151-150 Elf Craftsman Soul

 The silk thread that Kongo Silkworm reduced the quality of was about the same quality as normal silk in my former world.

 However, silk itself is originally a high quality product, so it's still a fine commodity.
 Silk is a very good thing.

 Bati immediately made some marketable clothes made of ordinary silk and sold them through Mr. Astares, and they sold immediately.
 The garment sold out immediately after he refused to sell it in advance, saying that the quality of the fabric had been reduced.

 Batty is busily working on additional orders.
 The sound of a sewing machine constantly coming from the garment room.
 Well, as long as it doesn't interfere with the production of clothes here, I'll let him do what he wants.

 Is that enough for this episode? Just as I was about to do so, a new mountain arrived.

              * * * *

We want to sell our work, too.

 A plea came from the elves.
 Apparently, they became envious of Batty's clothes getting high marks from the public.

''Well you guys are still bandits, even though you're 'ex', right? What's an outlaw to do when he's looking for approval?
'That was a long time ago. Today, we are workers on the farm, working hard to make things. As a craftsman, it's a natural wish that more people will come into contact with the products I create.

 Pottery Team, Group Leader Aileron.
 Leatherwork Group Leader Maerga.
 Woodworking Team Leader Mieral.
 Glasswork Team Leader Poel.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about them.
 While choosing his words carefully, he says

We're trying to be self-sufficient. We give top priority to what we use...!
That's not a problem. The crockery and daily necessities for the farm are already in place. At this rate, we'll be out of business before long.


We need to fill that void and sell to the outside world!
'Look at that! This my masterpiece!

 The head of the Mieral team in charge of the woodwork interrupted.
 She and her teammates are making wooden carved bowls, bows and arrows, and other wooden furniture such as chairs, tables and chests....
 The many strong works of art that she presents in front of me.

''........These are the wooden god statues I made as a hobby!

 I know the difference.

 Probably carved out of wood with a chisel or carving knife and shaped it into a human form.... That's a statue, isn't it?
 When I say statue of a god, it must mean that the statue was made in the image of a god.
 There was a realism to it, as if it were a real god.

 And so it is.

 Because the last time that god, of all gods, came to our farm in droves.
 If we model it after him, we'll have a statue of the god that looks just like the real one!

''I think it's pretty good myself, but there's no demand for a god statue in this farm! It can't be!

 That's true.

''So take it to the Demon Country and into the hands of someone who needs it. Please, please! Please!

 I know what you're trying to say, but........
 It's true that it would be troublesome if a strange religion were to be started on the farm with statues of gods like this.

Yes, what is it?

 I ask Verena, the daughter of the demon tribe, who is waiting by my side.

''How do these statues of gods get treated in the demon race society?''
"Basically, they are traded as works of art. Of course, in the demon kingdom, we believe in Hades and its family gods, but it's not a custom to worship idols.

 I see.

Depending on the subject matter, images of sea gods and heavenly gods are also produced and sold. Most of the time, they are in private collections or in museums where they are considered authoritative.

 I understand well.
 Verena is usually so helpful for being a brilliant advisor at a time like this for being so impersonal and troubled.

 I'd like to point that out to you, but I guess I'll have to talk to the elves first for now.

''Saint-sama, I would like to hear from you as well.

 The head of the Maerga squad in charge of leather goods also stepped up.
 She was also the deputy head of the Elf Thieves.

''The saint has listened to our request, and since the introduction of sewing machines in our squad, our production capacity for leather goods has increased dramatically. In order to take this place to the next level, we need permission to turn some of our goods into the market!
Wait Maelga!

 That's when Pottery Squad Leader Elron bursts in.
 She's the head who once led the Elf Thieves, so it's a slugfest of old number one and number two, so to speak.

''........Maerga. Your group has already had the introduction of this sewing machine and consumed one request, haven't they? And on top of that, what a despicable thing to wish for! Where is your pride as the deputy head of the Thunderstorm Stonecutters?
''I'm now the head of the group of people who directs the leatherworkers at the saint's farm. Your responsibilities take precedence. I only do what I think is best for the farm, not for my own desires. Whether it's making the sewing machine work more efficient or selling it for a profit, it will benefit the farm.
"Gunnuuuuuuck~? As expected of a calm sub-head, he has a great deal of nerve!

 Could it be true?
 I remember getting super driven away from Maerga to create an additional sewing machine for the leather goods team?

Anyway, I'll get my team's pottery sold outside first! The leather goods team is the last for the sewing machine!
'No, leather goods should be more useful and in demand than pottery. My squad's work, which is expected to be more profitable, will be the first to go.
"What do you think you're doing?

 A rift has appeared between the head and vice-head of the Elven Thieves, the supposedly severed alliance?
 Do you really want to upset a relationship to that extent? What kind of craftsmanship do you have in mind when you make something?

'Calm down, sir! Seniors!

 The last one to raise his voice was Poel, the glasswork group leader.
 When he was an elf bandit, he was an underling with no particular role to play, but after entering our farm, he quickly rose to the rank of group leader.
 He is a promising young man full of talent.

''Gentlemen, you can't just impose your own ideas on them. The head of this farm is a saint. Everything on this farm belongs to Saint-sama! The saint's thoughts should take precedence over our thoughts above all else!

 Well said!
 Yes, that's why you should listen to me...!

''That's why our glassworks team has to take priority! Most beloved of the saints, my squad!

 He suddenly said something he didn't remember and shrank back.

 Pawel turns around and says, "How's that! He sends me a pimply face.
There was a heart mark lit behind his eyes.

 Come to think of it, Poel comes to me more often than the other team leaders to check products.
 The distance between them was quite close, or maybe they were in skin-to-skin contact, or maybe they had too much skin-to-skin contact, or maybe their skin was exposed too much?


 The sound of something grabbing something with a crunch.
 When I looked, I saw that Poel's head had been grabbed by someone.

 That someone is my wife, Prati.
 She hadn't been there before, but when was she there!

''Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa...! Ma'am...?
What's so funny you said that...? Who, by whom, loves you the most?

 I'm afraid of Prati.
 His face is smiling, but well, he's scared.

'Sir, can I borrow this girl? It looks like we're going to have to discuss this with Sashi for a bit.
No problem!

 I replied.
 It seems to be the only problem for Poel.

 Anyway, no one was in the mood to see Poel being dragged away by Prathi, and no one was in the mood to continue talking about the sale any longer.

              * * * *

 Finally, we returned to the first statue of the gods.
 I thought there were quite a few wooden statues of the gods made by Mieral, and I wondered if they were only for the gods we visited the other day, but that was not the case.
 It's more than that.

"There's a wooden statue of a teacher!

 The No-Life King's teacher.
 It just sort of naturally blends in with the gods' statues and I never noticed it.
 It's so natural, it's out of place.

He's got one foot in the god's territory.

 Miera was very frank.

Are you going to sell this too?
Yes, I'm very proud of it.

 I'm afraid we have a portrait problem. We can ask him for permission later.

Hmmm, my statue is in there!
What's the problem?