156-155 To the hidden sanctuary

 I am Shax, the demon trader.

 The other day, I was surprised.
 It happened at the business meeting with the Demon Queen Astares-sama, which has become an annual tradition these days.

 ...that day.
 After I finished speaking with her, I made a request to the Demon Queen.
 It's a request I've made many times before.

 I want you to contact the place that produces those horribly neatly stitched clothes and many other amazing artifacts!

 Where and how are the masterpieces that can shake the entire Demon City being created?

 It's something you can't ignore, even if it's out of pure curiosity and beyond your interests as a merchant!

 So, whenever I saw her, I got down on my knees many times to ask her, but she stubbornly refused to say "yes" to me.

She refuses to say yes. "I made a promise to her. I can't reveal any information from the other side.

 Lousy attitude.

 But I want to know.
 If I don't know where it is, at least know the identity of the designer who makes those beautiful clothes.

 At this point, I'm willing to pay the money........and just then, just as I was making up my mind.

 With a bang.

 I opened the door and someone came in.
 Looking at it, it's a young woman demon tribe that is still indistinguishable from a girl.

 I can't believe that this little girl has the audacity to barge into my business meeting with the Queen without my permission.
 When I tried to scold her on behalf of the Demon Queen, the little girl bowed her head in front of me.


 She bowed her head before being scolded?

''I'm sorry, Lady Astares!''

 I don't recognize him, but he seems to be related to the Demon Queen.
 Otherwise, would he break in here...?

'We've been torn apart! That I'm currently making the most popular clothes in the Demon City!

 I, who was listening by the side, was surprised. To that statement.
 By "popular clothes in the Demon City", you mean the clothes provided by the Demon Queen that I'm working on and selling?

 The answer to the riddle I've been pining for for a long time now.
 The answer to the riddle I've been pining for for some time now, came from me!
 The creator of those clothes has suddenly appeared out of the blue, this girl?

I'm back in the Magic City after a long absence and I'm reunited with an old classmate. While we were reminiscing about our memories, it appeared...! I'm sorry! In any case, I wanted to inform Mr. Astares as soon as possible so that we can formulate a countermeasure...!

 Towards her who was apologizing flatly, the Demon Queen-sama waveringly stood up and tsk tsk tsk stepped up to her.
 And then..........

 Dobagong! And..........

''I punched him Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh?!

 And it's not just one hit.
 Two, three, four, five, ten, twenty.......!

''Hey, Demon Queen-sama! Around! You're just pregnant.
You'll be fine. You're in the proper phase now.

 That kind of problem!

 And the impact of the beating on her is such that her feet haven't touched the ground since a while ago.
 Stop, that girl is about to die!
 Really, if she's the creator of that mysterious brand, she's in great need of death!

'It is a blunder on the part of my second-in-command to inconvenience a saint!

 A pregnant woman scored a summer salt?
 The woman was kicked out of the room.
 She hit the wall of the room?
 A huge crack in the wall?

 ........The four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King's Army, Astareth of the Delusion, who was once feared as a brutal general.
 Even now that she had become the Demon Queen, her cruelty was only hidden behind the scenes and had not disappeared at all.

 I was scared just watching from the side.

              * * * *.

 A few days later, I received an unexpected offer from the Demon Queen.
 I received an unexpected offer from the Demon Queen.

"I've decided to take you with me.
What? Where are you going? An execution site?

 I still haven't recovered from the horror I experienced the other day.

It's not possible. The place you've been wanting to go to for a long time.

 What are you talking about?
 You mean the place where all those wonderful clothes and crafts are made?

 You've been saying no all this time, and now you've changed your mind?
 I'm so happy to hear that!

When I went to see my husband about the branding, he told me. "We have to show our trust in you because you're in our business,

 What a generous word!

They want to invite you in. We'll send one of our own to show you the way.

 And the Demon Queen-sama pointed to the female demon race that was waiting by her side.

 Although she was different from the woman I met the other day, her age and appearance were quite similar.

''My name is Verena. I will now use transition magic to guide you to Saint-sama's farm.
''A transferable wizard at such a young age........ .........Eh? What, grabbing me by the shoulders...? Could it be right away, sir? Is it too soon for you to...?

 However, the next moment, the Demon Queen's figure suddenly disappeared from my sight.
 It was precisely the opposite.
 It was me, along with a young demoness named Verena, who disappeared from the queen's sight.

              * * * *.

Is this...?

 The place where I was brought by shifting magic was the beach, rich in nature.
 The sound of the waves was soothing to my ears.
 There was no sign of human presence at all, and it was exactly like an uncivilized virgin land.

Is this where the clothes and artifacts are made?

 I can't get a whiff of that kind of civilization, can I?
 The demonic woman who brought us here, a transitioning magician named Verena or something like that, said.

''Of course the farm we're based on is located far away from here. It's an ironclad rule to set up a transition point.''

 Put it away from the critical area in case the coordinate code is parsed by someone unsavory.
 So I'll have to walk for a while to get to my real destination?

 Jeez........ I've been working so much lately that I haven't been getting much exercise....

Don't worry. The pickup is here. Hola..........


 I looked at the same direction that she and I were looking at.... Indeed, what looks like a group is approaching us with steps.

 Is that.........an orc?

 It's a familiar kind of monster to me, who, as the master of a trading company, also has a business of delivering anthropomorphic monsters collected from dungeons around the world to the Demon King's Army.

 .........No, no?

 They are not orcs? Isn't it a mutant Warrior Oak?
 An enhanced type of orc that occurs in dungeons and mutates on rare occasions.

 Their abilities are tens of times greater than the original orc.
 If one of them mixed with a hundred orc armies, their strategic value would increase tenfold.

 I've only met them a few times in my business........no, wait?

 There are about five orcs coming towards us.
 Aren't all of them Warrior Orcs!

 That's absurd.
 Five Warrior Orcs is enough to take down a whole city!
 Even a few are more than a few.

 But my surprise wasn't over.
 In the midst of those five Warrior Orcs, there's an even more exceptional Orc!

 A powerful Orc, even more powerful than the mutant Warrior Orc, and a single Orc that is even more powerful than the mutant Warrior Orc.

 Moreover, that orc was riding and had the appearance of a knight or a general.
 The horse he was riding was covered in a shell, making him look so stuffy again!

'Thanks for welcoming me, Mr. Oakbo, thank you for welcoming me. As expected of you, you're right on time.
This is a task given to me by you, my lord. I must not neglect it.

 Miss Verena?
 She's having a normal conversation with this orc?
 Or rather, the Orcs are talking to people and communicating with them?

Mr. Shaks. This is Mr. Orcubo, the orc who works at the saint's farm. He's a two-stage mutant of an orc called Legatus Orc, and he's smart and super strong?
My name is Okubo. My name is Okubo, and I have been charged by my master to greet you. My horse, Gigantorok, was hastily hired to pull this poorly constructed carriage, but I beg you to ride in it.

 Two-step mutation?
 Does such a thing exist?

 If the mutated Warrior Orcs are dozens of times more than the original Orcs, then the even more mutated Legatus Orcs are.......hundreds of times more?

 And who can follow it.........

 My thoughts stewed and my consciousness was suddenly cut off.