150-149 Detune

You like Orba, don't you?

 When the Demon Queen Astares came to visit, she was talking about love.
 Hearing that, Batty was in a panic.

''Nah, nah, nah! What are you talking about? He's gone! You've got a needle in your fingertip! Didn't you lose your mind because Master Astares said something stupid?
You're not sewing right now, are you?

 I was surprised to see a mountain of gold coins piled up and I was looking at them from the side.
 The level of money that could be packed in a bag and used as a blunt instrument.

 -- ''I also have a certificate of payment from the Chamber of Commerce. I didn't cheat a single penny, so make sure you know what you're doing.
 -- ''Master Astares, I don't doubt that about your partner...''

 The abrupt love story from the exchange of
 Does the sharpness of the four-headed Astares of yesteryear not diminish when he becomes a married man?

What? Does Batty have a girlfriend?

 And I, too, get sucked in by the sweet and sour air of love bananas.

''I'm serving as another Four Heavenly King's second-in-command, and in essence, I'm on the same rank as Batty. I've seen the two of you talking a lot while on duty, so.......
'It is! I was just giving him advice as a peer! Maybe it's because he's an aristocratic tycoon, but he's missing a lot of things. Wouldn't it be a pity if a soldier died because of his superior's stupidity?
You seemed to be having a lot of fun at the same time.
That's because Master Astares doesn't look like you and is a romantic brain!
Who's calling it 'not as good as it looks'?

 Batty is rather unafraid of things.

''And the under armor mixed in with the goods for sale in the Demon City. You're sure that was sewn for him, right? I heard it was strangely the right size.
You sold it? To Orba?
It was purchased by his mother from a visiting merchant. That's all you have to do to know you're the one who made it.
He's a motherf*cker, he'll wear it for a long time.
So here's an interesting story about that...

 The story that Mr. Astares told was quite a thrilling one, about this Orba, or Batty's girlfriend, who was attacked by something called a Lesser Dragon, and nearly devoured to death.
 My hands were sweating as I listened to it.

When he was bitten in the belly, he was prepared to die, but surprisingly, the dragon's fangs didn't penetrate his belly and he lived to tell the tale.

 It was too much of a thrill, and Batty was fainting.
 He's not this sensitive on a daily basis.

'I guess it's all because of the clothes Batty made?
I'm sure of it. I've heard that the armor was pierced through and punctured.

 The clothes Bati makes are made from a special fabric called Kongo silk, which is produced on this farm.
 This is the thread spat out by the silkworm-shaped monsters that are picked up from the dungeon. It's called "Kongo Silk" because of its unbelievably toughness, which is why it's called "Kongo Silk".

''I knew it was hard, but I didn't expect it to repel even a dragon's fangs...''

 The clothes I'm wearing now are also made of vajra silk.
 Maybe I'm more defensive now than I am with my full body armor.

''Hearing that story, I came to request Batty to make an under-armor garment for the Demon King-sama as well. ........But at the same time, I also feel this way.
I went ahead with the sale because I wanted Bati's clothes to be widely available. However, the material, vajra silk, is too expensive to be sold to the world.

 A fabric that's stronger than metal would be a complete over-parts in the eyes of the general society.

It's fine if it's just a few.... But if Bati's clothes end up in the hands of the wrong people, it could be a problem.
'Hmmm, I see your point, Mr. Astares.

 The point is that we can regulate the distribution of vajra silk.

Even if it is already sold, it's not an option. From now on, it would be very helpful if you would carefully examine who you sell to and restrict them to a minimum.
I'm with you on that.

 Batty is back.

'I also don't really mean it when people say that my work has sold because of the material. I only want them to sell because of my own ideas and tailoring!
That's the spirit. Naturally, I'd like to continue selling Batty's clothes to the Magic City itself.

 Then what we should do is switch the clothes made by Bati from vajra silk to another material?

''Then it would have to be cotton or linen...?

 At our farm, cotton and non-toxic hemp are grown and used to make various fabrics.
 As expected, we can't use silk for all of our daily cloth products, and after all, some people say that Kongo silk is too luxurious to be used on a daily basis.

I have an idea.

 Something Batty said.

              * * * *

 Batty says she still wants to continue to use silk in the creation of her garments.
 She says it's a non-negotiable part of her commitment as a creator.

 But vajra silk has been made a regulated hazardous material, and what the hell is she going to do about it?

"...Silkworm, Silkworm. I need to ask you a favor...

 Batty speaks to the caterpillar.

The quality of the yarn you guys spit out is very good and very helpful, but it's a bit too good to be true, and that's why it's in trouble. So there.........

 He is speaking to Vajra Silk's source, Vajra Silkworm and the others.

''My former subordinate is in a sorry state...''

 Mr. Astares stared at Batty, who was talking to the bug, and looked sincerely sad.

'No, wait, don't make up your mind yet,'

 Kongo silkworm is essentially a monster.
 Moreover, as it lived on my farm, it mutated and began to spit out a substandard stiff fiber called vajra silk.

 If it is such an evolved monster, isn't it possible for it to respond to requests in human language?

 That's Batty's idea.

 Yeah, I could go.
 I say to myself.

 We have to, how should we put it to good use? Naturally, Vajra Silk can also spit out different variations, and in parallel, I mean...!

 You're getting more and more crappy with your tone of voice...
 Bati, why are you being so bad with these bugs?

 Does silkworm Kongo understand what Bati is trying to tell him or doesn't...?


 I clicked my tongue.


 Do you have a tongue? You don't even have a tongue!
 Or, rather, we get it... Batty's recommendation. Is that tongue lashing a positive or a negative?

Yeah! Thank you! Thank you!

 Batty tapped his head in a frenzy.
 The silkworm room had become an unfamiliar space.

              * * * *

 The next day.
 The silkworm room was in a terrible state of disarray.


 An amazing amount of yarn!
 Did they immediately spit out ordinary silk yarn of lower quality than Kongo silk?

 But the amount!
 That's a lot!

 I can't see the floor because it's filled with thread!

 If this means that by dropping the quality by a hundredth of a percent, they were able to increase their production by a hundredfold!

 In the meantime, he called up the goblin team and the elven team urgently to weave.