157-156 Merchant visit

 A merchant visiting our farm was carried in unconscious.
 I listened to Verena and Oakbo, who went to meet him anyway.

'You're sure you didn't do anything?'

 They were both hypersensitive to the suspicion directed at them by me.

'I didn't! I didn't! This man just collapsed of his own accord!
We tried to be as conciliatory as possible, but we have no idea what could have caused this to happen...?

 Well, I have a pretty good idea what caused him to fall.

 The latest Okubo has become even more dignified.
 A half-hearted person would be knocked unconscious just by approaching them. Probably that's why this person also fainted.


 You're awake.

 The merchant who said he came from the Demon City was a nervous-looking, skinny man with a thin face. His piss-reset hair was already completely gray, but he didn't look very old.

''Whoa! I'm sorry about this........? You suddenly fainted on your visit, etc........?

 As far as being able to grasp the situation immediately after waking up, he must be a quick thinker.

"Oh, no, no. It's not a problem. I'm the owner of this farm.
My name is Shax, and I'm the coordinator of the Pandemonium Chamber of Commerce.

 After a firm handshake, I thanked him for his business acquaintance and gave him a brief explanation of the origins of this farm.
 His light-hearted talk warmed me up and made me feel at home.

Well, since you've come all this way, let me show you around the farm.

 The timing was right and in earnest.
 It was then that I was about to welcome Shax-san to the party.


 A gorgeous girl rushed over to me at a terrific pace.
 The exiled princess, Letaslate, the princess of the country.
 Well, the gorgeousness is now limited to the person herself, and the work clothes she wears are unremarkable and idyllic.

'Hey Ceja! You promised to seed my garden today, didn't you? What are you waiting for? Come on!

 By the way, Lettuce rate girl thinks Ceja is my name.

''No, no, no, I told you we'd have to cancel the seeding today because we have guests coming in. Why don't you go help the goblins?
No! If the seeds are late, the harvest will be late too! It's disrespectful to make this human country's princess Lettuce Rate-sama wait......., guffaw!

 Prathi appeared out of nowhere again and took Lettuce Rate-chan unconscious with a shot to her stomach.

 At present, our farm still has no other means of seeding other than by the 'supreme bearer', and I'm the only one responsible for the beginning of agriculture.
 I'll think about whether that's a good thing or not another time....

'Sorry to show you how unseemly it is,'
No, no, but that young lady, whose dignity is at odds with what she's wearing, is a recently deceased princess of humanity.
It's someone else's fault.

 Let's pretend we don't know about Letaslate's existence, since it's a state class secret.

              * * * *


 I decided to give Shaks-san a tour of the farm right away.

 First of all, let's have him take a look at Bati's clothes, the place where he got involved with us.

Ah, hello again.
'Were you really a designer...?

 Batty and Ms. Shax seemed to have met beforehand, and they exchanged light greetings.
 But soon, Shaks-san's gaze was glued to something else.
 It was a sewing machine that Batty was dabbling with.

''What is that thing........? The stitching is done by that tool.........? That's why the stitches are so regular!

 He's a very perceptive man.

"What a tremendous tool! Let me sell you that tool in our shop!

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it happen.

"Under the rule of the Demon Kingdom, this is about the right price for selling sewing machines.
This is crazy! Isn't this a price that would buy a whole country?
The products are handmade by the saint himself. It's usefulness, scarcity, and material cost. And it's all made out of mana metal.
"Why are they all made of mana metal?

 The negotiations seemed to have broken down.

              * * * *

 Next, we went to the elves' workshop.
 They're planning to sell their work after Batty's clothes, so it would be good to see them at work as well.

''Oh? Elves?

 Shax-san was even more shocked by the work of the elves.

''The wonderful crafts were created by elves? I see, I'm convinced of that quality!
Well... is it really that rare for elves to make crafts?

 Shax-san's excitement was so bizarre that I couldn't help but ask him about it.

 I heard that elves are good at making props that fit in their hands, race-wise.
 If that's the case, it wouldn't be too unusual for them to build a workshop like this.

The elves are so proud of being woodsmen that they feel it is lowly to work under their roof.

 I heard that Shax-san himself had recruited artisans in the past with the intention of setting up a chamber of commerce-funded elf workshop, but to my surprise, no one came on board.

''The elves...! ''I'd rather be a thief than a hired hand of the demon tribe''...! In fact, there's no shortage of people turning into thieves. How dare you make an elf work so obediently in such a situation! Does it depend on the personality of the farmer?
No, no. Hahahahahaha...!

 I'm just capturing an elf who was actually a bandit and forcing him to labor as compensation.......
 As I was about to explain that part, someone grabbed me by the shoulder.
 It was the elf himself who worked in the workshop.

''Saint-sama.......can I have a word with you.......!

 Moreover, it was from Elon, who was the head of the bandit group during his time.

 I wondered what was going on, but after giving Shax-san a word of refusal, we were alone outside the workshop.

''That pompous demon tribe is the chairman of the Pandemonium Chamber of Commerce, right? Is he the one who's telling us about our work?

 Now that you've come to see us, why don't you tell us directly what you're working on?

You know we were bandits before we got here, right?
"I raided both the demon kingdom and the human kingdom, to the point where I was wanted by both sides. That's why I escaped to such a remote and secluded area...!

 ...no way.
 I've seen what he's trying to say for a while now.
 I don't want to know, but I'm starting to see it.

You don't mean to tell me that you guys have been robbing Shakspeare's business...?
It's a big company. Even if they only target crooks, they're still indirectly harming them in some way.

 Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey........
 Isn't this bad?

What if they find out about my past as a thief and charge me for damages?
They don't know your face... I don't think it's possible for them to find out just because they're facing each other...!

 But if they find out, it's a sure bet that nothing bad will happen.
 It's best to avoid contact as much as possible...

Are we done talking?

 Mr. Shaks, who seemed to have gotten impatient to wait, was chasing after us, and he and Elon were both going "Hee! !
 His expression is very happy.

I'd like to talk to the elves in person, if you don't mind. We need to communicate more closely for future transactions...!
Oh, absolutely not.

 Without being told the truth, Shax-san's preconception that 'elves are difficult' was reinforced.

              ''* * * * *''

 Thus, looking around all over, Mr. Shaks was busy crying and being surprised.

'This is a wonderful place! It's a treasure trove! We would love to have you patronize our business association!

 Mr. Shaks shook hands with me and buzzed violently.
 I could feel the level of excitement well.

 Then a further intruder arrived.

'Ah, Prince Arowana,'
Saints, we're back to play!

 Prince Arowana, Prati's older brother and the prince of the mermaid kingdom, has been here for a while.
 He doesn't talk about it, but he comes to visit us rather often.

'What! Do you even have mermaids in here?

 Shax, like a merchant, has a keen sense of humor.

We have been looking for a business partner to help us expand into the mermaid kingdom! What do you think? Could you please introduce me to the talented people of the mermaid kingdom!

 He rubbed up against Prince Arowana with surprising familiarity.
 Competent person.....

"Hmmm, if you mean that, there's only one competent person you can introduce to me?
Who can I help you with? Anybody with a clue as to where to start is welcome!
"My father, the Mermaid King.

 When Mr. Shax saw that it was the First Prince of the Mermaid Nation in front of him, he immediately fell to his knees, apologizing for his rudeness.