144-143 Silkworm Mutter

 We are Vajra Silkworm.

 We did not originally have such a name.
 We were given this name by the great master who scavenged us from the dungeon.

 Even though we were monsters, we were just as big as ordinary insects, and with no fighting ability at all, we were neglected by everyone, and we were as meaningless as if we were nothing.

 They crawl around in the corners of dungeons, doing no good or harm.
 We are not feared because we are not dangerous, and we are not respected because we are useless.
 We are neither hated nor loved, and our destiny is to be accidentally trampled to death by other monsters and adventurers who wander around, as best they can.

 Our great master rescued us from this meaninglessness and worthlessness.

 We had a trait of 'spitting string out of our mouths', which is not so much a trait as a characteristic.
 It doesn't mean that much.
 The fact that it spits out a thread doesn't mean it can be used for anything. Nor can it be used to build a web and use it as a trap like a spider.

 But the master took a great liking to our threads, and picked up many of them and brought them home to keep in his house.

 We had been crawling around in the dungeon until now, but now we had a nice room to stay in.

 What a bliss. What a joy to be sought after.

 I did my best to repay this favor by spitting out a thread and offering it to the master.

 It has been observed that the people of this house spin and weave and sew our yarn to make clothes for themselves to wear.

 I didn't know that our spit yarn had such a use...!
 I didn't know we had a use for that.

 It is the first role we have had.
 Let us strive hard every day to live up to the meaning of what we have been given, when we were nothing more than dirt crawling on the floor of a dungeon.

              * * * *

 So, I would like to have a Kongo silkworm meeting now.

 In the silkworm room that master prepared for us, more than thirty Kongo silkworms are kept in the room.
 Each of them is given enough space to live in, and they are very comfortable.
 They also give us fresh leaves to feed us every day, and we couldn't be more blessed!

 Spit out higher quality yarn for your master who has given you such good treatment, and be of service to him!

Mr. Speaker! Can I have my say!'

 Let's just say that this guy who asked to speak first is Vajra Silkworm A.
 Permission to speak!

"From what I can gather, there are other things in this house that make yarn, besides us!
'I heard that too! They say these guys are plants and trees, and they call them cotton and linen!'

 Let's call the other silkworm that follows it Kongo Silkworm B.

 I see. That cotton or hemp or something like that can be seen as our rival, right?

"That's the way it is. If our yarn is inferior in quality to cotton or linen, we won't be needed...!

 Then we'll be back in the floor corner of the dungeon again........
 So we can't be comfortable in our current position........

 That's valuable information.
 Thank you for this report.

 Gentlemen, as you have heard, our position will not be secure.
 We have competitors that are competing to outdo us, and we do not know when they will threaten us.
 We don't know when they will threaten us, and we don't know when they will take this silkworm room!

"in this very comfortable room?
No way!
"What can I do to protect my right to live in this room, Mr. Chairman?

 Calm down, Vajra Silkworm C, D and E.

 We are allowed to live here in order to fulfill our master's wishes.
 So, we'll continue to fulfill our master's demands in the future.

 Spit out the yarn and provide it!

 But it's also true that we can't do that all the time.
 The sooner these cotton and linen people spit out a better yarn, the sooner they will have no use for us.

 In other words, we will always seek to improve the quality and answer the needs of our masters!

Oh, needs!
'Needs are kind of awesome!
"What do you mean, needs?

 I don't know what it means.
 I only used it because it looked so cool!
 That's what I'm talking about, Silkworm King F, G, H!

"How about this?

 Little Vajra Silkworm I, what do you have in mind?

"Let's try to color the thread.

 So far we have only produced white yarn, but if we produce red or blue or any other color of yarn, the master might be pleased!
 Apparently the masters used to color the yarn, but that saves them the trouble!

Okay, I'll give you a red string.
I'm yellow!
"That's a green thread!
"No, wait a minute! Is it even possible to change the color of the thread?

 Well, you can if you work at it.
 So let's go back to the drawing board and ask for volunteers! Each of you state the color of the thread you wish to spit!


 I'm partial to blue!
 Popular blue! Why!

 Anyway, it has to be all over the place, so let's talk again about the departments that have a high concentration of applicants.
 And don't forget the original white color!

"Kukkukkuk........congratulations to you all.

 How dare you challenge me now?
 Vajra Silkworm J, are you the speaker?

"I'm just saying that it's a bunch of nonsense to make an effort from now on. The situation is changing daily. The situation is changing day by day, and we have to think ahead to find out what is expected of us and what we need to let out.

 Ummm, you have a point.

'That's why I've already prepared it for you. Take a look at this thread!'

 Whoa, Kongo Silkworm J just spat out a bunch of yarn on his own!
 I told you spitting is forbidden during the meeting.

Wait, wait, Mr. Chairman!
This thread J spat out. It's different from ours!

 What's the difference?
 What's the difference?
 The string stretches?
 What's more, it shrinks?

Stretch. Pull on it and it stretches, and the more it stretches, the more powerfully it comes back! You'll get this trait! Master is smiling too!''

 Kongo silkworm J!
 I didn't know you'd worked so hard for it!

"The other guys will have to follow my example and try harder...! Huh? Wait a minute? Why are you dragging me so far with my spitting thread? The thread is still stretched and pinned in my mouth, isn't it? It would shrink very quickly if I let go of that thing! Stop it! Don't let it go, don't let it go, don't let it go... Don't let go! Don't let go! Don't let go, don't let go! Don't you dare let go! Don't let go...?

 Well done! Train me to spit this stretchy yarn for more than just Vajra Silkworm J!
 We'll assign each other a color scheme that is uniformly distributed!

 We have a wide variety of yarns to serve our master!