153-152 Demons wearing the brand

 My name is Batty.
 I was born a demon. Now I make clothes on the farm run by a saint.

 Recently I got a lot of money.

 My former boss, Mr. Astareth, offered me some of my clothes for sale, so I tried them out.
 It sold.
 And for quite a bit of money.

 Since I went through a merchant for the sale, a reasonable margin was deducted, but even so, a considerable amount of money rolled into my pocket.

 An amount I had never seen even when I was working in the Demon King's Army.

 Even so, since it was Saints and Astareth-sama who gave me the environment to make clothes, and the fabrics and yarns that were used as materials were also produced on the farm, I was about to offer some of my share to their master, Saints....

''It's of no use to me to have money here.

 He was adamant that I would not be able to take it.
 Master Astares wouldn't accept it, and in the end it was all in my possession, but the trouble is, I don't know what to do with all that money myself.

 As long as I'm on the farm, I'll have no trouble eating and sleeping, and if I'm bad, I'll be able to enjoy a better life than that of a king.
 I've lost touch with my family. I can't send them money or anything auspicious.

So what do we do? When I started to seriously worry about the issue, an idea came to me.

 I am now in the middle of fulfilling my childhood dream as a dressmaker.
 That's why I thought I should use the money to keep pursuing my dream.

 The only thing missing from this farm, which seems to have everything in the world, is fresh information.
 That is fresh information.
 There is a fear that because we are isolated from the outside world, we may not be able to keep up with the trends of the world.

 Now that I am in the position to present my own clothes to the world, I have to keep up with the fashion trends in the city center.

 Let's go to the Magic City for the first time in a long time and buy the latest clothes for reference!
 Use the money you make for that!

 I decided to go and get permission from the saint to go.

 To my nostalgic home city, the Demon City.

 By the way, the means of transportation from the farm to the Demon City is transfer magic.

 I didn't ask someone to send me there.
 I flew by myself.
 It's a transfer magic that couldn't be used during the days of the Four Heavenly Kings' lieutenant in the Demon King's Army. I was able to use it now.

 The No Life King's teacher is super good at teaching people things.
 Moreover, he was a human race before he died, and yet he can teach transference magic that only demons are supposed to be able to use, so he really is the Greatest Immortal King.

 In fact, just before the flight, my partner Verena looked at me as if she was looking at a traitor, but that's okay.
 It's time for her to go and acquire not only transition magic but also other personalities as well.

              * * * *

 Arrive at the transfer point managed in the periphery of the Demon City.

 I entered the Demon City on foot from there.

 I've been living at the saint's farm for a while now, but it's been a long time since I've been back here in the Demon City.
 In fact, it shouldn't have been more than a year since I came back.

 I guess that's how dense my life at Saint Charming's farm was.
 ........It's true that things that would never happen in a normal life seem to happen every day in there.

 What are we going to do when we get there?
 I decided to have a meal.
 In the popular diner I used to eat lunch in when I was a deputy officer, I asked for the menu that I always had, but to be honest, it was not so good.

 Is my tongue too accustomed to the food served at Saints' farm?

 The food there is better than what the Demon Lord is eating....
 It's at a level that would make the gods rave about it.

 You must be careful not to take that food for granted.

 Good luck.........
 Don't leave any behind.


 Now that my stomach is full, let's get to our main objective.

 Let's start inspecting the latest fashion mode in the Demon City!

"...Huh? Not Batty!

 I thought, and then I suddenly stumbled.

'I knew it was Batty! It's been a while, but they don't look different! Where have you been all this time, and what have you been doing?
You're my former colleague.

 She was a female soldier in the Demon King's army.

 They joined at about the same time, and she had risen to the rank of company commander right now...!

 d*mn it...!
 If it was a restaurant I used to use often when I was a soldier, it's not surprising that other Demon King soldiers would come and go.
 I'd be so full of nostalgia that I'd lose my guard. If I did that when I was Master Astares' second-in-command, I'd be physically beheaded.
 By Astares-sama's hand, of course.

 I realized that I've lost my military spirit in my bones and have become a dressmaker.

Come over here for a minute! Paymos! Gomolin! Look, look, look, look! There's Batty, there's Batty!

 More classmates are here!
 It's lunch time together, isn't it?

 Even though it's been some time since they joined the team and they must have all come a long way. They're so close.

              * * * *

 Thus, I was unexpectedly introduced to an old friendship.

 The three female soldiers, Valfar, Peimos, and Gomolin, were non-career, commoner citizens like me.
 They had risen through the ranks with a single stroke of brilliance.

I'm glad to see you, Baty, alive and well. I was afraid you might be dead...!
"When you were selected as Astares-sama's second in command, you were the focus of attention as a leader among your peers, and now your entire senior officer has fallen from office, right? Come to think of it, we haven't heard from you since then, have we?
That's why your superior officer has returned as the Demon Queen, but the lieutenants who disappeared with her have somehow remained gone. You and one other........what was it called?

 She's actually from a noble family, so she doesn't get involved in this gathering.

Anyway, there's a lot of talk in the military about your whereabouts, and there's a lot of theories going around.
"I hear you're secretly working behind the scenes under the secret orders of the Demon Queen Astares. He died in a secret battle before Astares returned to the throne. In fact, he was linked to the forces that plotted against Master Astares and was put to death as a traitor...!
The theory that he sacrificed himself to get between the Demon Queen and the Demon King was the most romantic.

 It's almost a death theory, isn't it?

 Well, it can't be helped. You didn't show up for such a long period of time, so it's no wonder people think you're not alive.

 Naturally, I can't talk about the existence of Saint-sama and her farm in a big way....... And that's why I didn't want to face them.
 But then, I'll just have to make a fool out of myself.

To tell you the truth. When Master Astareth became the Demon Queen, he wanted to be deposed. The fact that he is no longer the Four Heavenly Kings means that he is no longer the second in command. I didn't plan to stay in the Demon King's army forever, so I thought it was a good opportunity.
'Oh, well, Batty, you said it. You said you'd get out of the military one day and open your own restaurant.
You were a dressmaker in your hometown when it was destroyed by the humans, weren't you? I'm going to inherit the family business from my ancestors. So now you want to make your dream come true?

 These guys remembered.

Well, we're only at the start...!
'Wow! Way to go, Batty! Congratulations!
'If you did, you should have at least called me to say so. I wanted to have a farewell party before I got out of the military, and if you're going to open a store, I'll help you make some money, okay?

 Oh, thank you....
 But, you know, even if you're going to help me with sales, I'm working in a place that's far away from the rest of the world.
 It's not even in the form of a store to begin with.

''Oh, yeah. Speaking of clothes, do you already know about Batty? Or maybe you came to the Demon City because you know it?
'What? What?
It's the new fashion brand that's all the rage in the Demon City right now! We've been told in the Demon King's army that scouting is important! Or, rather, the actual thing? This is it!

 Suddenly, one of my classmates unbuttoned his uniform and peeled off his front.
 What a shameful thing to do in front of the public! .........but she was wearing a shirt underneath her military uniform, and even if she took it off, the exposure was somehow suppressed to the extent that it was not erotic.

 Just a problem.........
 The shirt she was wearing inside her military uniform...!

 I sewed it up on the saint's farm...?