154-153 A good man

 A former colleague of mine is wearing a shirt made by me, the Demon Race's Batty.

''These are the most popular clothes in the Demon City right now!

 ''This is the most popular clothing in the Demon City right now!
 I'm probably unaware that I'm the one who made it.

''I'm sorry Batty. This guy has been bragging about it for days now!''
'Cause I'm so happy. I didn't think I could afford it!
''You're very popular. Even such a thin shirt would be bought up by the higher nobility, right? How much did it cost you?
"I poured half of my monthly salary into this. Now I have to pay my rent in a big way.

 It's worth that much money?

 That shirt was one of the most delicate pieces of work I ever gave to Master Astares.

 The shirt is made of cotton, which is not even silk, because I refrained from using vajra silk because of various dangers.
The shirt was made following the advice of the saint who said, 'Cotton is more comfortable to the touch and absorbs sweat, so it's suitable for underwear,' but only the sewing thread is made of vajra silk, so it's very strong.

 Unaware that their maker was standing right beside them listening to them, the girls continued to say what they wanted to say.

But this one is really comfortable to wear. It doesn't prickle on the skin like other underwear I've been wearing, and it doesn't make me feel uncomfortable when I sweat. The price is worth it!

 I see.
 The saint was right after all.

The pattern on his shirt is pretty too. I can't help but brag about it! ........is that Batty?

 Everyone's eyes were focused on me.
 Before I knew it, it must have seemed odd that I was taking notes.
 Because the real voices of users are precious.

'No! Oh! I knew I had to take note of the reference opinions since I started making clothes too...!

 Quickly deceiving.

''Batty is blistering, right? That's also how he was able to rise to the position of Four Heavenly Kings deputy.
''But now that I've changed to a clothing store, I have to aim for the most famous brand in the land of evil! Yeah, but now that we've destroyed the human nation and united them on earth, I wonder if they're the best in the world?
Our rival is this mystery brand, right?

 It was all I could do to smile back at them as they chided me, "Haha....
 I'm sorry, ex-colleague.
 I made the shirt you're wearing.
 And compared to the gorgeous dresses and battle armor underneath, I made it pretty perfunctory!
 It pains me that you are so happy about it!

The designer of that dress. The designer of that dress, it's never been made public, has it?
''Normally, you'd go out in a gung-ho social setting for publicity as well. Is she really shy or is she a weirdo...!
'I like the mysteriousness of it! If she can make such a great outfit, she must be great too...! And when you imagine that, it's even more comfortable to wear!

 I can't stand it anymore, I can't stand it!

I can't wait to see my...!

 And he tries to get up...

Come on, it's been a long time since we've seen each other, so why don't you take your time?
Yeah, you're gonna have to tell me all about what you've been up to since you got your new job.

 He pulled me back to the chair with his arm.

'Besides, we have a special guest coming soon...'

 Just as I wondered, the doorway of the public diner opened and someone walked in.

 It was a man.
 He wore the military uniform of the Demon King's army and looked like he had good bloodlines.

''Lieutenant Orba!

 Why is that man here?

''Don't lick the company commander's rank, do you? Even the Four Heavenly Kings' deputy has a pipeline to contact privately.

 You called me here?

"It's pretty obvious you're secretly in love with her. Thank your classmate for setting this up for you?
''If you quit the Demon King's Army, this might be your last chance to make contact, right? Do you want to go all out? Do you want to be a baller?

 Can you get a grip?
 Although he used to be the Four Heavenly Kings' second-in-command, this one is a commoner and the other one is a nobleman's monk!

 I was confused and confused, when Master Orba sat down next to me!

It's been a long time since I've seen you, Deputy Batty. I haven't seen you for a long time. I didn't know you were retired...!
Hey, long time no see.

 You're still a serious person.
 In the Demon King's army, there's a clear division between the career group from the nobility and the non-career group from the commoners.
 Even though there are some career nobles who have a full sense of superiority and will blatantly look down on those from commoner backgrounds even in the same military class.
 This person has never even shown any such pretense.

''I wanted to thank you in person. I've been looking for that opportunity for a long time.''
Oh, thank you?

 I don't have any idea, but I'm guessing you mean when you were Master Astares' second in command?

Lady Orba! I heard this guy just retired from the Demon King's Army and started a clothing store!
Odd, isn't it! And now Master Orba is famous for his clothing business!

 Is this about clothes?
 You don't mean...?

"You may not know this since Batty left the army, but it's all over the Demon King's army right now!
I call it 'The Case of First Officer Orba's Dragon Tooth Folding'!
"Bitten by a Lesser Dragon and doomed! But he said he survived by breaking his fangs. Is the rumor true, First Officer? And it's because of that mysterious brand of clothing...

 Former colleagues flock to Deputy Orba with their love of female gossip in full force.
 These guys......... They're not afraid of a superior officer, and even a nobleman.......?

It's just as they say. I didn't take any credit for that incident. I just got lucky. It's because of that luck that I happened to be wearing that armor that day.
So, I guess I'll just have to...
"The armor I was wearing that day was made of a very special fabric that flicked the fangs of the dragon. If it wasn't for that, I'd have a huge hole in my body, and I'd be in a coffin myself right now. .........No, I doubt there would have been any bodies left that would have fit in the coffin.

 When I heard that story through Master Astares, I felt faint.
 The clothes I had made had saved Lady Orba's life.
 That's all I need to know to be happy. I feel satisfied with my work.

But isn't that under armor rumored to be made by that mysterious brand?
The special fabric that protected the dragon's fangs is the same as the dress of the Demon Queen Astares!
'The most prevailing theory is that it's unlikely that such a special fabric would be produced in more than one place!

 I'm silent.
 The truth is a rule not to be told, and the fact that my clothes have protected and will continue to protect him is enough.

'I don't know the details either. But one thing is clear to me, and I rushed here today.

 Lady Oluba took my hand.

"It was you who made the clothes, wasn't it?

 The place instantly went quiet.

 I couldn't think of anything to say in response, either, as I was completely struck with the truth.
 I couldn't possibly say 'yes'.

When you were still Master Astares' second-in-command," he said, "I listened to you recount your dressmaking dreams many times in between service meetings. That's how I know. Your attention to detail in every part of that suit of armor...!
Oh, um...!
And since it was Astareth who gave you those clothes, it's a safe bet that it came from him. You were Master Astareth's second in command. It was the clothes you made that saved my life. I've always wanted to say thank you. Thank you.

 My former colleagues looked at me and Lady Orba in turn with stunned expressions.

 As expected, these women would never have dreamed in their wildest dreams that the one making the garments that were causing a huge boom in the Demon City was an acquaintance.

 Even for me, since I have a promise to Saint-sama and Astares-sama, I have to fall in love with this place.
''Huh? What are you talking about? And the phase where you have to get rid of the syllables.
 And yet..........


 I replied.

 Orba-sama is a perceptive man.
 Was it his immediate superior, Belfegamilia-sama, who said that, or was it our Astares-sama?