155-154 Brand name

I'm really sorry for what I've done,

 As soon as Demon Queen Astares came to visit, she said to me.

 Beside her, for some reason, the demon girl Batty who was tied up in a bamboo screen with a rope is being dragged along with her.
 ........She, as I recall, this morning, "I'm going to scout out the most advanced fashion mode in the Demon City! And then you went out, didn't you? In high spirits?
 Why has it come back in such a disgusting state?

This stupid girl has let the secret out!

 I asked Astares-san, who sincerely apologized, for the details of the situation.

 Batty returned to the Demon City after a long absence and reunited with his friends from the days when he was the Four Heavenly Kings' deputy.
 While they were reminiscing, they talked about what was going on recently.......

 ........that I had told them that I was making clothes here.

 He said he was beaten up by Mr. Astares as punishment for that.

'The mistake of my subordinate is also my mistake as a superior. Although I have thus placed sufficient blame on him, I still felt that a direct apology to the saint is essential, and I have passed it off with the person who failed...!
"No, that's fine, but...?

 After all, Batty rode into the Demon King's Castle and went to Astares-san's room and said, "I'm sorry, I revealed it to you! I'm sorry I revealed it to you!
 It's a very graceful attitude, but there, Mr. Astares was just having a business meeting and the merchant who sells our products was also in attendance.

 A merchant who was selling our products was also in attendance, and he told me that the secret had leaked out.

And that's why I'm even more devastated...?
I can't tell you how sorry I am...! If it's the saint's wish, we have no choice but to beat up Batty even more irreparably and at least relieve him of his resentment...!
'No, no, it's not that...?

 Batty has achieved great success in a field he's dreamed of for years, so he'll want to brag to someone else.
 ...it's not like that?
 Couldn't make up for it because a guy you like made a pass at you?
 A little annoyed?

The new acquaintance of the farm was able to get them to swear off the farm with precision. But we can't put a key in a man's mouth. The only way to make it more secure would be to seal his life away...
"Scary, scary, scary...! It's okay, don't worry about it. I never said 'keep it a secret' in the first place, ever?

 I'm sure you guys have taken it upon yourselves to keep our farm a secret.
 Maybe. If I remember correctly.

"Thank you for leaving me alone, but you don't have to omerta me any more than you have to. Death for chatter, or something too scary.
''If that's what Saint-sama says...?''

 Mr. Astares untied the ropes on Batty in confusion.

 But Ms. Astares, I'm afraid.
 I thought she had become a pregnant woman through marriage and her personality had become a little more rounded, but she still has the brutal general's attitude of the Four Heavenly Kings era.

''Well, there are certain things that should never be leaked to the outside world, such as Letasurate's situation, but if you are too nervous about it, I'll get choked up too.''

 Once you decided to do business with the outside world, it was probably inevitable that this was going to happen, and it was going to be a problem sooner or later, wasn't it?

'The generosity of the saints is always painful to me.
'I'd like to take your word for it and ask you for further advice!

 Batty, who had been relieved of his commandments, was already back.
 This guy is still full of vitality.

''When I turned myself in, Astares-sama and the Chamber of Commerce were talking about it...''
I'm trying to decide on a brand.

 In the world I used to be in, like Shahrukh, Tifa***, or Elsewhere?

The merchant who sells my clothes to me says that he wants to brand high quality, high end products so that their value can be seen at a glance.
I see.

I'm okay! It's a brand of ____! You can tell your customers the value of your clothes with a single word.

The former colleagues I met in the Magic City were grateful to me for calling my clothes 'Mystery Brand'. The value of my clothes is not only in my clothes, but also in each piece of work I do, and that is expressed in one word: brand.
The merchant suggested that we brand not only Batty's clothing, but also the elves' work all together.

 Mr. Astares says, following suit.

 Does that mean the pottery, leatherwork, glasswork, and woodwork made by the elves, too?

The merchants were surprised at the high quality of the offerings from the elves as well. They want to market them all as a single brand to add value and get a boost.
More and more people are copying my designs, and branding is an effective way to differentiate my clothes from those pachyderms.

 Well, that's okay, right?
 I don't know about that kind of business, and if it's not too much of a distraction, we should be gunning for ways to make more profit.

It would be good to play nice.
''Thank you!''

 Thus the story was concluded.

All we need is a brand name to go with it.

 Batty is even more gruff.

'I'd like that brand name to be considered by the principal saint of the farm...!

 Before I knew it, even the elves gathered around and asked me to do a favor for them.

 Well, it's the least angular for me to think of.
 Let's not aim for something too twisted here, let's keep the name simple.......

"...The Farm.

 From the farm.

 Batty's clothes and the elves' crafts were made here on the farm, so it must be natural.

"As you wish, sir! A good name!
"From now on, we're going to label everything we sell from this farm as 'farm' made, and increase the value of our brand!

 Don't say too much, it's embarrassing.

              * * * *

 The branding of our products proceeded at a rather rapid pace.

 Surprisingly, even Viel was supportive.

Hmm, done.

 I created something that looks like a stamp.

This is a special stamp created by dragon magic. It can be stamped on cloth, glass or anything else, and will never disappear again.

 Thank you for such a useful item.

 This stamp is inscribed with the word "farm" in our world's language, and this stamp is the unmovable proof that the products were produced on our farm.

 I immediately stamped the stamp on the products of Batty and the elves that were brought out.


 My wife, Prathi, was watching the scene with a difficult look on her face.

'What's the matter, Prati?'
'....No, that stamp. The magic of the dragon remains even after it leaves the hands of the Veerle, right? That magic power transferred to the thing you sealed with your seal in a small amount of time........
Isn't that a magic item that grants dragon blessings to those who push it, so to speak?

 Added value to our brand again?

 Oh well.

 Let's not dwell on it.