149-148 Guardian's clothing

 I am Orba, a regular soldier of the Demon King's Army.

 The infamy of the Lesser Dragon is roaring in the Demon King's army.

 Fallen dragons, inferior dragons, dragons that are no longer dragons, the remnants of dragons.

 Dragons by nature are not opponents that can compete with the demon race, and if they are opposed, they have no choice but to perish.
 However, dragons have wisdom along with overwhelming strength, and they are not hostile for no reason, and in some cases, they are willing to discuss things.

 The Lesser Dragon, however, is a beast that has taken the intelligence away from its dragons.
 Why this happens is a perpetual mystery, but the dragon loses its magic and intelligence for some reason or another and turns into a rugged Lesser Dragon.

 If that happened, they would be worse than the original dragons.
 Even if it loses its magic and intelligence, it still retains its strong, massive body, making it more troublesome than any other monster.

 Moreover, they have no reason to be rational, so they rage for no reason, and if they are known to appear, the only thing you can do is fight them and defeat them.
 This is because the longer you leave them alone, the more damage they will cause.

 Even though they are fallen, they are still dragons. Their defeat is extremely difficult.
 Disaster violence that falls outside the yoke of reason.

 That was the Lesser Dragon.

              * * * *

 Me and Balaam were gagging and running our horses side by side.
 At maximum speed, we didn't care if our horses got tired and crushed.

 It was only natural, and a formidable threat was coming from behind. That's what it was, a furious speed.

''That stupid dragon........! You're still following me........!
It's no use. It's just my luck that they found out as soon as I checked.

 There were only traces and signs reported, but I actually came to check it out and found out that it was a Lesser Dragon.

 This is not an opponent that me and the troops led by Balaam can handle. We've got to get the main body of the Demon King's Army out of the Demon City.

 Even if we collided with them properly, they would only kill us all, Balaam quickly ordered us to retreat as soon as possible.

 He decided that if they scattered and fled in pieces, the Lesser Dragons wouldn't be able to chase everything and avoid being wiped out, but.......

'Why are they running together! What's the point if they don't scatter and run away...?
I know what you're thinking! You intend to use yourself as a decoy and let as many men as possible escape!

 Otherwise, there was no need to deliberately meander or provoke the pursuing dragons to provoke them.
 Four Heavenly King's Deputy Balaam, he is also an old strongman who was knocked up from the commoners.
 Just like her...!

"...it's for times like these that we ride so proudly. You can't escape that brainless dragon with your infantry legs. They'll eat you up from one end to the other.
'Then I'll go with you! I'm a second-in-command and I'm allowed to ride! We can't just run away and look like a bunch of...!
''Watch out!''

 Balaam shouted at me, and I quickly turned my horse's body around as quickly as possible.
 The dragon's claws snatched just in time.

Are we this close to...?

 The horse is tired.
 They can't maintain top speed any longer.

"No matter how much damage you do to your men, your commander will survive to the end! Why don't you find your way into danger?
But then you'd have to...
That's what we came for, isn't it? One of us must survive, and Lady Belfegamilia must be notified of the danger! You, a nobleman, have more work to do to survive than I do! Just go!

 I shouldn't have hesitated.
 I'm not going to be able to get my hands on any of them.


 I knew after receiving a direct hit that I had been cleaved off by the Lesser Dragon's arm.
 As it spun around in the air, it also separated from the horse.

 And at the end of the fall, a wide open dragon's mouth was waiting for me.


 My colleague's urgent voice calling my name.

 The shock of the event echoed through my body.
 The Lesser Dragon failed to catch half of me, and my upper body spilled outward from the dragon's mouth.
 That meant that I was bitten off from the body, and the sharp sensation of the dragon's fangs could be felt on both sides of my belly and back.

 But it only took a moment for me to realize that I was going to be bitten in half.

 I'm sorry, mother. It seems that I will not be able to take over the reigns of the family.
 And I will never see her again........


 Lesser Dragon's painful scream made my eardrums tremble.
 At the same time, a shock that struck my entire body.

 I fell to the ground, is that impact?

 Is he still alive?
 With the dragon's fangs biting him?
 Do you have one?
 My lower body, still connected to my upper body.
 I'm not going to get chewed off and cry goodbye... or anything like that!

