152-151  Talk again

 I am Shax.
 The one who leads the best trade association in the Demon Kingdom, the Pandemonium Trade Association.

 Today, I received a call from the First Demon Queen Astares-sama again.
 The only story that she offers me is about making money, so I'm going to climb up to the castle today with a good feeling.

''I'm sorry, but can you act as an intermediary for the sale again?

 There it is!
 The smell of a superbly profitable story has arrived!

'Of course, sir! All of the clothes that the Demon Queen will introduce to you are of the highest quality.

 I've already had a number of customers say that they'll come to me when Queen Astares' clothes are on display.
 I've also received advance payment.

 Who would hesitate to negotiate a business deal that promised to make a lot of money?

 Therefore, I made a quick decision today.

''And what kind of clothes would you like to wear this time? The dress? Is this formal wear? If the Demon Queen can offer you clothing, even a single shirt is an unbelievably high price...
No, actually, it's not the clothes this time.

 Not your clothes?
 Something fishy was going on....

Inspired by the previous auction, there were a few people who wanted to sell their creations as well. It was decided that I would be the go-between. Well, you're the one who will actually be the go-between, but...
'No, sir! ........Then the creator...?
Yeah, it's a different person than the one who made the clothes.

 This is.....
 Another unpredictable development.

 The producers of the clothes we are selling through the Demon Queen-sama already have a proven track record in the market, and it's a tough one.

 The materials, tailoring, and design are all top-notch, and I'm even thinking of proposing branding them in order to create a certain flow of business.

 And now you're here and it's a completely different person's work?

 Although it's the Demon Queen's introduction, so we can expect it. ''Full trust is dangerous,'' the merchant's self-preservation instincts warned.

''Then the creator of that work is...?''
I'm sorry, I'm not going to tell you who I am, but I can assure you that I am. But I can assure you that I do have a real identity. On the throne of the queen.

 After being told that much, the merchant style had to be silenced.

''Now, let's see the merchandise.
All right.

 When the Demon Queen rang the bell at hand, a few maids came in from another room.
 Is that the product in question that these women are holding?

'I forgot to tell you, but you can refuse me if you decide that I'm not for sale in your eyes. That's what we agreed to do with the clothes, too.

 That said.
 How could I refuse a request from the Demon King's queen head-on?

 When it came to the clothes, the Demon Queen herself had already worn them in public many times and had a good reputation in the public eye, so I jumped at the chance to be relieved, but....
 I just hope it's at least a decent selling substitute.

 And so the item the maid presented to me is........

''Ho, is it a bag?''

 And it's made of leather.
 It may be something for everyday use, and may not be something that a nobleman who leaves even changing clothes to his servants would have anything to do with, but.......


 No wait.
 This leather is.........?

Your Highness........! Where did the creators of this bag get the leather for the material...?
"Can't you tell me that too? No, the queen has given her seal of approval and I believe her with all my heart. This is....!
What's this?
''Isn't that Hydrolex leather!

 Hydrolexes are reptilian-type monsters that only appear in cave dungeons with a danger level of three stars or higher.
 Its skin has a unique luster and pattern, and its strength is top-notch because it's a monster, and because it's aquatic, it's a perfect material that is resistant to moisture.

 However, cave dungeons with three-star or higher levels are rare, and with the monsters that appear in them, they are also extremely strong.
 It should cost a huge amount of money just to obtain it, including the danger allowance for the soldiers who were going to hunt it.

''Ahh, that. I fought a few times during the Four Heavenly Kings era.''

 Although irreverent, the current me did not have the time to keep up with the Demon Queen's memories.

 It's a Hyde Rolex leather bag.

 The material alone is top-notch, but it's also quite solidly made.
 The way the leather is tanned is also so perfect that you can tell at a glance that it is the work of someone who knows how to handle it well. Moreover, it is very careful.
 The stitching........it's exactly the same as that on the clothes that the Demon Queen has provided me with!
 Straight lines at even intervals.
 Is this the work of the same craftsman?
 But the Demon Queen-sama said it was made by someone else........

 My curiosity was boundless, but other than the bag, leather goods came out one after another, giving me no time to think.

''This is a glove........! This is the cloak. They all appear to be powerful monster leathers. How many people lost their lives to gather this much material...?
''Maybe no one died...?

 Just putting one of these on the market will fetch a ridiculous value.
 I'm starting to worry about putting it on the market because it's too valuable...!

Well, I'll get the next item...
"What? More of these? Wait a minute! I can't keep up with your thoughts! At least give me a little more time to collect my thoughts...!
'You'll have to put it all together and think it over later. The next item is the glasswork...


 That said, the glasses, plates and crafts that came out.

 I'm sorry...
 Your Majesty, please stop joking around.

 What do you mean by "glasswork"?

 This clarity, you can see that there are no impurities at all, but how is such glass possible?
 It's probably more of a crystal.
 Such elaborate and complex workmanship in crystal?

"What is it worth? A castle could be built on this little thing!
No, it's really glass. That's why, when you hit it like this...


'See, it's easy to crack, right? Don't worry, that was a failure, and if they don't believe it's made of glass, I've given you permission in advance to break it...
"ohhhhhhhhh? Gyaaahhhhhhhhhh? Gyaaaaaaahhhhhh?

 How dare you! How dare you?
 This is a mistake?
 How is that even possible?
 How many months' worth of income does that average for Demon City with just that one item?

 I get it!
 I'll buy it!

 We'll buy all of these items from you at our dealership!