety.

''You'll have to watch...!

 Lamp-Eye pointed his palmares at a large, empty space and grabbed his left wrist with his right hand, a motion that was like flipping a switch.
 Then flames furiously erupted from the gap in the palmar shell!

I've built a mechanism inside the gauntlet that shoots a flaming potion!

 Is this what you call Batty's creativity?
 It's not out of the fashion mold anymore!

 And then came the climax.

 The leader of the Orcs who led the dungeon attack team this time, Okubo.

 Astride the heavily armored homunculus horse that Zos Saira had given him the other day, he was carrying a mana metal axe.
 It was a very powerful armor outfit.

''That was also made by Bati........?

 Anything is possible, isn't it?
 A famous horse, a roaring axe, and even a flamboyant armor, he's just a general for all intents and purposes!

 It's this guy's fault that a bunch of guys who just go to a dungeon, hunt random monsters and come back with an imposing atmosphere like an expeditionary force!
 Orcubo has too much of a general's style!
 Where do you think you're going to invade?

My dear fellow, I am overjoyed to see you off with your own accord.

 His tone of voice is solemn.

"Let's take our greatest achievement home with us.

 So you're just going to hunt in the dungeon! 'I will conquer the barbarian kingdom and dedicate the new territory to the king' or something like that!

 Oh, I get it!

 Orcobo, in your armor!
 Was this guy the type of person who was remarkably affected by the atmosphere around him?


 The foot treadle sewing machine is still a strong influence on Batty's ability to create a variety of clothing in this way.
 The sewing speed of the sewing machine has reduced the amount of time it takes to sew, which has allowed her to create her own clothes in her free time.

I'm glowing now!

 When I visit the dressing room, I find Batty cheerfully working on his sewing machine.
 She has a very lively expression on her face.

It's such fun to make whatever you want, just the way you want it! It's a feeling I haven't had in a long time!

 The other day, I wondered if all that whimpering was due to the stress of endlessly making mass-produced work clothes.
 It's good to be able to unleash one's originality, though.
 That said, I think that gauntlet-type flamethrower and general armor are beyond the bounds of clothing.......

''This is also thanks to the sewing machine that Saint-sama gave me! As a thank you, I'm going to make more and more new clothes to contribute to the farm!

 I dada dada dada dada dada, and my hand doesn't seem to stay on the sewing machine even as I declare, "I'm sewing on the sewing machine.
 You're sewing with a sewing machine....

"Is that mass-produced work clothes you're making right now?
'What do you mean? The outfit I'm sewing now is going to be my masterpiece!

 You can't sew with a sewing machine because you can't feel the warmth of the hand-made fabric!

The stitches look better with a sewing machine, and the quality improves.

 Batty, you couldn't beat a sewing machine as fast as you did...!
 This is how the wave of mechanization is going to overrun the market.

'I'm sewing clothes for the saints now!
'We'll make sure it's as opulent as the owner of the farm deserves, so stay tuned! Shall I add some hidden features too!

 I was full of anxiety because I was going to be dressed like a king.

 It's Batty. Your craftsmanship just doesn't seem to end there.

             * * *

 Maerga, the head of the Elf's leather goods production team, asked me directly.

'Please get us a sewing machine too.

 He was jealous of Batty when he saw her.

'My group has a lot of opportunities to sew in making leather bags, bags and belts. I need a sewing machine so badly!
"Mr. Batty is always cheating! Just because you've lived here longer than we have, makes the good stuff a priority!
Do us all a favor!

 The other members of the leather crafting team have joined me in closing in on me.

 ...but it's not easy to make them, you know?
 It's a lot of pounding and grinding on metal, and it requires millimeter precision.
 My eyes are tired and my fingertips are numb, and I don't want to go back to that task for a while.


 Then Batty came in.

'Can you do me a favor and make me another sewing machine? It's safer to have a spare, and it's better to have one for the people who come to help you.

 Is it really that easy to say?

 I know you guys think that mechanization is going to make things easier.
 I make the sewing machine!
 It's still a manual process!