Hey, you okay? Are you alive!

 I look up at the head of the Lesher Dragon in question, along with Balaam, who rushed over to me in a hurry.


 Is it suffering from that pain?

'Don't be a bastard! I'm crawling around in pain, now's your chance! Let's get as far away from here as possible!

              * * *

 After escaping from the Lesser Dragon at the risk of our lives, we quickly gathered the soldiers who had fled and scattered and regrouped.
 We sent a courier to the Demon City and waited for the main force led by the Demon King to arrive.

 There is a proper order to exterminate the Lesser Dragons.

 First of all, take a sufficient distance and then fire long range magic all at once.
 And it's not just one or two people. Thousands of people all at once. And since they were taking turns to attack with magic, the whole thing would be a massive offensive of tens of thousands of people.

 Lesser Dragons are unintelligent and have no judgment, so they would be held back and waste their energy trying to resist from the front, wasting their energy.

 If this was a real dragon, they would be able to take measures before that happened, or they would be wiped out by dragon magic, which was far more powerful than the magic magic magic of the demon race in the first place.

 However, the Lesser Dragons don't use their heads.
 When his strength was exhausted without a plan, he used the Demon King's Angry Sacred Sword Ainrot to finish it off.

 Even the dragon's scales, which don't allow any armor to pass through, couldn't withstand the slash of the holy sword, and everything went according to the procedure, and the head of the sub-dragon fell without a single casualty.

              * * * *

You did a marvelous job.

 In front of the carcass of the Lesser Dragon, I receive a personal compliment from the Demon King Zedan.
 What an honor.
 This is the highest honor for a demon soldier, and my whole body trembles.

"First Officer Orba, and Balaam. Your quick thinking from the time you discovered the Lesser Dragon to the time you reported it to me was brilliant. The ability to avoid a futile battle and retreat without losing a single soldier is what I would call the second in command of Belphegamilia.
No, no, no, these kids are good at what they do.

 Belphegamilia-sama, who had only to watch and do nothing in the end while going out with the Demon King, said.

Orba is eager, and Balaam has a sweet and sour bite. Why don't you just fire me and make them the Four Heavenly Kings? Then I'll be able to go into my dream pension life without any worries.
I don't know, sir. I need you to be more active than you've ever been.

 The Demon Lord unexpectedly spoke highly of Lady Belfegamilia.

''Sir, you are the only general I can safely entrust with my absence. Since I will continue to rely on you for a lot of things in the future, don't let him retire just yet.
Oh, my God, you're so messy.

 And Bellefegamilia-sama let out a single big yawn.
 This guy has great courage in front of the Demon King-sama.

''........but as reported, Orba. Are you sure it's not important?

 I didn't know the Demon Lord was paying attention to me!
 So, putting aside the excitement of "I'm sorry, but first we need an accurate and prompt report!

Yes. My body was once trapped by the dragon's fangs, but strangely enough, I didn't have a scratch on me...!
Strange things happen, don't they? When I heard that report, my heart nearly jumped out of my chest too.

 Also, Belfegamilia-sama is out of character.
 Even though I was turned into a Lesser, there was no way that the body of a demon race could withstand the dragon's fangs for even a second.
 I myself was completely prepared to die when I was caught between the dragon's upper and lower jaws, but why on earth am I still able to survive?

If I had any idea........

 I looked down at the armor underneath that still wrapped around me.
 A fabric that is too beautiful to go into battle and even emits a faint glow.

 Was this what protected me?

"Immediately after escaping from the dragon's fangs, the armor was pierced with a large hole. But there wasn't a single tear in the lock under this armor.
"The dragon's fangs easily penetrated the metal armor and were protected by a piece of cloth like that? That's ridiculous........?

 Balaam says in disgust from the side, and I completely agree with him.
 But I can't think of anything else.

 Where on earth did your mother buy these mysterious clothes from?

''........I had heard that the fabric of the Vajra Silk repels even dragon magic. I heard the same goes for fangs.

 The Demon King's expression changed to a gentle one, as if he had seen everything through.

''Demon King-sama, if you have an idea about the Demon King, don't you! What kind of history does this under-armor have...?
No, I don't know. No, I don't know. Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you.

 I know this guy!
 You are a terrible liar!

'If there's only one thing I can say.... Yes, love is great.