145-144 Dreams that can be opened

 Since the gift of the sewing machine, Batty's sewing life has finally taken off in a big way.

 The time it took to make the residents' work clothes has been greatly reduced through mechanization.
 Now she can devote her free time to her hobby, and the farm is suddenly becoming more glamorous.

 In addition, the cloth and thread used to make clothes and the silken thread used to make them have suddenly become more diverse.

 For some reason, the silk thread, which was originally white, has become rich in variety: red, blue, yellow, green, blue, blue, blue....

"...why is there a bias towards all blue?

 There is also another version of silk thread, which is elastic like rubber.
 I was delighted to hear that it could be used to make pantyhose like the ones that could only be made with synthetic fibers.

 I don't know by what whim they evolved, but I felt jealous of them for being able to live comfortably.

              * * * *


 Today, the Demon Queen Astares was visiting us.

 I went into Batty's dressing room and was inspecting her new items.

'What do you think? I would like to offer three maternity dresses to you to celebrate your pregnancy.

 After marrying the Demon King, time passed, and if the couple did what they were supposed to do, their bellies would naturally grow.
 Demon Queen Astares had successfully conceived her successor, and her belly was now making a clear statement.

'You seem to have made further progress here, Batty. These garments, their functionality and originality at an extreme level, are obvious to my eyes.
I'm sorry. To accommodate the special shape of the mother during pregnancy, we have made it as functional as possible to avoid strangling the mother's body too much, and to increase its breathability and heat retention. Above all, in order to protect the maternal inheritance in the womb, our native Kongo silk is most effective, so that even if it is subjected to the annihilation spell, it will not leave a single scratch on your belly".

 The product description is even more amazing than it needs to be.

It's amazing. Not many master designers with studios in the Magic City could do such a good job.
Again, thank you for your kind words.

 Batty used to be a soldier in the Demon King's army and was Astares-san's second in command during the Four Heavenly Kings era.
 It was Astares-san's plan for Bati to stay on at our farm. Even now that the relationship is no longer between superiors and subordinates, the bond between them is still deep and strong.

''It's not funny. Even though we are both demon queens, you only flirt with Astareth.......

 This is Grashara, who was the second Demon Queen.
 This is also the former Four Heavenly Kings of Demons.

''Hey, Batty! You should make me a gestation suit. I'm finally going to be pregnant, you know. Three months, three months!
"God didn't come down, so NO!
What the hell?

 You sound like an artist.

I am indebted to Mr. Astareth directly. The reason I'm making the costume now is to repay you for your kindness, and you've been a rival of Mr. Astareth's since his days as a military officer, so why should I make it for you?
"I'm a demon queen too!

 Calm down, Grashara-san.
 If you're born with a sudden burst of excitement, we won't be able to handle it.


 Mr. Astares, on the other hand, showed his contemplation as he looked at Batty's masterpieces.

''Well Batty, this is something I need to discuss with you.
"How about we market your work in the Demon City?

 He suggested.


 Batty was astonished and baffled by this.

I'm not lying when I say that your work is already in the same league as famous designers. I personally think they are good enough to be used in the social circles of the demon city.
It's frustrating, but I feel the same way.

 Even Ms. Grashara looks enviously at the maternity dress by Batty.

'Wouldn't you like to try and see how your work is received in public? I'll have my suppliers in the Demon King's Castle find a buyer for you. There's no need for you to move here. It won't even reveal the existence of this place.
"Well I'm very flattered by that offer, but...? But.........?

 Batty glances at me.
 It's a good idea to have a good time with your friends.

I don't mind.

 First of all, the farm's inhabitants have been given most of their daily work clothes, and Batty is starting to become a handful.
 If you don't resort to outsourcing here, Batty's creative juices will overflow and he'll be in trouble.

'Master Astares! Please!
Yes, it's always been your dream to open a store in the Demon City. I'm sure you'll be able to achieve this only by selling it.

 It was too brilliantly thoughtful of Astares-san, who had completely acquired the dignity of a Demon Queen.

 Twists and turns from the Four Heavenly Kings deputy.
 In an unexpected and surprising turn of events, Batty came to realize his childhood dream.

 I felt honored to be able to say that my farm also played a role in that journey.

Hi! Berena?!

 Batty's partner, the other side of the demon girl duo, Verena, is standing right next to me without me knowing, and I'm super freaked out.
 She has recently mastered the art of moving without a sound.

'While I'm struggling to find my identity and struggle to find it, Batty keeps going on and on and on...! We started with the same Master Astares' second-in-command...!

 Verena's usual seizure started again.
 It happens every time, so people aren't surprised now.

'Well, Master Astares, congratulations on your pregnancy. Congratulations from me, I'm a miserable person who can only give you stones and weeds, these things...!
'Oh, oh...? Verena, I think you're a solid character in that direction, don't you?

 Mr. Astares has finally mentioned it there!
 I've had a dim view of it too, but I didn't dare touch it!

'Wow! The unemployed have taken root~!

 Sure enough, Verena ran off.

''Well I don't think she's unemployed. And she's helped me at key points.
I don't even feel like I have a regular job.
Hey, Batty.

 Since you're punching her in the face like that, she's only going to be pushed further and further into a corner, isn't she?
 I've been meaning to have an individuality-seeking meeting for Verena for a while now, but this is going to put her in a dilemma where giving her individuality takes away her individuality, isn't it!


 Such a period lasted for a while.

              * * * *

 It had been a few days since Batty had produced a garment for sale in the Demon City and consigned it to Astares-san.


 Mr. Astares himself came to see me.

"sold for a record-breaking amount.

 Right now, a whirlwind of Batty Mode whirlwind is about to blow over the Demon City.